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  1. rock_ya_baby

    Wharfedale Diamond 220 + Norge 2060

    I bought beat-up Norge from TE many years ago, never bought speakers to compliment it. I wanna retrofit it to my home office... all I need are speakers, shall i still get 220s? Or shall I get get old floor standers from OLX? I don't have time to appreciate the sonic beauty, so almost-perfect...
  2. rock_ya_baby

    Budget 15-20K Best photography and 64gb

    Guys -64Gb storage or more -best in class cam front and back -good screen 5.5"+ -dual sim -no other requirement Please suggest!? upto 20K
  3. rock_ya_baby

    Budget 0-20k Which mATX NAS case?

    Suggestions please I need something in size/shape of CM Elite 130 but mATX. Any rackmount 4u options, by the way? Build: Intel G4560 + B250M based mobo 4xSAS disks 2xSATA disks 2xSSDs 1xLSI HBA 1x Dual gig Intel NIC 16G DDR4 This will sit in my server rack at home. Looking for decent rack...
  4. rock_ya_baby

    Intel G4560 + B250M Mobo+ 8GB DDR4

    Hi Folks I need the following items CPU - Intel G4560 CPU Motherboard - B250M which can support 32GB DDR4-2400Mhz, 6 SATA Ports (example) RAM - 1x8GB stick of DDR4-2400Mhz Shipping to Bangalore. Please PM me your offers!
  5. rock_ya_baby

    HUION H420 4" x 2.23" Graphics Tablet for scribbling?

    I have zeroed in on Huion 420 graphics tablet which i'd like to use as a drawing aid to communicate and e-whiteboard with my remote colleagues better. Flowcharts, scribbles, IT infrastructure diagrams, etc. Is that any...
  6. rock_ya_baby

    Budget 15-20K Samsung on max?

    Guys any opinions on the Samsung On Max. I've been looking to upgrade from my very old Xiaomi Note4G. Never had a Samsung, but this one with 5.7" screen is looking decent to me. I would have got Xiaomi Note 4 if availability wasn't an issue. 1. Budget? A: INR 12k-18k 2. Preferred display...
  7. rock_ya_baby

    Budget 0-20k Found perfect components for my NAS/AlwaysOn ESXi Box - comments?

    Fellas Wont to fair to fill the template for this... Need a second headless rig to run my Cisco stuff and act as a low activity NAS. NAS BUILD: Purpose: to run 24x7, serve as vNAS to store family media and backups, NFS/Samba, VM Datastore and to host a few low cpu/high ram VMs. VMs: NAS OS...
  8. rock_ya_baby

    Hobbyist Drill?

    I am done making my Raspberry Pi 3 + WiFi security camera Door Bell prototype. Now final step, I have to mount the cam into the peephole. I need a low power drill which can help me mount few frames screws, 1cm deep around the door peephole. Please suggest which drill to get?
  9. rock_ya_baby

    Pi3 buying help, WiFi capable portable rig

    guys Is 4.5K justified for rpi3+case+2.5A charger? Which are the better sites to order a new rpi?
  10. rock_ya_baby

    Budget 10-15K I like Le 1s, should I buy it?

    I have been using a RedMi Note4G from a long time, 2+ years and it has been fantastic. It now looks old with all the usage that a daily-driver goes through. I will demote this as my 'office cellphone' and want to buy the Le 1s to be my primary. Overall I liked it. But very skeptical about their...
  11. rock_ya_baby

    OC & Modding Looking for quite 40x20mm fans

    I'm looking to replace the stock fans from all of my home lab gear. First up is cisco sg300 poe switch. Please suggest a 3pin 12v fan. Need it to be less than 30db. I was initially thinking of putting a volt regulator/resistance to cut off excess power to the stock fans but I'm not too...
  12. rock_ya_baby

    Ruby on Rails developer needed

    Any freelance programmers interested in some work to be done on a Redmine installation? There are some quirks with the portal to be sorted out and some additional works. I don't have a detailed list of what work specifically is needed. But you can PM me your name, number, any github or such...
  13. rock_ya_baby

    Laptops Entry level Laptop for kids

    Guys, Looking for Laptop within 18-25K range. Its for my young cousin - just to get her started with Computers etc. They don't have internet connection etc at their place. So probably I need DVD drive built in. It is supposed to be used as an educational aid in their household. Anything is OK...
  14. rock_ya_baby

    Camera Point and Shoot Camera (Rs. 5-8K)

    Last time I bought a camera was when the Panasonic DMC-LZ10 were a rage on these forums (TA/TE) i.e. a long time ago! So, I am looking for a decent cam for less than 8K. Better if it works on rechargeable AAs. Should have all the standard basic stuff, IS, videos@720p is fine. I was looking at...
  15. rock_ya_baby

    Android Personal assistant apps!

    Heard about such apps recently (helpchat advertisement on radio) and quite frankly first it felt like WTH!? Then felt pleased at the business model of this concept. Quite innovative. Q: Anyone here used this before? Can they act as an "errand boy"? Thing is... I recently got an Asus...
  16. rock_ya_baby

    VFM DDWRT Wifi router which can act as a true gateway

    Suggestions please? - Need openVPN, SD Card/USB drive support - samba - ftp - PPoE - 802.11n - iptables - dhcp - wifi bridging, wds, etc support - vlan, dot 1q - 4 lan and 1 wan port I know ddwrt supports all this. I am looking for hardware which can comfortably support this stuff. Budget...
  17. rock_ya_baby

    Incoming connection problems on ACT Broadband Bangalore

    Targeted mostly towards the ACT and such BB providers - So, my DD-WRT router gets an IP of through PPoE. Next-hop goes to 10.254.12X.1 (some aggregation router/radius/BNG-LNS/BRAS). When I do or such services, it gives my public IP as 106.51.x.x (Name Address...
  18. rock_ya_baby

    Which HDMI Switcher?

    I have 2 hdmi ports on my tv and I have 5 hdmi devices. Need a 1:5 model. Please suggest one. What sort of quality can we expect out of those Rs. 1K ones compared to Rs. 5K models?Hard to believe no one encountered this? Educated guesses chaps!?
  19. rock_ya_baby

    Android Xiaomi Note 4G camera flash failure

    My phone's flash isn't firing any more. Is it something easy to replace when I take this to the service center? Then and there Or they keep your phone with them for few day to fix it? In Bangalore.
  20. rock_ya_baby

    CPU/Mobo Which mobo will support 32GB RAM for AMD Athlon II X4 630?

    I have an AMD Athlon II X4 630 on a DFI 790 FX M2RS LANPARTY board. Please suggest the cheapest upgrade to support 32Gig RAM on this combination. This is a lab pc and just needs more ram. The current board supports 8gig max.