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    PC Peripherals Connecting 2 broadband router for easy CCTV lan viewing and internet sharing?

    I have two BSNL connection and on one , it has CCTV and from there it streams via internet and i think it stream over wifi or lan on that router . I have another router with BB which i need to connect to this , so that it can consider my router too as lan and stream CCTV bypassing internet...
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    Budget 0-20k Sub 10-15K PC for pharmacy billing with minimal space

    What is your budget? 10-15k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) none Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) none Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have...
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    Advice on software(CMS) best for online lending library

    I wanted to have a local online lending library . Kindly advice on which software would be best . I tried Drupal 6 + Lending module , but i could not able to get a feedback or a concise list of what users need etc. I am planning to put up list of books that i have , interested readers...
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    PC Peripherals Please suggest a Gaming mouse for a Claw grip and under 2.5K

    Mine is a claw grip and sometimes finger grip. I am looking for some good mouse . Can anyone suggest a good one under 2.5K ? How about Razer DeathAdder ? Or is there a better one ? I dont like the mouse to be too light and really looking for a wired one.
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    Storage Solutions Need Advice on Building a Storage Hub

    6 months back i bought a 1TB and its almost filled now , and now started searching for 1 TB HDD (external). This time i was wondering if i can build some kind of storage hub , i have Netgear DGN2200 , which has USB support and me and bro use it. Is there any device or custom build device , where...
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    Advice On E-Book Reader

    I am planning to get a e-book reader. I want one which i can easily tranfer my e-books without needing to email them or something like that. Does any reader support chm files ?
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    Need Urgent Suggestion on Wifi Router

    I am planning to take a BB connection 3 floors below. Already i have a BSNL modem , which i will be using it as main modem and from its lan port , i am planning to take a 40meter lan cable upto the 3rd floor and use a wifi router to have wifi access throughout my home. I want a good router...
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    ADSL2+ modem with offline download needed

    My current BSNL UTStarcom WA3002G4 modem is almost dead ,acting weird , anyway its been 3 years now and time to throw it out and buy a new one.. My needs are -ADSL2+ supporting modem -Better coverage (N) series My doubt is , i saw Belkin playmax modem which supports Torrent Genie , the...
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    Video Advice on CCTV Installation

    Can anyone guide me or advice on CCTV installation for our hospital ? We are planning to keep it simple , like 4-6 cameras , recorder .. how much will it cost ? any good agencies you guys know of ?
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    Dell XPS L502X ( NEW XPS 15 ) Review

    CnP From my Blog @ Urs Siva « Love others.. Help Others.. DESIGN: It’s not a design easily admired at first sight , or even at third or tenth. Seriously DELL has taken a back step in designing their top end XPS system. DELL XPS 1530 design is still the best I have seen from...
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    Laptops Custom Sticker for Laptop Lid - Need advice and suggestion

    Hi... I have placed order for my DELL XPS 15 [ L502 ], the down side is , it comes with lid design , but they are costly addons also instead of black , dell has put pearly white color for LID, So i have decided to make a custom Sticker , utilising the base color updated the image links...
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    Laptops [Notebookcheck] Dell XPS 15 (i5-2410M & GT 540M)

    UPDATE : New review from anandtech is up now ... From the flood of available on the market, 15 customs-multimedia notebooks, the XPS 15 stands out clearly. Dell is not only a visually unique and with high-quality...
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    Looking for a Gaming Laptop around 60K +- 3K

    Hi.. I currently own a dell 1530 laptop and its almost nearing its death ..:( , so planning to sell this one and get a new one.. I got a offer for 15K , but i think i might get another 5K if possible.. anyway looking for a gaming laptop for around 60K I did plan to go for dell XPS again...
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    Need a Good Power Management Solution

    Hi.. Over past few years , many of my electronic items have broke due to constant power issue in my place... due to power i lost a PS3 , and got a new one.. so planning to invest in some power management devices like stabiliser / inverters etc.. I got a UPS from a reputable compnay , none of...
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    Video Airtel DTH users - Please help

    I am currently on Dish Tv [Zee] and planning to move to airtel DTH , I am having second thought on Sun Direct also .. I have a 40" samsung , Onkyo 3200 5.1 and ps3 , so planning to get a HD .. I saw ADTH on a friends 21" TV .. normal .. and was impressed by the clarity , but that doesnt...
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    Security Software Kaspersky PURE - Your take ?

    Hi .. I have been using KAV for 2 years now... seeing PURE features.. i am thinking whether i should use it.. So any PURE users please advice .. is it resource hungry ? and how is the performance ? I am really bothered with the resource ... I am ok with KAV 2010 ... resource usage ... -Urs...
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    Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011problem

    yesterday i installed Windows live gallery becuase of easy editing and cropping ... prev i had 2010 and it worked very well this time the damn WLPG 2011 imported all images from all moved them to My pictures... now how am i supposed to organize them ? any other way ? i know restore option...
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    Looking for EVDO TAmilnadu

    I am looking for good working BSNL EVDO USED card... i am staying in hostel and will be there for couple of months.. so for time being i am looking for a EVDO USED card.... so anyone is about to sell thier connection... PLease PM me.. with good offer i would buy it... i am also looking for the...
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    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Series.... Here

    The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 triplets got another round of "guess the price". Also target availability dates were mentioned, but they've been pushed back from previous estimates. It looks like we’ve still got a couple of months to wait. The smallest of the trio, the Sony Ericsson...
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    MY PS3 got YLOD what at should i do ...?

    Hi alll few days back my PS3 got YLOD.. yesterday we gave it to sony service centre and they said they will not open the system here in india , instead they will send to abroad.. ( not sure where ) my ps3 is now 2 1/2 years old ..and obviuosly out of warranty period. as i was speaking with...