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  1. tarey_g

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 970 (Under warranty)

    Please let me know if I have missed anything in listing. Original bill and extended warranty mail from Zotac is also available.
  2. tarey_g

    FS: Desktops Phenom II X6 Black Edition 1090T, MSI 890FXAGD70 Gaming MB and EVGA SuperClocked GTX 570

    Hi All, Following stuff is up for sale, please let me know if you need further info, all hardware in excellent condition (My location is Pune) : CPU : HexaCore AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition 1090T, 3469 MHz (16 x 217) : Gaming...
  3. tarey_g

    Video Buying from / Snapdeal , Local tax query (Maharashtra)

    Hi, I am planning to buy a LED TV online from ebay india or Snapdeal, I live in Maharashtra and the sellers are usually from Delhi or other states. If I buy the TV from ebay will I be charged Local body tax or any other kind of tax on this purchase (this type of taxes are usually payable to...
  4. tarey_g

    Video 40-42" LED HDTV, need suggestion

    Hi all, I have to buy an LED HDTV within this week with the following requirements, need your suggestion : Must be full HD (40" to 42") with great picture quality and contrast ratio. Non Smart, Non 3D. (Will buy Android TV dongles for smart capabilities in future, don't need 3D) Good upscaling...
  5. tarey_g

    WTB Galaxy S2, non G version (used or new)/ [FS] Samsung Galaxy Spica

    Hi, I need Galaxy S2, non G version (used or new). Please let me know if there is a good deal :bigok:. Also, willing to sell my Old Galaxy Spica (Running 2.2 CFW) for dirt cheap price :D. Phone is in excellent condition except the battery (drains in 5-6 hrs max in normal day to day operations).
  6. tarey_g

    PC Peripherals Razer mouse RMA ?

    Hi, I have a Razer Diamondback 3G mouse, bought it less than 2 years ago and now its dead. Who is the official distributor of Razer in India ? The warranty on mouse is 2 years from Razer and my local shopkeeper only provides 1 yr. Help. Gaurav
  7. tarey_g

    CPU/Mobo Need Motherboard suggestions

    Hi All, I am upgrading my current PC, I have finalized everything else but the motherboard. Need some suggestions :) Current: AMD Phenom II X3 720 Some ASUS motherboard (dont remember the name, currently in office :P) Nvidia GTX 260 (Galaxy) New: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Nvidia GTX 570 OC...
  8. tarey_g

    Anyone using Edge on DoCoMo ?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong section but it was the closest match I could find here :). Now the question, is anyone here using Edge service from Tata Docomo ? I am currently on Idea (Edge) and have been using cr@p internet plans from them. I want to switch to DoCoMo asap under mobile number...
  9. tarey_g

    Where can I get Creative Zen Stone plus (2GB) In Pune/Online

    Hi All, I need Creative Zen Stone plus (2GB) mp3 player, I checked some shops I know in Pune but they didn't have it. Please let me know of any shops that may have this player, also suggest if some online shop has it.
  10. tarey_g

    PC Peripherals Suggest me a gaming mouse

    Hi All, I need suggestions on purchasing a gaming mouse, I am a leftie so please just suggest ambidextrous mice. Extra buttons on both sides is a must :cool2: budget is upto 2500/- . :S I don't need crazy DPI's , anything above 1500 is more than enough for me :hap2:. One more thing, i have...
  11. tarey_g

    Need help with connection sharing

    Hi, I will be soon getting Tata indicom Wimax connection, i want to share it to two PC's (no wireless networking for now). * What are the options I have, I dont want to go for a client-Server thing. * How will the wired internet sharing work with Linksys WRH54G. Link : Linksys by Cisco...
  12. tarey_g

    PC Peripherals Mid range Gaming PC (50k), suggestions required.

    Hi all, I am going to buy a gaming PC this month and I need suggestions on the configuration that I have 'so far' decided. I am listing the hardware I have opted for(with approx prices), please tell me why certain component is a good or bad choice and what should i go for if the particular...
  13. tarey_g

    Sandisk 8GB MSPD Ultra II for PSP.

    Hi, I want a Sandisk 8GB MSPD Ultra II for my PSP. Is it a good idea to use a 8 gig card with PSP? From where can I get this card. I found an 8Gb card in a electronics store in Pune, but it was fake :@ . Tell me of any reliable online shops to get this card from or any shop in Pune :)