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    Looking for iPhone 11 or Xiaomi Mi9 (SD855)

    Guys, As mentioned in the subject, I'm looking between these two. Which ever comes cheap to me, I will stick to it. Please do not expect me to low ball or sit and bargain like in market. You just quote one final price that you can let it go for. If I'm interested and can afford, I will respond...
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    Budget 20-25K Bought used iPhone 8 64 GB Gold @ 22K

    Guys, Not sure it was wise decision to buy iPhone 8 (second hand) purchased on 09/10/2017. Do you think I need to sell it fast or keep it for an year or two. Please advice. Do you need pics or bill copy to evaluate? Regards - Ram
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    Budget 21-30k Looking for upgrade

    Questions What is your budget? Open What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Core i3-6098P Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2-CF GPU - AMD RX 460 RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 C16 1x8GB Monitor - BenQ GL2450 LED PSU -...
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    Call myself System Admin, What a joke

    Guys, Problem statement: Computer with no display. Background: I had recently upgraded by system. from Core2Duo to i3 and below is my system spec CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 6th Gen LGA 1151 Processor with Cooler Master Hyper 212X - Premium Air CPU cooler M/B: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 Socket LGA 1151...
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    WTB Graphics Card fitting my spec 750 TI, 1050TI, RX 470

    Guys, Recently I tried to get GPU and found i have been living under rocks. I bought few items and need your advice & items to fill the gap. My current Spec 1) CPU - i3 6100 2) M/B- Gigabyte H110mS2 3) RAM - 8gb Corsair Vengeance 2400 version 4) GPU - No idea (Budget is limited) Wife will...
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    WTB Keyboard Mouse Connectors

    Guys, I recently upgraded my m/b. The legacy board had USB slots for Keyboard/Mouse. However the new M/b has PS2. I'm using the USB slots but that just cuts down from 4 to 2. I'm fine with charity too. I had few long back but after update I had donated them. Now i feel like Oops. Location...
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    WTB Low end graphics card for ASUS P5K-VM

    Guys, As the thread states, I'm looking for low end graphics card purely for downloads and movies and importantly compatible with Win 10 My location Bangalore My budget around 5K Other things: Not for playing games.
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    WTB Moto G (xt1033) Display

    Guys, Need help, Since my Moto G (xt1033) 8 GB version (1st Gen) slipped from hand and now lives with broken display, I have searched Bangalore SP Road and local shops The offer started from 2.3K to 2.5 K only. Anyone willing to help please message me. I don't mind few extra for shipping to...
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    WTB External Hard Disk CHEAP

    Guys, Looking for external HDD .. to store media files..... warranty dont matter Price - CHEAP and final offer - No bargaining please Size: 1 TB minimum Location : Bangalore
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    WTB Cheapest graphic cards

    Hello Guys, Had good one... but died on me....Just want to run Windows 10 and movies Location : Bangalore
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    WTB Less than 1 TB HDD (Internal)

    Requirement Met.. Pls close the thread
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    WTB Bitdefender Security or equivalent S/w

    Hello gents, I had Bit defender all these days and is about to end after nearly 2.5 years. Request of you gents if you could share any best and light on my 8.1 Legacy system. Please quote or pm your best rates. If i find it under my budget and the license is for long term more than 1 year...
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    WTB TABLET around 10-12K

    Looking for an Android tablet in good working condition. Budget is flexible and depends on brand and features. Requirements: * Good Processor, * 1Gb Ram or more * Front Camera and Skype app should work for video calling * Good screen resolution of 1024X600 or higher and Multi-touch support *...
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    WTB Mobile (android Only to install MIUI V5)

    Guys, Uptill now i was using Micromax A110, I am looking for change. I can go up to 10K, depending upon the specs. I would be rooting with Custom ROM's (MIUI V5 to be precise)
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    Budget 15-20K Pre-ordered Canvas 4 - buy or cancel order?

    Guys, Not sure I was in good mood / brains. With so much hype, went ahead booking Canvas 4 paying 5K. Unfortunately i did not even get the receipt of the amount or the acknowledge from Micromax. For some reason's now i feel like that was bad idea / choice as i have canvas 2 already (with...
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    WTB Blank dvd(s)

    100 no's or more like Verbatine which can stay long and works like charm on "ahem" data i download Double Side are fine by me too... or perhaps... u guidance towards the right direction to pursue for my quest;)
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    Prime ABGB website hacked > eBro > TV Serial

    Hack3d By Ebd3u S!ave.... well i am damned....its eShop for pete sake...I think we ought to be more carefull
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    WTB Mid Range GPU

    Had BFG Gefource GTX 295 1 GB and lost it just today... Ain't booting; Well for now i have 8600. Although my love is with Nvidia.. Warranty Dont much bother unless its OC'ed. My Location: Bangalore Purpose: Watch Movies/Play freecell Just need good card for my 24" Monitor. Budget: Your Best...
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    WTB 24" and above Monitorr (any brand)

    Brand: Nothing specific Warranty: only as advantage Location: Bangalore preferred as easy to deal Mode of payment: CASH Preferred. Not interested: RMD'ed (just fear) Any other info required pls let me know.... Warm Rgd eBRo
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    Nokia N8

    dear Friends, Just looking for cheap N8 mobiles (Not the China, but original) Can even trade it with My blackberry Curve 8520 Message me back eBro