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    Advice needed for my 12 yr old paralysed nephew

    Since his hands and brains are working normally, he is as good as any other software Engineer in India. He will be able to get a job in any of the software companies without any issue at all. Not just private firms, i guess there are banks/PSUs where he can try as well. Lot my friends did their...
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    Google branded 'Pixel' phone launched

    I think the "Indian prestige" factor mentality itself will wean people away from Pixel towards iPhone.
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    How ACT Fibernet is building broadband 'highways' [Forbes India]

    Its certainly cheaper in Bangalore. I used to pay 1800 for 16Mbps/80GB Airtel, ACT gives 1200 30Mbps/80GB.
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    Shopclues now just full of dung !

    Goddamit, i thought they even sell cows until i realized it was a "doll" - Brahman Cow is a wonderful addition to any child's barnyard play set
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    Video Cracked LCD Panel - New TV only solution?!

    Thanks, thats what i was afraid of :( And, well, i am pretty sure we will not get them to pay. If we do ask, it will be remembered for generations to come (not in a nice way!). Thanks! Do they exchange screwed up TVs as well? I did not know that.
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    Video Cracked LCD Panel - New TV only solution?!

    Hey guys, i have had this Samsung LCD TV (40') for about 4 years now. Recently, one of my "relatives" visited our place and their "nice" kid threw an object causing the LCD panel to crack. I had called up the service center guy who visited us (charged 200Rs for inspection) and told us the TV is...
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    Top Tech companies choose Hyderabad in India for their Global expansion

    All the best Hyderabad, hope your politicians don't screw up like ours did in Bangalore :(
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    How is package of 9L for Bengaluru?

    Bangalorean here: Right decision purely based on economics. Rent is higher near all IT parks, if you move farther away you might get it for cheap (we let out a 2BHK for 10k) but the travel time is killer. I travel 1.5 - 2 hrs each way, everyday. When your travel time is 3hrs, you miss out on...
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    How to copy video songs from movies

    Just curious, why would you go through all the trouble when you have youtube/other sites these days? Unless its a really old movie or your internet connection is too slow.
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    Where to buy Alphonso in Pune?

    Try here -
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Batman Vs Superman - 6/10 : This movie was like a Prequel for the movies to come. Probably that's why this wasn't too interesting for me. Sorry, Sad Affleck, you didn't quite live up to the Batman standards. And Lex Luthor too, disappointing. I kept thinking why the hell is the facebook founder...
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    From 30 April, you cannot withdraw your PF until you turn 58

    I am pretty sure they will come up something which will limit the PF withdrawal or taxing the withdrawal. Having a lawyer as a FM is certainly causing problems for the working class!
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    From 30 April, you cannot withdraw your PF until you turn 58

    Under the new rule, a member after being unemployed for 2 months or more can withdraw only his own contribution and the interest earned on it. He can't withdraw the corpus generated from the employer's contribution along with the interest earned on it.
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    Nokia A1, an Android mid-ranger, may debut in 2016 itself

    Is that how it looks/will look like? Damn!
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    Aadhaar card

    So, Aadhar card can be given to anyone incl those who are not Indian Citizens. Once we have Aadhar card, can they use it get Ration card and then finally Passport?!
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    Most Accurate BP Monitor?

    We had Omron Digital, it was almost always inaccurate. We had to try 3-4 times and then basically see which one was closer to what it was last time! I later brought Rossmax Analog one with sethescope, its a lot better but takes time to know how to measure. I took it to my doc and guided me how...
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    Baba Ramdev's Patanjali bigger than Emami with Rs 2,500 crores yearly revenues

    Well, there are these patents though - US patent No 6410059- for Antibiotic Anti Fungul, Bio enhancer effect of Gomutra. US Patent No. 6896907 - For Anti Allergic, Anti infective, Nutrient & Anti-cancer. US Patent No. 7718360- For Anti Oxidant, Apoptosis. US Patent No. 7235262- For cow urine...
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    Latest PC DRM tech too hard to crack, “no more cracked games in two years,” says cracking group

    People believing Hindi is the national language are like the latest DRM, takes atleast 6months to crack and feed sense into them.
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    The Great Indian E-commerce thread

    Executive Chairman means i am still in the company doing nothing but earning s*it loads of money just by being myself.