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    (Urgent )Planning to buy panasonic DMC fz150.

    Hi guys i have decided my mind on buying feature rich panasonic DMC fz150 . However i would like to know best shop to buy it from . Flipcart is selling it at whopping 24500 and a local dealer is giving it @23499.00.(Both giving same free goodies) . I prefer COD or face to face dealing...
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    Need netbook

    Please answer the following questions for others to help you out better. What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) : < 17 K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (e.g. web surfing/office apps/Casual Gaming) : Web Surfing ,photoshop,virtual box running linux...
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    How to Go "Go GOA"? :)

    Planning to go GOA on 24th Feb . Current location : Mumbai. Your suggestion needed on below queries. Best place to stay. Best places to see (Considering i have to return back to mumbai on 1st March (Morning)) Any good tour packages ? How is staying there without enrolling any of tour...
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    How would i go about online buying(Noob here first exp)?

    I m getting a used psp from one of the forum member. But i m not sure how to initiate payment. Shall i straight away transfer the money to his account and wait for the device or anything safer than that. Please help.
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    PSP for multigaming purpose

    I have psp 3004. need an extra for playing multiplayer . Budget 4000 negotiable depending on the condition. Mumbai users are preferred.
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    Thanks Maa (Must watch movie)

    Source :Thanks Maa Movie Review (2008) review by Eye for Film Thanks Maa(2009) IMDB:7.1 Thanks Maa (2009) - IMDb A must watch movie . I know there is a separate thread "Rate the Last Movie You Saw..." but i thought of creating a separate thread will draw more attention. The movie is...
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    PSP Street cricket (Sealed Pack).

    I m not a big fan of cricket(when it comes to console game). Just give me your offer and take it away . (not sure how much should i expect.) Sealed pack Location: Mumbai.
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    Help me decide place for vacation.

    Holiday season is coming guys but i m still wondering when/where to plan a vacation. I know its bit late hope i will find a decent place (budget Max 18000 per person may stretch a bit.) Duration:5-10 days. Please suggest good place .(Matheran,Mahabaleshar, Mount abu already visited ) P.S ...
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    Buying PSP (Need lot of queries answered)

    Hi guys ,Thinking to buy PSP . Would be glad if below queries are answered(total noob about PSP used ps2 long time ago) Which firmware based version to buy? Is there any other things to look for apart from firmware? Any good shop to buy in mumbai? Will i get Modded PSP from shop itself? Which...
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    Samsung Galaxy LCD (where can i get it cheap?)

    After a successful old thread Here starting new one for my friend. He is more keen on buying with COD option. but the cheapest is with sulekha @15,997 but it lacks COD. Samsung Galaxy S I9003-4GB for Rs. 15,997. - Sulekha Offers He is also confused between Galaxy LCD and Nokia N8. Also...
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 (where can i get it cheap?)

    I was wondering why Samsung Galaxy S2 is available at much lower rate @ 24999.00 Samsung Galaxy S2|Samsung Galaxy S2 Price|Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile Phone Model when flipkart is selling it @ 28500. Samsung Galaxy S 2 I9100: Mobile The price difference is 3500 . are both products...
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    Samsung Galaxy LCD (Is there any better alternative than this?)

    Hi guys my budget is max 18000. The only phone i can select at this budget is Samsung Galaxy LCD which is available @ 17500 in retail. Can you please specify any other alternative considering its 1 year old ? Do share your views on this too... How is Second Hand Iphone 4 (without warrenty )...
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    Where can i get true price of mobile phones in india.

    While most of site claiming to be genuine i see price difference of more than 2-3k . Please suggest me genuine site which give you exact price for the handset.
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    Team anna's new campaign Ban Congress (Your vote needed)

    Anna is back with bang and this time he has suggested us not to vote congress until the janlokpal bill pass. Anna Hazare to campaign against Cong if snubbed on Lokpal - The Times of India Your vote needed. Let the Gov know what you want.
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    Suggest me good phone < 15000

    Hi guys, Please suggest me good phone < 15000. Preference Android support for variety of movie and song formats. big screen I was looking after wildfire s but disappointed with its look and screen size.
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    How to get rid of slow machine performance.

    Hi Guys , I know its very complicated to ask such questions but i m really tired of machine performance . OS: Microsoft windows xp professional 2002 Service pack 3 CPU: Intel Core 2 CPU.6300@1.86 GHz. RAM: 2GB Disk : C has 4 GB and D has 15 Gb of free space. Below steps are already performed...
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    suggest me good software for trading.

    I m in search of good trading software . I m looking for following feature. 1)NSE/BSE Support. 2)Ability to display more than one stock price (From selected one). 3)Should be accurate :). 4)Should lie in taskbar and give me notification whenever a changes happen.
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    Buying Gold Funds Suggestion needed.

    This is with Reference to my old post Where i was intend to buy some gold as future investment. I was about to buy real gold in terms of coins or biscuits.But after reading the comments from other user, decided...
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    Which of following is good hospital for cataract?

    I m planning to do a cataract operation for my mother. Got below list from our medical partner. Now i m confused which one to choose from? Little help in finding a good one,would be much appreciated.
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    B+ve blood requirement.

    There is an urgent need for B+ve blood requirement any 1 want to help please P.M Me with the Contact details. Location mumbai