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  1. smAsh

    MarQ by Flipkart launches Falkon Aerbook laptop with 8th Gen Intel Core i5 in India

    For honest mobile reviews I only watch this channel. Just kidding. The only one I like for mobile reviews is this guy. He is far better than others.
  2. smAsh

    WTB Firetv remote

    You can even use your tv remote, or all in one or bluetooth remote. You will miss only voice commands.
  3. smAsh

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair CX430

    Hi. Wanna buy... Please tell me price inclusive shipping to Lucknow, up. Thanks
  4. smAsh

    No more Likes counter on FB , Instagram soon

    Well. Actually I want to dislike all those shitty posts on FB which I see on daily basis. But I know this is not gonna happen because it will ruin the democracy of facebook.
  5. smAsh

    No more Likes counter on FB , Instagram soon

    Instead they should add Dislike button like Youtube !
  6. smAsh


    I recently added a Zotac 1050Ti card to my system (i5 2500k based). It restarted randomly* after adding the card so my first though was either GCard is faulty or a driver problem. So I checked the Logs etc and found nothing. Then in BIOS I saw 3.3Volt is down to 2.98 volt and Asus surge...
  7. smAsh

    Android Can a (unresponsive) touch screen prob be really rectified ...

    @virat0202 Goto the mobile repair shop and ask them to change the digitizer. Repair shop will charge you 150/- to 250/- Do not attempt to change it by yourself. Do not even try to remove any plastic film from it. Digitizer is a very delicate part and it breaks in an instant. PS:- Visit...
  8. smAsh

    FS: Others Garage sale : Razer mouse + GPU + Router + Switch

    The router received in excellent condition. It is working great. Thanks.
  9. smAsh

    FS: Desktops Intel i5-2500K processor for sale - Price Dropped

    Interested in mobo. Please PM me best price including shipping to Lucknow! Thanks
  10. smAsh

    FS: Others Garage sale : Razer mouse + GPU + Router + Switch

    Hi. Interested in N14U. What will be the shipping to Lucknow, UP?
  11. smAsh

    FS: Mobile Realme 3 Pro (Sealed)

    My relative is interested in buying grey one. Check pm.
  12. smAsh

    Budget 5-10K Sub 10-k Camera phone

    I am in the same boat. Budget 10K max. Don't want to spend more than that. Honor 9N and Asus M1 Pro are the only 4/64 combos available under 10K but these seems like ancient now ! What I want is good front and rear cam, 4/64, Good display, Good Battery and terardrop notch. The only mobile fits...
  13. smAsh

    Budget 5-10K Sub 10-k Camera phone

    So! Which phone you bought?
  14. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

  15. smAsh

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Audio Technica M50x @5999/- + 10% additional HDFC discount. Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphone Not on Amazon though.
  16. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

    Bumpty Bump!
  17. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

    Hi all, I want to buy an AMOLED display phone. It should be in great condition, minimum 3 Gig RAM, 5.5" or above fhd screen and good battery backup. Max budget 12K. Galaxy, Note or Edge is what I am looking for. ~Ashish
  18. smAsh

    is Airtel cheating with their Rs 99/- Plan?

    Get MyAirtel app from playstore. Today I recharged with app, I got 84 days validity for 399/- recharge, while It was showing 70 days validity on airtel website and amazon pay. I also got 8 coupons of 50 rs (valid till 2020) and rupees 51 Amazon gift card.
  19. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    This one looks cool but it is costly . PC Cooling Fan RGB Quiet
  20. smAsh

    Budget 51-70k Where to buy used Macbook Pro 2015

    Somebody is selling MB Pro and MB Air 2013 model on Erodov for 61K and 47K respectively .