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    OC & Modding High idle temps

    I've recently put together my rig with a E6600 and a Thermalright Ultra 120 heatsink + 120mm fan. I have done the usual clean up with rubbing alcohol on both IHS and heat sink base. I've applied as5 using the "thin red line" method as described in Artic silver website. After mounting the hsf, I...
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    FS:1GBx2 Transcend DDR400 sticks

    These are Transcend 1GB DDR400 sticks based on Micron -5BD chips and BrainPower B6U808 PCBs. Have two of them for sale. Condition: Sealed pack, Bought a month back. Reason for sale: Bought these sticks for a friend of mine but he doesn't need them anymore. Expected price: Rs.8750 + shipping...
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    FS: Cheap PC for sale

    I have an old Celeron based PC for sale. The config is as follows: CPU - Intel Celeron 500Mhz Motherboard - Intel 810 chipset based, probably made by Mercury. RAM - 256MB HDD - 40GB IDE Optical drive - Samsung 52x CD-ROM Floppy drive - yes Plus a generic cabinet with smps. Will throw in a...
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    PC Peripherals Choices choices..

    Am planning to move from my 17" CRT. I was thinking of getting a 19" CRT or a 17" LCD. I guess I'll have to pay a few thousand more for the LCD though. Considering I do not game at more than 1280x1024 which one would you suggest? If it is the LCD, which one should I go for? Viewsonic? Thanks...
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    OC & Modding Occt?

    Most of you guys use Prime95/SuperPI to check for OC stability. How many of you use this one OCCT? One thing I noticed was, the "test" option in this program fails in just a couple of minutes on a particular oc when the same thing failed after about 4 hrs on Prime. Any info on how it works...
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    OC & Modding Which is better? Suggestions please.

    Been trying some OC' experiments and with my generic hynix ram, this is what I managed so far: ~218Mhz @ 2.5-3-3-7 ~245Mhz @ 3-4-4-8 Considering am running a A64 S754/Asus K8N platform, which one do you think is a better OC?
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    HL2 installation query

    I have my hands on a legit HL2 game of the year copy now. Sad part is I do not have net connection at home so am unable to install it. Can I install it on my office laptop and then copy it to get the stuff working? Is there any way at all to get it play without having a net connection? PS: Am...
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    FS: Processor + motherboard + RAM

    Hi guys, One of my friend wants to sell the following: 1. AMD Sempron 2400+ 2. Asus A7N8X-VM 3. 256MB 333Mhz generic RAM stick. All the products are about 11 months old. Reason for selling - wants to upgrade. Would prefer if somebody buys it as a combo - expected price is Rs.3500 (exclusive...
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    PC Peripherals [Fortron PSU] Please confirm the model

    Guys Deejay, HeadShot, TechHead, Switch please confirm the model of AX500-A you want to go for. Quady is inclined towards the OEM version and myself I feel BlueStorm is worth the extra 500Rs or so. Based on the majority we can go either for the BlueStorm or the OEM. Also if there is anything...
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    network connectivity problem

    I had recently installed Slackware on my friends pc. The problem is am unable to connect to the internet through it. He has a Airtel BB - uses a router instead of the modem. Funny thing is all was well the first time I installed Slackware. Then I was experimenting with DHCP and firewall after...
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    PC Peripherals Advice need for PSU

    Am planning to upgrade my existing PSU. The ones I have in mind are 1. Antec TP 550W 2. Cooler Master Realpower 450W I checked out the specification of both Antec TP and CM RP, both are kind of similar except that the CM RP is a dual 12v rail model. Does the dual 12v rail offer any advantage...
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    PC Peripherals ATP3 availability

    Guys do you know if ATP3 is available in Bangalore? I checked up with a few dealers in SP Road none of them have it in stock. Finally called up Rashi office here and that guy is quoting 4k for the speakers !!! If its not available, can you guys please suggest me the next best 2.1 speaker to go...
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    Linux Slackware installation blues

    This is the first time ever am trying to install/use any form of Linux ever. I downloaded all the 4 installation disks and burned them onto 4 CDs ( Slackware 10.1 ). However when I tried to boot using the first disk, it went straight to the HDD and started loading Windows. And then I found the...
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    CPU/Mobo COM port not working

    My friend has a P3 based rig. The COM ports have stopped working all of a sudden now. I tried connecting my nokia data cable to the serial port and the phone manager is not recognizing it either ( the same cable is working on my pc ). I also checked the speeds of the ports, they are set to...
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    CPU/Mobo USB device recognition problem

    I had recently reinstalled the OS ( Win XP Pro ) on my system. When I connect a USB drive to the system, it recognizes something is connected but shows up as Unknown device. The same happened when I tried to connect my Nokia usb datacable. Sequence of installation: 1. Installed the OS 2...
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    Problem running Richard burns rally

    As the title says, am having problems running Richard Burns rally on my comp. Whenever I run the game, it runs fine for about 10-15mins after which I encounter one of the following: 1. The game crashes (a dump file is also created). 2. The game pauses for a few seconds and then resumes - but I...
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    Selling my 9600Pro 256mb/128bit

    Hi guys, I have a Powercolor 9600Pro 128bit AGP card for sale. I had bought the card on 29th Jan 2005. The specifications are like RV350 Core running at 400Mhz 256MB DDR running at 400Mhz ( this is below the ATi specification for a 9600Pro ). Reason for selling the card - am getting a BFG...
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    OC & Modding Northbridge chipset cooling

    I have a Asus k8n housing a 3000+ processor. I am trying my hand at overclocking lately. I was concerned about the northbridge chipset heating up. Is it an absolute must to have active cooling for the northbridge chipset when running high fsb's for sustained periods of time? When do you decide...
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    hello everybody

    Hi everyone :) Nice site, looks sleek and pleasing. Keep the information flowing, keep up the good work :hap2: Cheers, Vignesh :)