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  1. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

    Hi all, I want to buy an AMOLED display phone. It should be in great condition, minimum 3 Gig RAM, 5.5" or above fhd screen and good battery backup. Max budget 12K. Galaxy, Note or Edge is what I am looking for. ~Ashish
  2. smAsh

    Any Udemy course for 700 Rupee.

    Hi fellas! Udemy is offering all of it's courses @ 700 rupees each. The offer ends in 5 hours 55 minute 55 seconds. So if you are looking for any thing, hurry now! ~AshishWell! It is updated as I was posting the thread. Now it is showing "Top Courses from ₹770" and the time left is 21 days.
  3. smAsh

    WTB- Tablet

    Hi all! Looking for a tablet, preferably nexus 7 . budget is limited. ~Ashish
  4. smAsh

    WTB LGA 775 mobo.

    Hi fellas, I want to buy an LGA 775 motherboard. Gigabyte g41 or g41 combo preferred...any of the DDR2 or DDR3 board will do the job! TIA, ~Ashish
  5. smAsh

    Huge collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you

    Huge collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you, including: Office, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Center, Visual Studio, Web Development, Windows, Windows Azure, and Windows Server. Enjoy! Click here to see the link. More. Even More.
  6. smAsh

    What AC for 224 sq ft room with 48+ deg C ambient temperatures ?

    I am looking for an Inverter AC for my parents room. Room size is 224 sqft and south wall and roof are directly exposed to sun while west wall is partially exposed. Will AH-XP18MV be sufficient or should I go for the 2 tonner AH-XP24MV???! vvvinashhh , RishiGuru What is the size of your room...
  7. smAsh

    100 free mp3 albums daily on Flipkart Flyte till 28 Feb!

    Flipkart is celebrating it's birthday by giving 100 free mp3 albums daily till 28 February! Today's list includes Bob Dylan, John Lennon, U2, Led Zeppelin, Rihanna, Madonna, Ricky Martin, John Coltrane, Memphis Slim, Barfi, Gangs of Wasseypur, Taare Zameen Par, Shaitan, Amar Prem, 1941 A...
  8. smAsh

    Laptops Please suggest a netbook! :)

    Hi all! I am planning to buy a netbook. Here are the requirement- What's your Budget? > 15-20 K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? >Websurfing, watching movies, music. What size and weight considerations do you have? >mainly looking for 11"-12" netbook. Any brand that you...
  9. smAsh

    Which earthing solution?

    Hi all, I have to decide the earthing solution for our new house. There are mainly two options available, Copper plate earthing and Chemical(Electrode) earthing. Some people say copper plate earthing is better since the bigger surface area of copper plate gives better earthing. The...
  10. smAsh

    WTB:- 80GB IDE/160 GB SATA HDD with warranty

    Hey people, I wanna buy a 80 GB IDE or 160 GB SATA Hard disk in good condition. There should be warranty of atleast 2 years. Offers from Noida/Delhi/Lucknow is preferred. Please quote your price. Also mention the brand in your reply. TIA. ~smAsh <Edited> Please make an offer if you are from...
  11. smAsh

    PC Peripherals Dell EPP no longer available?

    Hey friends! I have a query. In April, my friend's contact gave me the price quote for Dell SP2208WFP @ 13750. But due to my lust for 22" ultrasharp I did not make a purchase at that time. Now as it seems that ultrasharp is not going to be relaunched, I asked again for the SP2208wfp and he...
  12. smAsh

    Another brick in the wall

    Hi friends! I am new here and after having spent a couple of days looking around thought to introduce myself. Im Ashish, 28 living in Noida. While googling for some information I came to know about this portal and I found it very good and active. And now Im a part of it... :)