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    Best 65 inch TV under Rs. 75000

    Guys, My cousin wants to buy a 65 inch TV for under Rs. 75000. Main requirements are watching movies and TV shows using apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Prime Video etc. Wanted to know which TV has the best panel at this price range. A few of the options suggested were: 1. Moto 65 inch TV 2. MI 4x...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Gigabyte Aorus K9

    Up for sale is a Gigabyte Aorus K9 Optical mechanical keyboard. Got this as a replacement for my Gigabyte K85 keyboard. It is in brand new condition. Box was opened to check the contents and click pics. Warranty is applicable till January 2021. Message me if you have any questions. Would prefer...
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    Headphone repair in Bangalore

    Need to get my Beyerdynamic headphones fixed. Sound is coming out of only one side. Looks like one of the connectors might need soldering. Was wondering if anyone knows any service center in Bangalore where they fix headphones. Have another Beats headphones which also need repairing.
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    FS: Networking Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite

    Up for sale is a Unifi AC Lite Access point. The package includes the following: 1. Access Point 2. POE Injector 3. Mounting plate. 4. Screws Note: :LAN cables are not included. Price is 7k including shipping anywhere in India. Message me if you have any questions. Bangalore buyers can get...
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    PS3 sports games

    Looking to buy sports games for the ps3 like FIFA, nba etc. Let me know if you have qny.
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    FS: RAM GSkill DDR3 8GB Desktop RAM

    Up for sale is GSkill DDR3 8GB Desktop RAM. It runs at 1600Mhz and has timings of CL 9-9-9-24@1.5V. It has lifetime warranty. Not using it anymore since i upgraded to 16GB. Send me a message if you have any questions. Pics: Price is 3200...
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    Is Paypal working for you?

    I'm having a strange issue with Paypal for the last couple of days. I tried making a payment to a vendor but got an error message stating that the transaction was denied by the card issuer (Citibank - Visa). I tried with another payment method from a different bank (Federal Bank - Mastercard)...
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    WTB: God of war for the PS4

    If anybody has the game, let me know the price including shipping to Bangalore. Thanks.
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    Mesh Wifi system

    Looking to buy a mesh Wifi system. If anyone has a system up for sale, lemme know. Please PM me the price including shipping to Bangalore. Thanks.
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    Budget 51-70k Budget gaming rig under 55k

    My friend is looking to buy a gaming rig for some light gaming over the weekends. He'd like to play the latest games @ 1080p. He has a strict budget of 55k and would like to get it by this month end. Questions What is your budget? 55k What is your existing hardware configuration (component...
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    Video Best 40" TV under 25k

    My friend is looking to pick up a 40" TV under 25k for his bedroom. His options are: 1. Thomson 40" B9 Pro...
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    FS: Networking Ubiquiti Edge Router X

    Up for sale is Ubiquiti Edge Router X. Bought from the US in November, 2017. Not using it anymore hence putting it up for sale. PM me if you have any questions. Cost: 3k including shipping to anywhere in India
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    FS: Home Audio Video Beelink GT1 Android Media Player Box

    Up for sale is a Beelink GT1 Android Media Player Box. It's the 2GB/16GB version. The unit comes with a remote control. It's around a year old. Price: Rs. 3750 including shipping. Bangalore buyers who can pick it up from my place can get it for slightly lesser. Send me a message if you have...
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    FS: Games Ashes Cricket for the PS4

    Up for sale is Ashes Cricket for the PS4. Selling the game as i don't get time to play anymore. Box and disc are in immaculate condition. Anyone who can pick it up from my place will get a further discount of 100 bucks. Price is 2.5k including shipping. Would be willing to trade it for...
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    4GB DDR3 RAM 1600mhz

    Looking for 4GB/8GB DDR3 RAM. I already have G.Skill Snipers and want to add another stick. Anyone looking to sell, please send me a message. Also, it must support 1600mhz and 1.5V.
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    Looking for a Home Theater set up under 60k

    My cousin's old Pioneer (VSX 321 and RS32 speakers) set has unfortunately conked. Looking for a home theater set up for under 60k. Ideally, he'd like to go for a 5.1 set up but would be alright with a 2.1 as well. We've auditioned a few models: First up was the Polk Audio TL 1600 home theater...
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    FS: Tablet Kindle Paperwhite with cover and 2 years accident protection

    Up for sale is a box packed brand new Kindle Paperwhite for Rs. 8.5k. It comes with the following items: 1. Kindle Paperwhite 2. Original Cover 3. 2 year accident protection Got this item for free along with a Sony TV. Have no need for it since i already have a kindle. Bangalore buyers who...
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    Looking for the best 65inch TV under 2 Lakhs

    My cousin is looking to upgrade his current 50" Samsung Plasma TV to an LED TV since the old one has started displaying vertical lines on the corners. What he wants from the TV is just a very good panel with good upscaling capabilities. He doesn't need too many smart features since he already...
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    Camera Suggestions: CCTV system for 25k - including installation

    Will be buying a CCTV system in the next few days. Here are the requirements: 1. 4 cameras - Day & Night (HD or FHD) 2. 8 channel DVR 3. 1 TB HDD 4. Ability to stream video on Mobile or tablets The area to be covered is around 1000sq. ft of a 2400 sq foot home. I've spoken to a few dealers...
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    Budget 15-20K Honor 8 for 18k?

    Planning to get a phone for my mom. She wants a compact phone with a great camera. The only options i can think of are the Honor 8 and the Moto G5 plus at the 17-18k price point. What do you guys think? Are there any better camera-oriented phones at this price point?