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    Laptop Cooling Pad - Low Noise, Under 1.5k

    Hey guys, I am planning to buy a Laptop Cooling Pad for my Sony VAIO CW 26 (15 inch) which heats up under heavy load. I'm looking for the following features (in order of preference): 1. Good cooling performance 2. Silent/Low Noise operation 3. Cost: 1.5k Max (Extra USB ports, adjustable fan...
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    kasperkey alone can be best for the antivirus protection?

    What's the name of the Infection/Virus... I kinda think that might be a trojan...
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    kasperkey alone can be best for the antivirus protection?

    Well if u use the Kaspersky Internet Security... That's pretty much all of the security that your system needs... If you are still more concerned about Spywares use SpyBot too...
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    Which Firewall do You Use

    I'm Using PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005...!!! Light On Weight...!!!
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    Symbian Themes Show Off...

    We Can't Share Those Shareware Appz, So What... Lets Share Some Free Themes... Heres' The One I Like... ScreenShot: Theme Designed By, Download Theme + 5 Wallpapers To Go On With It... Download Size: 143KB
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    Sony Ericssons' T610,etc...

    For Those Who Haven't Heard 'Bout Dis, More Info' + ScreenShots + Downloads + Themes, etc + Tested Devices...
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    Play/Run Java Games/Appz On PC...

    Sorry Guys For Being Off For Dese Weeks, I've Been Workin On Some Academic Project... The S/W Name Is Midp2Exe, And Its A FREEWARE... All D Information & Downloads, Along Wid D Tutorial Is Given Here... Click Here Two Things That U Wud Need To Download Are, Midp2Exe, And Some Runtime DLL...
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    I am also in!!

    Welcome M8, Keep Postin':)
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    Linux Installing linux distro's directly from their images (using loadlin)

    Nice One... Deserves Some Reps... :hap2:
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    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Details Leaked.

    Well... In Other Part Of The World, Some Of'em R Tryin To Make Somthin Called FireFoxIE,
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    IExpress - A Hidden Utility - WinXP

    Here, This Will Ans' Ur Questions.... :)
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    Hello everybodies

    Welcome M8... Keep Postin'... :)
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    K U Heard Of GMail Drive... Heres' GDrive... gDrive 0.6 A set of PHP files to store files of any size in your gMail account. Other gmail drives are limited by gMail's max 10Mb/attachment. features - upload / download files of any size - delete files - keep regular emails in the same...
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    GMail Tools 'N' Utilities [Hmm... Yet Again] Official Gmail Notifier from Google (beta) - Downloadable Windows application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. GMNotifier - More configurable notifier based on .NET (Via here) Gmail Search Extension - Search your Gmail account...
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    The CSS Beauty...

    CSS Truly Rocks Man... Check Dis Out... [The Beauty Of The CSS Design] [Navigation Bar Generator] [Site In An Hour Using CSS]
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    Torrent Site Status

    K So Torrento'rs Heres' From Where U Can Get The Status Of Da Sites :hap2: ,
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    Flash tutorials

    Get Some Of'Em Here...
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    IExpress - A Hidden Utility - WinXP

    K This Is For The Ones' Who Don't Know... ;) IExpress IExpress is a utility that lets you create standalone installation packages that can be used to extract files or temporarily extract installation source files and then run the setup command. IExpress creates an output file, and executable...
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    Disection'O Windows..

    Hmm... Left Som'O These... More Than 50 Ways To Tweak Your Windows Disk Cleanup More Deletion Options Removing Extra Programs, Components & Folders Other Ways To Free Up Disk Space A Cleanup Batch File Fonts Registry Avoiding Lice And Vermin Services How And What I Back Up On...
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    Add Looks To Ya' Windows...

    Check Out This Ultra Cool Site... Lots Of Tweaks 'n' Links, But This Time Its' Only For The Looks' Check Out: :hap2: :hap2: :hap2: :hap2: :hap2: