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    PC Peripherals UPS issues !!

    hey guys, I have a 2year old frontech 600va UPS. And not a gaming PC. I keep my system on always. Now as soon as power is out, the UPS does not even hold for 5 seconds, It just dies. Should i try charging it for say 10hours ?!! does it have something to do with its battery ? Also please if...
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    Linux BSNL Internet ! USB Modem issues.

    Guys how to setup and get the internet working using the bsnl USB Modem. Its Siemens C2110. I know already how to via Ethernet. Needed the same how to for usb modems. The internet works in live boot. but not after installation !! Its Ubuntu btw. 9.04 would be better.
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    Seedbox sharing !

    Any guys out there who would like to share a seedbox with me ? Based on the replies to this thread we can consider our host New plan, Please check out Dedicated Servers Outsystem - The Best Seedboxes and Dedicated Servers - Dedicated Server SD Easy costs 60 Euro, If we can get 6 users, then...
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    Linux Pre-Order Free Ubuntu 9.04 CD !

    Get your branded CDs right away. :hap2: About What is Ubuntu? | Ubuntu
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    PC Peripherals Gaming Rig for 45k !!

    Guys my friend needs a gaming rig for 45k ! And i have no idea about teh latest :S please throw in your suggestions !! :hap2:
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    Is Windows 7 Beta usable as of now ??

    has any one of you switched to Win 7 Beta ?? Or Not ?? Or is it still not the right time even for people on the Cutting-Edge to switch to Win 7 ??
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    Got the VX1940 !!!!

    Hey guys i got This master piece for 10100 Rs. hmmmmm i hope the price is not old news for you guys(who are always with latest gadgets and stuff). Pictures !!!!! Thumbnails, click em. I got it From Kukreja Electronics in 3rd Block Jaynagar.
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    Graphic Cards 8400M vs Intel GMA X3100

    how does the nVidia 8400M GS compare with the intel X3100 If am able to collect more money then i will buy one and confused about the graphics solution. :huh: And one more thing.. I don't play any games.. Computer Games ?? What are they ??:P
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    CPU/Mobo Rig for 25k !

    hii guys ! Am really confused about INTEL or AMD my budget is 25k for entire PC, Required is LCD 19inch, 2GB Ram, DVD R/W 160 GB others components as usual ! does the E4500 really outperform AMD 5200+ ?? Please help me out ! :)
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    Sony Ericsson Users ! lots of original contents for you !

    download original content from Sony Ericsson website to your computer !! this way you can save on your WAP count !! goto this link then select a phone and item and download it u will get a dd file !! save it !! open it in note pad... u...
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    Tutorial: Flash k550i to w610i

    This guide will help u convert your k550i into a Cybershot-Walkman Phone !! Then u will have w610i or k550i+w610i best of both worlds and popularly know as Cybershot-Walkman Flash at your own risk ! I don't know if this voids your warranty ! many say it does voids warranty my idea in that case...
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    User Guides MusicPlayer Risks and Ear Safety !!

    This guide is to help you and provide you some tips and for your knowledge and Not To Create A Fear :) Increasing Popularity, Great number of choices :hap2: , Small, Easy, Good and Fall in Prices :hap2: and the Coolness factor of having one factors have made us to buy one of the Portable Media...
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    :Hi: studying IT in IT city !! PESIT !!!! so anybody from bangalore joined this forum newly.........!!!!