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  1. Shubham1401

    Need external speakers for watching movies on TV [Budget: 0-10k]

    Hi Folks. We have a Samsung LED TV and use a Panasonic 2.1 speakers with it. The problem is that the sound is too boomy and bass heavy for watching movies. We do not understand anything that the actors say and if we the increase volume too much it feels as if it would bring the house down. Even...
  2. Shubham1401

    CPU/Mobo Mobo that can handle AMD FX8320

    Hi Folks, My existing mobo (MSI 970a G43) has reached its demise and I'm looking for another mobo. As for my previous mobo it was barely able to handle FX8320. I had to keep the turbo boost off at all times and cap it to 3.5GHz for it to run stably. The VRM would still shoot to 100+ degrees...
  3. Shubham1401

    Suggest PS3 games that parents would like

    I recently bought a PS3 for gaming and I'm loving every bit of playing games on a huge TV. Every now and then even my parents would come to the room just to watch what's happening on the TV :P As they are taking a slight interest, I'm thinking of involving them in the fun. My dad has flat out...
  4. Shubham1401

    Need your opinion to seize this interesting opportunity with my new employer.

    Hi Members, I have joined a big analytics services based IT company just 3 weeks back. I have a very interesting situation which is developing in my project which seems like a great opportunity to rise through the ranks instantly in my new company. I've come for your expertise to advice me on...
  5. Shubham1401

    WTB HMT Mechanical Watch

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to buy an HMT from someone who is finding it hard to devote time and efforts to take its care. Ever since my college time I wanted to buy an HMT but couldn't due to lack of funds. Now with my job, I can finally buy it but HMT as a company is no more. So there goes the...
  6. Shubham1401

    [HELP] Can my employer change notice period duration like this?

    Hi Folks, I as a business analyst at a startup. Back when I was a fresher I signed a service agreement with this company stating 2 years bond with INR 1 lakh bond money and 2 months notice period. Now with this years appraisal they have increased the notice period to 3 months (this was HR...
  7. Shubham1401

    Audio IEMs under 1k??

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a new IEM after my Xiaomi earphones mysteriously disappeared in my offce :arghh: I have used ES18 for 2 years before this and I found them more balanced but less fun than the PL-21 I had earlier. (Same with my PL-30 which were almost perfect but not as exciting to...
  8. Shubham1401

    Budget 21-30k Challenging Gaming PC build

    What is your budget? 30K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Motherboard - Gigabyte LGA 775 GPU - The legendary 9800GT RAM - Transcend 2x2 GB DDR2 Monitor - LG 20" PSU - Corsair CX400 Speakers - Creative...
  9. Shubham1401

    Video Really Confused!!! Buying TV under 45000 INR.

    Hi folks!!! My 10 year old Samsung CRT 30" is refusing to die(still as good as day 1 infact) but my family has got bored of it now. As the title suggests I'm in the market for a new TV under 45. Here are the requirements which I think the TV should fulfil: Even though we will be having HD...
  10. Shubham1401

    Laptops Is it possible to entirely take a laptop display off ?

    I have a 8 year old Dell Studio laptop. It works fine except that the screen has ink marks all over it and the left hinge is broken. I can use it perfectly fine with my TV on HDMI. I was wondering if it is possible to take the entire LCD assembly off from hinges and just have the lower portion...
  11. Shubham1401

    CPU/Mobo Help!! PC boots with 1 RAM but not with 2, what could be wrong?

    My PC has 2X2 GB DDR2 RAM and 2 RAM slots. This started happening a few days ago. If i plug both the ram in the mobo, it boots up with no output on display but I can hear all the fans running. But if i use one of the RAM then it works fine. My system was running fine for 4 years before this...
  12. Shubham1401

    Android Xiaomi Mi3 battery swelling - given for service

    Gave my phone to the service center in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. They acknowledged the battery swelling problem and claim to get it fixed in a week. But now with the ban, will they honor the service? :/
  13. Shubham1401

    Audio Suggest Speakers under 1k for watching movies.

    I currently have Intex 4.1 Subwoofer. Though they are good for gaming but they sound muffled for watching movies and series. I need something which provide crisp sound so that I can make out what the people are saying in the movie. Please suggest me good speakers (even 2.0 will do) for my...
  14. Shubham1401

    Car & Bike How often should I get my bike serviced?

    I have a Unicorn Dazzler which has done 10000 Km in 2 years. It is not used much and the weekly running is around 50km. How often should I get my bike serviced ?
  15. Shubham1401

    Audio Has anyone tried Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120-D ?

    Has anyone tried Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120-D ? Read a review on Cnet and these seems quite promising. Any first hand experience with them?
  16. Shubham1401

    FS: Desktops iMac late 2009 model @ 40k

    Product Name: IMac Late 2009 Model Expected Price: Rs 40000 Rs 35000 Rs 32000 Shipping charges : what ever is applicable, for local buyers none Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 LED-backlit display; 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor...
  17. Shubham1401

    Recommend some good institute for learning PHP in Delhi...

    I completed my 4th sem in Btech CSE. Now looking to learn PHP in my spare time. So please recommend some good institute for 4-5 weeks training course which will also provide certificate.
  18. Shubham1401

    Budget 41-50k Suggest a General use portable laptop.

    Friend is looking for a laptop upto 50-55k. Usage : Sitcoms and movies, Browsing. No games. Other Requirements: - Should be lightweight as it will be taken to college. - Longer battery life prefered. -Comfortable Keyboard and touchpad. -Good Screen .
  19. Shubham1401

    Suggest good Biography to read.

    I read Steve Job's biography by Walter Isaacson a while back. Loved it! Then I decided to read more biographies and bought Stephen Hawking's life and work by Kitty Ferguson. Didn't like it at all. Read 40 pages and left it! Please suggest me some good biography to read. :)
  20. Shubham1401

    New Tablet 7 inch or 10 inch ? Desire vs Athena

    Here is what it will be used for: E book reading Browsing Some games like shadow gun Maybe movies while travelling in Metro Biggest Dilemma is whether i should go for a 7inch tab or a 10 inch! I've zeroed in on Wammy Athena(10") and Desire(7"). Another concern is the screen quality. A good...