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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Bro this is what is happening ;)
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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Thanks a lot @chetansha :) . Ordering now Marcus - I am getting 16Gb 3000Mhz G-skill for 70$ - Rs 5000 .
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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Planning to by RAM from US. Any brand which will give warranty in India ? Specifically looking at G-skill or corsair. But others would do as well.
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    HP pavilion laptop slips into repair mode

    Then you don't need to boot into ubuntu. But first, sure its dead? Not detected in disk management application ? Not detected in Bios ?
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    Intel Socket 1151 motherboard with X79 chipset.

    Whoops! Thanks @jaydipmori
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    Intel Socket 1151 motherboard with X79 chipset.

    Edit: Hold. Friend says cpu may not be okay. Friend's mobo is gone. Looking for replacement. lga 2011, not 1151.
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    HP pavilion laptop slips into repair mode

    Exact message ? It seems something is wrong in windows. And automatic repair is failing.. Maybe try booting with a windows installation usb, and repair or reinstall from there. To copy files - boot with live ubuntu
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    Bye India

    @red dragon My sympathies. North India has different more assholish 'ground rules/reality' . We all can get caught up in it. I always ask my sister to not drive after dark or early morning in Gurgaon, but unfortunately she thinks I am being paranoid. :( @blr_p wtf. A women was bothered and you...
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    Any frequent Redditor here ?

    Reddit's main advantage are the sheer number of people and variety of subs. There are soo many different communities and groups. Almost every subject has a subreddit. So with simply one account, can access 100's of forums. Some of the most popular communities for many subjects are on reddit...
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    Android How are the new Nokia smartphones?

    Got a Nokia 6.1 and 5.1 plus. Extremely happy. Especially with the ruggedness of 6.1 , feels like a tank. Spilled a whole bottle of water on first day and it survived easily. Have dropped it as well. Android one is a major plus. Tested drivers and hardware is the most important aspect of a...
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    English TV series discussion

    yeah. Acting is real good. I am through 3 seasons. It got enjoyable after the first few episodes, but.. spoiler for season 3 follow..
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    English TV series discussion

    Any comments on orphan black ? Watched 3-4 episodes. But am not feeling it. Does it get better ? The whole story of.. SPOILERS: The whole story about clones being hunted, seems like a regular thriller.. Any other sci-fi / fantasy shows with complete story lines ? Mini series are welcome
  13. C - Feedback Thread

    Most used to arrive earlier, took 2 months though. But last 3-4 didn't arrive even after 4-5 months. Only use shipping with tracking
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    How much internet time to be given to a 5 year old kid?

    North goa is where the drunk crowds are. South goa is the quiet one. Went a few years ago with family, 10 people, Booked a nice bunglow in a colony. 1-2 km away from an nice beach. having a few huts, places for eating. Mostly there were only few families, but still had some activities - jet ski...
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    Why AdBlockPlus MisBehaving ? Or I am Badly Infected ? Suggestions please.

    bad bad ideas. Most modified apk are virus motherships. Only stick with popular open source projects like youtube-vance . Try completely avoid randomly Torrent movies/audio are fine. But applications and games, should also be avoided as much as possible. If you have to though.. only from...
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    Electric cycles?

    Bro all questions answer in amazon itself. That said I am happy you posted here. Q: Can this bicycle be run without using battery A: Yes, it can. The bicycle has three modes. 1. Throttle Mode - In this mode you can use the bike as a motor bike by using the accelerator. You don’t need to...
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    Laptops Wireless-ly connect my Laptop to TV....preferably automatically? Laptop has no display.

    Steam Link will work, but may not be completely automatic. Will also need some device connected to TV on which steam link can be installed . People have had success with fire stick and mi box . Ethernet connection will be extremely desireable to the TV from router, although many have a working...
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    Need help buying multiple mixed stuff

    Me has been interested in these. aliexpress has these - , about Rs. 100 per piece. Problem is shipping. Package from free shipping mostly never arrive for me. and shipping with tracking cost 2-3$
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    Airsoft / Airguns

    @webgupta Where you play ? And more importantly how did you manage to get space for airsoft ?? I would LOVE to be a part of things like lasertag/paintball/airsoft, but know only a couple of places in delhi , which are like 1k for 1 hour
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    Budget 71-90K Specs required For gaming PC

    Maybe. Depends if new cpu/ gpu are compatible with old stuff. Power supply is sufficient etc. Details chahiye hai