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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Planning to by RAM from US. Any brand which will give warranty in India ? Specifically looking at G-skill or corsair. But others would do as well.
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    Intel Socket 1151 motherboard with X79 chipset.

    Edit: Hold. Friend says cpu may not be okay. Friend's mobo is gone. Looking for replacement. lga 2011, not 1151.
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    You should download open matte version of movies. [ AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILERS!!! ]

    Regular blu-ray movies have black bars on top and bottom, as their aspect ratio is 21:9. Open matte : aspect ratio is 16:9 . Same as any standard monitor or TV . In open matte content is not cropped out. There is simply more in open matte releases. Picture says : Right part is Blu ray. Left...
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    Looking for broken Printers in Delhi

    Does anyone in Delhi has old / broken printers that they are willing to part ? I'll come and pick up. Also if anyone has those old style winding clocks . Chabi wali ghadi. Please do mention how much I would need pay. Thanks! PS: I need them for parts.
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    ACT internet review - 6 months. (Its Great )

    ACT silver promo plan 6 months ago. Rs. 5350 for 6 months + 1 month free . 100mbps 500GB/month. monthly is 750+tax = 840 Location: Delhi Connection speed: Simply fantastic. Never noticed any speed drop. multiple users streaming downloading content. no issues. Ping: Am terrible FPS and No one...
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    [WTB] Old Laptop with good screen that boots

    Want Laptop. 2 requirements: Good screen, preferably FHD. Should boot, is not dead. Not required: Harddisk, speed. Acceptable: Broken keys, scratches. Naturally looking for a deal. Delhi location. Will prefer to pickup.
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    Video Monitor vs LED screen reflection comparison

    My 40" videocon LED broke, so I am using a 27" benq LED computer monitor, which is placed right in front of the TV. This gave an opportunity to compare the 2. Check the pic to see how much light both screens are reflecting. As you can see the 40" TV is stupidly relfective. It reflect...
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    Windows Complete Dark Mode for windows [SOLUTION]

    NegativeScreen for windows inverts colors : Light becomes dark, dark becomes light. Effectively changing everything to an easy on the eyes dark-mode. Has 'modes', like black and white conversion etc. Use Alt+ Win+N to enable/disable. Source: Download...
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    Buying audio splitter in delhi ?

    Edit: Disregard. Splitter won't work. A sswitch toslink switch would do the job. But cheap ones are manual and automatic are too expensive... Guys I am looking for a toslink cable splitter (spdif ?). Amazon has one Rs.850 . Paytmmall has it for 550. rediff Rs.500. Kind of pricy I think...
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    Uses of Openwrt/DDwrt - Open firmwares for router. Simplified

    Routers (wifi 'creator') have a default operating system called 'firmware' . OpenWrt / DD-wrt are open source community made replacement linux base Operating system for routers. This a guide of these open firmwares. Their Advantages / Disadvantages and Uses. Summary: Turn your router to...
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    Other india targetting internet forums/groups

    I am wondering , just Like techenclave, digit, hifivision what other internet communities, forums exist that have an active largely indian user base ? AND that are specific to interest/s . Not general forums like r/india , but that have a topic. I know of these- Techenclave , erodov ,
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    Which Universal remote

    Looking for universal remote to control tata sky stb, tv and soundbar. It should be able to turn on/off stb and TV when Power button is pressed. Basically send 2 key presses to different devices when 1/single button is pressed. Any suggestions ? There are plenty on flipkart and all, but...
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    Which has Fast shipping ? - dealextreme/gearbest/aliexpress/bangood/others

    Been a while since I ordered from dealextreme -, but when I did, stuff took a month to arrive. aliexpress - I find that shipping can be expensive and still slowish Not really sure about the rest either. Share your experiences guys !
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing in India is rage inducing!! mini gpu guide

    This makes me so angry GODO#O#$R#$ In SHORT: Quality performance graphic card are stopped in favour of complete garbage GPUs which are much more costly. Shit Card Examples: nvidia 730 : Flipkart Cost: Rs. 6900, Performance points a mere 925 according to passmark nvidia 710 : Flipkart Cost...
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    buy used electronics (TV) in delhi ?

    what options are there for buying second hand Television in delhi ? olx / quikr are flooded with 'assembled' (fakish) material.
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    Building a tech buying recommendation service/site/thingy?

    I am thinking of building some sort of PC and maybe other tech buying guide. Kind of like geeks guide to buying tech stuff. - Parts to buy at a certain price point. - Good time to build a PC. I think It should be a community thing. Individual efforts in my tiny are so-so. Like the site in my...
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    This is cool - Google AIY, raspberry pi compatible

    Do-it-yourself intelligent speaker. Experiment with voice recognition and the Google Assistant. Basically what I have understood is : AIY is a hackable Google home. Some Google home hardware, + basic OS/software from google , all running on the pi...
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    PC Peripherals [Review] Logitech m221 silent mouse: Just Awesome

    M221 wireless goodness arrived 5 minutes back. 1. Really, Actually, Crazy quiet. 2. Buttons are thankfully soft to press. Require very less finger pressure than any regular mouse. Almost like my first optical mouse. 3. No Usb 3.0 interference. Old MS mouse stutters with Usb 3 4. Can't say...
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    Audio Finding my perfect headphone: bluetooth, with aux; sleep friendly; etc

    I realized that my current bluetooth headphone is terrible with audiodramas . So yet again I am in the market for my perfect headphone. Bluetooth + aux port Design : Sleep friendly , NOT in-ears. Decent battery, 10 hours+ 'Good' Sound quality - for audiobooks/audiodramas. Suggestions...
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    Audio Connect many devices to a single Bluetooth speaker simultaneously ?

    hey guys , Me is looking for One Bluetooth speaker or receiver, which works like this: A paired phone is plays audio on the speaker. When another paired phone attempts to play something on the same speaker, the speaker automatically detects this and plays audio from the second phone. Basically...