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  1. theoracle

    Airtel Fixed Line / Land Line Dynamic Locking

    I am a Airtel Broadband subscriber for the past couple of months I started noticing that some random calls are getting added to my bill which I never made, since the calls were within the free minutes limit I didn't even notice it for sometime. Recently when I randomly picked up the handset, I...
  2. theoracle

    Camera Buying advice: P&S Camera budget ~ 20k

    Hi friends, I am looking to buy a point and shoot camera. My budget is around ₹20,000. Open to most brand (Nikon/Canon/Sony first preference). Not much knowledge about photography, not looking for anything professional. Should not be bulky and should be easy to travel with. Operating the camera...
  3. theoracle

    Windows 8.1 RTM feedback

    As Windows 8.1 RTM is out for sometime now, I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 8.1 RTM (downloaded from MSDN) on my laptop. Sharing my experience on this :) . I used my Win 8 upgrade key which I bough last year along with the promo Media center key, for activation. To do a fresh...
  4. theoracle

    BuyThePrice is now a part of

    Just got a promotional email stating After letsbuy was acquired by flipkart another small but significant merger. I bought a couple of items from BuyThePrice earlier, was satisfied by their service at that time.
  5. theoracle

    Google launches tool to determine data use after death

    Source: GoogleBlog Inactive Account Manager: Link
  6. theoracle

    Poweramp Music Player for Android available at Rs 129/-

    Poweramp Music Player is currently available for Rs 129/- from Google PLay Store Poweramp I remember last time I checked it was around Rs. 260 /- , the US price is still $4.99. If you were in lookout of a good music player for android platform could be a good buy.
  7. theoracle

    Need suggestion for buying a decent headset (PC)

    Hi Guys, Need your help in buying a decent headset (with mic) for my PC, primary use is skype/gtalk calls and watching technical videos. My Budget is <1500. Found few products matching my requirement: Philips SHM7410 Headset | Headset | Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT Headset | Headset |...
  8. theoracle

    Cyber crime charges against JU Professor for posting cartoon on Mamata The cartoon to me doesn't seems to be different then what is shown on shows like The Week that Wasn't by Cyrus Broacha. Don't know what will come next
  9. theoracle deals - ANDROID WEEK is celebrating Android week from 29th October, 2011 to 5th November, 2011. Some of the models available are : Dell XCD35 at Rs 8025 Samsung Galaxy S LCD I9003 at Rs 15427 Sony Erricsson Xperia Neo V at Rs 16376 Samsung Galaxy S plus I9001 at Rs...
  10. theoracle

    Strontium TNT 32GB Pen Drive @Rs 1149 /- at

    Strontium TNT 32GB Pen Drive - White Product Link Pay Rs 1649 for Strontium TNT 32GB Pen Drive - White worth Rs 3299 [cash-on-delivery option available] Original Price Rs. 1649 Apply Coupon SD500 to get Rs. 500 off . Final price Rs. 1149 (1649 -500) :D
  11. theoracle

    Programming Songs...

    1. Local variable Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan, Iske siva Jana kaahan. 2. Global variable Musafir hoon yaaron, na ghar hai na thikana 3. Null pointers Mera jeevan kora kagaz kora hi reh gaya .. 4. Dangling pointers Maut bhi aati nahi jaan bhi jati nahin. 5. The debugger Jab koi...
  12. theoracle

    New Phishing email from fake ICICI Bank

    Got the following email From ICICI Bank Wed Jul 13 03:14:47 2011 X-Apparently-To: via; Tue, 12 Jul 2011 08:21:48 -0700 Return-Path: <> X-YahooFilteredBulk: Received-SPF: fail (domain of does not designate...
  13. theoracle

    Help required for choosing BP Monitors

    Guys planning to buy a BP monitor for my parents. Don't have any knowledge in this. Need your help and guidance to choose one. If anyone has any experience ins using and buying BP monitors please help :) Also need feedback on the site, they seem to have quite a few options for this.
  14. theoracle

    GMAIL: Verify your account option

    Today I tried to create a new gmail account. After providing all the account details (name, password recovery info) etc.. now it is asking for a phone number to verify my new account. ==================== Verify your account We've detected unusual activity on your account. To immediately...
  15. theoracle

    Suggestion for phone around 10K

    One of my friend is looking to by a new phone, he found the Black Berry Tour 9630 3G Smart Phone and was considering to buy this one. 1st Help: Friends could you share your experience with 2nd: I am trying to convince him to buy someother phone preferably Andriod...
  16. theoracle

    Help in choosingSamsung Galaxy S I9000 vs Google Nexus S

    I have been following techenclave for a few months, although this is my first post. Recently lost my Nokia X6, so looking for a replacement and thought to take a ride in the Andriod boat. Iam inclined towards these two phones currently. If you have any other suggestions please advise. Budget...