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  1. Darklord

    CPU/Mobo Asus Maximus VI Gene : Unboxing & Close Look

    Following in the footsteps of it's older siblings, Maximus VI Extreme & Maximus VI Formula, the Gene is the juniour member of the Asus Z87 ROG family. Don't let the mATX form factor fool you, this little guy too has some serious fire power Specifications - · CPU...
  2. Darklord

    CPU/Mobo Asus Z87 Deluxe : Mainstream Flagship - Unboxing & Closer Look

    It's a well known fact that Asus caters to the Gamers & Overclockers through their ROG series but that doesn't mean their Mainstream lineup is neglected. Take a look at this Z87 Deluxe board and you will understand what I am saying. Feature packed to the core! Fulfills almost all requirements of...
  3. Darklord

    OC & Modding Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z + AMD FX9370 Testing

    Hello, As the title says, I got the Asus Crosshair V Formula - Z and AMD FX9370 to test. I decided to do Air/Water/LN2 benching on this platform. Afterall this is a flagship chip from AMD and I think it deserves that level of attention and effort and so does the board. A few words about the...
  4. Darklord

    OC & Modding LN2 bench session after ages.

    Its been almost 2 years or more since I had last benched with LN2. Forget benching, I was away from overclocking itself. But couldn't stay away for too long. :D decided to dust off the equipment for some weekend fun. So here it is :P While at it, also made myself a new pot just for the...
  5. Darklord

    Car & Bike Custom made Slotted and Cross drilled brake rotors to improve braking performance.

    Got my OE rotors slotted and cross drilled. Had slotted rotors from Tarox on my Swift and I had noticed the improvement in braking with that so thought of giving this a try before I upgrade to a proper big brake kit. So here they are, Since it was going to be machined, had the liberty of...
  6. Darklord

    Project Lancer

    My Project car :) Was purchased back in 1999 and became a standby car by 2005 when it was replaced by Skoda Octavia. Remained as a humble standby car till 2010. Its in March 2010 that I took up this project to have quick Lancer.It had to be a Lancer just because I am so bloody obsessed with it...
  7. Darklord

    VW Vento ICE Setup

    Here is the ICE setup in my Vento, Nothing fancy here, pretty straightforward setup, Ingredients - Pioneer Premier P80RSII HU Illusion Audio CH-1 Compression Horns Illusion Audio Carbon ND8 8" Midbass Illusion Audio EL62 Coaxials as rear fills Image Dynamics 12" IDMAX 1kW Subwoofer Custom...
  8. Darklord

    CPU/Mobo In search of a decent Z77 Board

    I am looking to buy a new motherboard for my home PC. Since Ivy Bridge seems to be the most happening thing right now. I thought let's stick to that and go for a Z77 based board right now. Nothing too expensive maybe 10-13kish maybe if possible ? What are my options ? I am not a gamer. I use...
  9. Darklord

    Silverstone Zeus 850 Watt PSU

    Ok ,after waiting for quite some time,the time finally arrived when i got a decent enough PSU to last for couple of years. :) Got the Silverstone Zeus 850Watt from Singapore.I would like to specially thank Karan and Goku and Goku's Friend who made it posssible.Thanks guys.:) Anyways,here it...
  10. Darklord

    Asus P5N32-E SLI in da house !

    Well got something new.... :P Ok here it goes, The Box - Contents - The Board -
  11. Darklord

    GO: Team Xtreem High Performance DDR2 Memory

    Hey guys, Well we are trying to arrange a group order of Team Xtreem Memory. I just had a word with my dealer and he has been kind enough to help us in getting it through.We have requested for prices from Team. Hence Final price applicable to the buyer would be posted here in a few...
  12. Darklord

    FS: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ AM2 CPU

    For Sale - AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Socket AM2 Used for a few weeks or so Local purchase hence 3 years warranty. Expected Price : 2,800/- [ Shipped]
  13. Darklord

    OC & Modding Imp facts you need to know about DDR2 overclocking

    Was thinking of starting this thread for quite some time now.I guess its high time i did so. The time has come when everyone is seriously thinking of upgrading to C2D platform.This indirectly means transition to DDR2. Although many senior members @ TE have already moved to C2D or DDR2 in...
  14. Darklord

    GO : Corsair Dominator Airflow Fan

    Here is another Group Order coming up for you guys, This time around it is, Corsair Dominator Airflow Fan Specs - Fan Speed Control -Tachometer Controlled Fan Dimensions - 40 x 40 x 20 mm Features - * Improving memory performance by providing airflow * Specifically designed...
  15. Darklord

    Entry in the PC2 8000 [DDR2 1000] Club

    Hehehe, I too enter the DDR2 1000 or PC2 8000 club now...wooot ! :P Oh look its EPP ! Yaaay ! Aww,dont they look sweet ?:P ^^ Ok now that was for pure show off :ashamed:
  16. Darklord

    GO : Galaxy Nvidia 680i SLI LGA 775 Core 2 Duo Motherboard

    We at TE are back again with another Group Order specially for our Members. Following are the details, Product - Galaxy Nvidia 680i SLI LGA 775 Core 2 Duo Motherboard Availability - January 9 2007 Warranty - Local 3 years Price - Approx. 15,000/- [All inclusive, Shipping Extra] Exact price...
  17. Darklord

    OC & Modding Air Cooler for LGA775 + AM2 Suggestions

    Hey guys, I plan to get a new Air Cooler for myself.I havent been in touch with the Air coolers scenario much so dont have much idea. My requirement is that it should be compatible with LGA 775 socket as well as Socket AM2. I would prefer a mediocre low cost cooler as it will most probably go...
  18. Darklord

    FS: MSI 975X Platinum Ver 2.0

    MSI 975X Platinum Power-Up Edition Motherboard Crossfire Support,Support SLI too [if you know the means to do so :P ] Guranteed 430FSB done.Can do more ,havent tried. Purchased - Few Months Back Warranty - Local 3 Years Bill - Willbe given along with the motherboard for claiming warranty if...
  19. Darklord

    My b**ch Rig just got a new CPU !!

    Yeah,as the title says, My b**ch Rig just got a new CPU.:P Here are some pics,;) CPU-Z Validation
  20. Darklord

    My Humble new PSU amongst the FSPs n Antecs n Silverstones of TE

    I sold my Powersafe 600W[Was forced to sell it to the buyer :( ] So it was time to get a new PSU.Dealer had this in stock so got it as i was bowled over by the build Quality...:ohyeah: Below are some pics to give a better idea... The Box - Contents - The PSU -...