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  1. psybronik

    Budget 51-70k Work + casual gaming laptop for 60k

    Hi I'm looking out for a laptop under 60k for work related to Microsoft application and casual gaming. Feature I'm looking out for is portability and decent battery life. I will be using this mainly to browse, watch movies, make ppts, casual gaming as well. Would appreciate your help.
  2. psybronik

    FS: Consoles PS4 500 gb WITH FIFA 18 OR COD WW2

    Hello Selling my ps4 500 gb for 18k (Fifa 18 or call of duty world war 2 free) Its almost 2 years old with bill but no warranty. Reason for selling -moved to pc gaming Its in perfect working condition no damage. Mumbai's western buyers only. Ps: elgato is not included
  3. psybronik

    Budget 90k+ Gaming and Video Rendering PC Under 100K

    Questions What is your budget? 100K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel i7 6700K (Never OC'd) Motherboard - Gigabyte G5 Gaming GPU - Zotac gtx 970 Amp Extreme RAM - Gskill RipJaws V @3000 Mhz Monitor - Dual Setup ( Dell p2417H...
  4. psybronik

    Wireless Earphones under 5K (BassHead)

    Hello People i'm in search of a good Wireless earphone for my daily use which include Gym as well. My Budget is 5k. Please suggest me a decent one, ill be using it with one plus 6t. Thanks in advance :)
  5. psybronik

    Monitors 144hz Monitor under 22K ?

    Hello TE I''m looking out for a decent 144hz monitor for online competitive games like Apex Legends, Fortnite etc. My Budget is 22K Max. I have a Zotac GTX 970 Amp Extreme Edition GPU + 16 Gigs of Gskill Ripjaws v @3000 Mhz. any suggestion ? i will be buying this on coming Saturday. your...
  6. psybronik

    Gaming headset under 10k

    Hello Guys, Im in a need of a gaming headset under 10k INR... Ill be using it for my pc and ps4.... The cord length should be long enough (wireless would be great). Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. psybronik

    Monitors 24" 2k gaming monitor under 25K

    Hi Guys, Need your help in buying a 24" 2k gaming monitor under 25K. Please suggest. would appreciate your help .ill be buying it in coming week so its a little urgent. Thanks :)
  8. psybronik

    Budget 51-70k Need a Video editing laptop

    Hi guys, I want to buy a decent laptop for editing and rendering my youtube video. The only requirement is that it should be fast and after sale service should be good. Budget is under 70k Please help
  9. psybronik

    Gameplay Recording and rendering at the same time ?

    Hello, I want to know if i can play and record the games on my ps4 (using Elgato HD60) and keep the video for rendering on my pc at the same time without facing any performance issue ? i have a YouTube channel called "GAMEBIOTIC"(hindi commentary only) and i want to increase my video output...
  10. psybronik

    Budget 0-20k Notebook under 15k

    Hi guys, This is for my friend.she needs a small light weight notebook to watch movies and browsing on the go. The total budget is 15k. Please suggest which one would be best. However is there any other device which is portable enough for movies and browsing apart from cellphone or notebbok...
  11. psybronik

    Need to buy Game capture card for ps4

    Hi guys, i need to buys a game capture card for PS$ to record 1080P at 60 fps. El gato cost around 19k here which is a lot,any other option ? can i buy el gato from any shop in mumbai ? Please help. Thanks
  12. psybronik

    Monitors 144hz gaming monitor under 20K ?

    Hi guys, i'm using a benq G2420HD since past 4 years and it has never given me any problem. however i need a new monitor with 144hz refresh rate under 20k (24 inch) especially for gaming. i play all type of games :) Would appreciate your help Thanks
  13. psybronik

    PS4 Slim from ebay without warranty ??

    Hello Guys, I want to buy a PS4 slim 500gb version. on the price is 27k which is the lowest till date with warranty however on ebay they are going for as low as 23k but with sellers warranty of hardly few months. is it safe to buy from ebay without warranty ? is the warranty worth...
  14. psybronik

    WTB Xbox one controller (3.5mm jack)

    Hi guys, Please let me know if anybody has the latest xbox one controller with the 3.5mm audio jack. Thanks :)
  15. psybronik

    Any micro usb cable for xbox one controller?

    Hello guys, I want to buy an xbox one controller to play on pc. Now i have heard that you can use any wireless xbox one controller on pc by simply using a micro usb cable. I just want to know that do i need to buy a specific type of micro usb cable or any micro usb cable will do ??. Would...
  16. psybronik

    shall i wait for PS4 slim ?

    Hello Guys, as the heading says, should i buy a ps4 now or should i wait for ps4 slim which is rumored to release around September ? Also i'm getting a ps4 from grey market for around 27k but without warranty, you think its safe to buy it ? i'm from mumbai. if anybody can suggest me a good...
  17. psybronik

    Monitors 24" Gaming monitor(under 15k)

    Hello Guys, Can anyone please suggest me a good gaming monitor for under 15k. it will be used for gaming and surfing only i want to connect my PC as well as PS4 on it so that i can play on ps4 and edit the gameplay on pc. Would appreciate your help :) Thanks
  18. psybronik

    Budget 31-40k Laptop for browsing and multimedia(under 40k)

    Hi guys , Need you help in buying a laptop under 40K. it is for my friend and the purchase will be made online What's your Budget? - 40K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? - Web surfing/office apps/Movies/Songs What size and weight considerations do you have? - portable 15''...
  19. psybronik

    Audio 2.1 sound system for under 2.5k

    hi guys, Can anyone please suggest me a good 2.1 system for under 2.5k.. it will be used for gaming and music. i'm looking for something with a very small form factor and good quality. Thanks :)
  20. psybronik

    OC & Modding XMP profile turns on cpu turbo boost

    Hi guys , Whenever i select an XPM profile 1 from my bios it turns up my RAM to 2666MHZ however my RAM's actual speed is 3000MHZ. Also as soon as i initiate the XMP profile 1... it overclocks my cpu to 4.20 ghz from 4.00 ghz. Here are my System specs. CPU - core i7 6700k Ram-...