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  1. Yamaraj

    FS: Mobile Google Nexus S i9023

    Samsung Google Nexus S (i9023, S-LCD) Date/time of purchase: 07/07/2011 [mm/dd/yyyy] Purchase invoice available: Yes In warranty / Indian: No / yes Reason for sale: Not using it anymore; too many phones. Product condition: 9/10. Amzer silicon jelly cover and screen-guard were applied on the...
  2. Yamaraj

    Kindle 3 WiFi+3G with New York Times (Verso) cover [in warranty]

    Ladies, gentlemen, and the inbetweeners, I have a Kindle 3 WiFi+3G with the NY Times Verso cover for sale. Grab it while you can. Purchase date - 10/05/2011 [DD/MM/YYYY] Item description - Google it, damn it! It's the World-famous Kindle 3 WiFi+3G edition, now rechristened Kindle Keyboard...
  3. Yamaraj

    Nokia E52 with box and accessories [no warranty] + SanDisk mSDHC 16GB Class 4

    I'm selling my Nokia E52 (Black Aluminium (Aluminum for US retards)) with original box, bill, and all the (untouched) accessories, purchased on 1st of June' 2010 for INR 12,688/-. Condition: 9.5/10, considering it was a standby phone and barely saw any light of the day. Included is an el-cheapo...
  4. Yamaraj

    Wolfram Alpha is live!!

    Wolfram|Alpha No one noticed it here? :S I kept waiting for others to post the news. :@ Discuss it now!! Best thing since Google.
  5. Yamaraj

    FS: Intel Celeron D 320 (2.4GHz; 478pin) and ASRock 939A8X-M (AMD 939pin, AGP) board

    :thumb: Surprise gifts guaranteed with both products :thumb: Intel Celeron D 320 Original box and DOA warranty available with the product. Lost the bill. Purchase date: 06/11/2004 Product status: Works beautifully. Comes with stock heatsink. Warranty remaining: NONE Reason: Getting rid of...
  6. Yamaraj

    FS: Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU

    Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU (SMPS) All accessories (mostly unused), original box and DOA warranty available with the product. Can't find the bill. If I do, will update the post or send it to the buyer later. Purchase date: Mid 2005 (from Prime ABGB, Mumbai) Product status: Very good; a solid...
  7. Yamaraj

    FS: Corsair HX620W modular PSU

    Corsair HX620W modular PSU (SMPS) Purchase date: 13/04/2007 Product status: As good as new; scarcely used in my server. Warranty remaining: 3 years (a total of 5yrs manufacturer's warranty) Reason: Clearing the big-iron clutter here. A lot more to come. Bill, all accessories (mostly...
  8. Yamaraj

    Chair explosion kills a Boy

    Source: URL REMOVED I'm getting myself an old-fashioned wooden chair now. Fsck technology! :@ Kindly refrain from posting sites with adult content or link to them.
  9. Yamaraj

    FS: AMD64 3500+ (939, single core)

    In excellent condition, and comes with stock HSF. It was purchased from Vivek Punjabi in the first week of this year. Will provide the same xeroxed bill he gave me. According to the bill, the CPU was purchased in January of 2005, so there is some warranty left still. Reason: Moved over to AMD...
  10. Yamaraj

    CPU/Mobo Sun Microsystems' 16-core UltraSPARC Rock arrives [in samples]

    SOURCE #1 - Sun CEO shows off Rock ahead of Fujitsu launch | The Register SOURCE #2 - Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog : Weblog 16 cores, 2395 pins and support for 256 terabytes of memory. It surely is going to rock.
  11. Yamaraj

    FS: D-Link DMF-560E 56Kbps External Data/Fax/Voice Modem

    Condition - Very good, never needed repairs. Seal is in place still. Age - 6 years old. Shelved since early 2004. Original price (2001) - 3800/- Current price (2007) - ~1600/- for a newer model Reason - :bleh: Switched to ADSL long ago Modem has a parellel port at the rear and it can be...
  12. Yamaraj

    FS: UT-300R2 Ethernet ADSL Modem - DataOne CPE

    Used for 4-5 months, before I switched to the Huawei MT841 Wireless ADSL CPE. This is a Type-I BSNL DataOne CPE. But it comes with an ethernet (RJ-45) jack only; there is no USB connectivity. No idea about warranty. BSNL will probably handle it all. Condition is very good. Original box and all...
  13. Yamaraj

    PC Peripherals Suggest an MFP (All-in-one printer)

    Requirements :- 1. Fax 2. Flatbed scanner - good quality scans in both color and mono 3. Network enabled (optional, but an advantage) 4. low running cost for SOHO use 5. Budget: 15k max 6. Preferably (mono) laser; will consider Inkjet if #4 and #5 satisfies well. Mostly for home use - good...
  14. Yamaraj

    WTB: nForce4/6150+430 board, 66/6800GT/7600GS/GT PCIe and P4

    My brother's board just got fried. Now he needs an nForce4/6150+430 board for his Athlon64 (939) 3200+ Venice, and a 6600GT or 7600GS/GT PCIe card alongwith. He prefers ASUS, Foxconn, MSI, XFX or Gigabyte brands. Both mobo and gfx cards must come with original boxen, all accessories and bills...
  15. Yamaraj

    Suggest a good smartphone

    Requirements - EDGE, Memory slot, Bluetooth 1.2/2.0, Music, 256K TFT, GPRS, Java, Email, and Symbian S60 v2 or v3 (OS v8.x/9.x) Camera is optional, but an added advantage. I'm not a fan of camera phones at all. Budget is: Upto Nokia E50 (Yep, right!) max and lower. My mind is almost set on E50...
  16. Yamaraj

    PC Peripherals Suggest a headphone or earbud

    Purpose - Music (Rock, Classic, Pop and Metal) Quality - Not exactly an audiophile I am, but clarity and bass is desired. Budget - 1.5-2k max is enough for a non-audiophile like me. ;) A few points to be noted:- 1. In case of headphone, metallic headband is a 'must'. I've broken a few...
  17. Yamaraj

    PC Peripherals Which Stacker to get?

    Well, I'll be in Delhi in about 10 days from now. A decent cabinet currently tops my wish-list. I also had a look at VIP ZB01, Zebronics Server cases and even CaseTek CK-1018-1A which is being sold as Power-X 21 by Active Infocom. CaseTek is the OEM for most of the ThermalTake cabinets like...
  18. Yamaraj

    CPU/Mobo Prescott 670 hits 7473Mhz on LN2 : New WR

    Where are the AMD/DFI fanboys? :rofl: This sets a new World Record in Maximum Frequency ever achieved by a desktop processor. Intel reigns supreme in this arena.
  19. Yamaraj

    ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Revision 2.0

    ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe goes revision 2.0 and it's yet to hit the market. Apparantly, there were a few problems with the board that caused the delay in availability in stores. Sources close to ASUSTeK Computer have reportedly demonstrated select Asian journalist a capability to enable 4-way...
  20. Yamaraj

    CPU/Mobo Suggest a dual-core config

    Not for gaming. I was almost fixed on getting an X2 4200+ with A8N-SLi Premium. But a phone call spoiled it all. SMC quoted 20k for 3800+ and 28k for 4200+. Since this isn't going to be a gaming rig, no point in spending that much I think. AMD pricing s*cks bad. :no: I know Pentium Ds have...