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  1. dissel

    Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?

    Or demonetization or Slow Economy :confused: hmmm...remembered Katmandude
  2. dissel

    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    This is a 10-month-old video but it may relevant to this thread - If not then ignore.
  3. dissel - Feedback Thread

    I like to ask here, Anybody receives their order after the '2019-nCoV' outbreak as Pandemic to the world? I mean here when you don't know there this severe disaster waiting to unleash and your order time was 1st week of January.
  4. dissel - Feedback Thread

    My two shipments right now (Below Screen Shot attached), Last updated 19/01 and I highly doubt any of these will ever see any successful delivery due to the current virus outbreak in China. First, the new year holiday begins on 18th Jan To 4th Feb....So everything halted for that reason - Now...
  5. dissel

    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    Hello experts - if you can please share your thoughts about, This one don't have any Wi-Fi or LAN port just simple USB only - Original Toner Cartridges is quite cheap comparing other Brother Model, I'm interested on Scan - Copy function only, Hope this one can take two pages in the memory and...
  6. dissel - Feedback Thread

    Is this item is Large in Size or The Weight?
  7. dissel

    What Music Streaming Service you use and why?

    I use Apple Music in my Android Phone due to it’s Library Size...Mostly for International / Western Genre. (Currently on one year individual plan) I use Prime Music for it’s Indian Genre and my Native Language music. (One year plan)
  8. dissel

    Any LIC policy which can pay 3-5 cr after 15-20 years

    I post this in the BJP thread and posting it here also, This is for Bank but Insurance Company also comes under this bill....Hope forum members are well aware this
  9. dissel - Feedback Thread

    My 4th Item (Tracked) which is the last item of 11/11 Sale cleared Yesterday (1/1 which is extraordinary, Kudos to Custom Department working during new year day) and delivered today (2/1) without any problem. In the meantime on 31/12 I received 1of 3 untracked item which handles by 'China Post...
  10. dissel - Feedback Thread

    My 3rd Item cleared today 28/12, Hope to receive it next week and 4th Item see some movements at Kolkata Foreign RLO Buildings - All are from 11/11 November Sale.
  11. dissel - Feedback Thread

    Thanks, Black_Hawk for the concern, I got 4 packages stuck all from 11/11 deals and they are not even any electronics or high value, Only just today (21/12) I received two of them (from the same seller though) which cleared Yesterday (20/12) without any problem...At first, I thought I was...
  12. dissel - Feedback Thread

    100+ Yess......Exactly, Thank You. Please note here I'm agreed with you about myself.
  13. dissel - Feedback Thread

    I strongly doubt this will not come to India, Loose Battery shipping is prohibited - you will get your money back. Govt will squeeze every ounce of Blood (Money) from the system to run this country and fund their upcoming projects. Looks like soon Aliexpress shopping with cheap pricing will...