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  1. gudboy

    FS: Processor i3 3220 GSkill RipjawsX DDR3 1600 2x4GB

    i3 3220 - 2.5k Ram - 2k
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    Laptop from Paytm

    Hey mates, i need to buy a laptop and have been searching for the best deal around online shops and saw that paytm is offering nice cashback of 18% on laptops. Just wanted to know is it worth trust also if i take cashback i will have to pay right at the time of checkout as no cod will be...
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    Budget 10-15K Please identify this tablet

    Hey mates can you please identify this tablet?
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    Audio IEMs around 3k

    Hi guys, please suggest me some nice iem around 3k, i want good bass without compromising in mids and treble, the sources will be moto g and sony walkman mp3 player. Previously i had a sony w810i with hpm-70 headset, i liked the way it sounded and i am searching something similar but all...
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    FS: Others C2D E7300, Asus G31, 2GB DDR2, Asus EN 210 Graphics Card

    Product Name: Intel E7300 2.66ghz Processor Expected Price: Rs 2400 Shipping Charges: Rs 100 Reason for Sale: Upgraded Remaining Warranty Period: No Product Condition: 9/10 Accessories: Original HSF Purchase Date: Jan 2009 Invoice: Not Available Product Location: Bilaspur Chhattisgarh Payment...
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    Budget 21-30k Please suggest a gaming rig

    Q: What is your budget? 25K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - Dell IN2020M SMPS - Corsair CX400 Cabinet - NZXT GAMMA HDD - 2X 320GB SATA Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and...
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    Graphic Cards 7750 vs 6770

    Hello friends, as the title says, i am confused between those two. My system specs are on my sig. please help me to choose between these two.
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    Storage Solutions Samsung Hard Drive - Please Help with RMA

    Hi mates, i have a samsung hard drive which died sometimes ago so i sent it to accel frontline chennai and its delivered yesterday. The story starts now it is my first time to rma anything so i just checked its warranty on seagate's website and registered for rma. I entered all of the...
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    HTC Explorer, to buy or not to buy?

    Hi guys, i want an android and had decided on the explorer cause my budget is 11k strictly. But then i came across this website that shows how many problems it have:S. I am totally confused...
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    Camera Please suggest best point and shoot upto 10k

    Hello guys, i have to buy a point and shoot camera which will be used by me. Please give me your suggestions, it should have nice picture quality with good auto functions. I have in mind sony w570, wx7, canon ixus 220hs. budget is 10k max.
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    Audio Need some good IEM under 1k

    Hi guys just received my Sony Walkman NWZ-E363 from Flipkart and now i want a good IEM for it. My preferences are clear sound and deep bass, budget is 1k.
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    Audio Suggest a mp3/mp4 player budget 4k

    Hi guys, please suggest me mp3/mp4 player my budget is 4k max. I want good sound quality and it will be good if it have a decent screen. Thanks.
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    Audio Headphone dilemma

    Hi guys, please advice me which of the following headphones will be good for music on my nokia 5233 and for movies on PC. I am on a tight budget also so please don't suggest expensive ones.:( 1. Philips SHP 2000. 2. Nokia HS 62.
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    CPU/Mobo Asus vs Gigabyte vs Msi

    Hey friends i need an advice from u guys, i am building a new rig and confused in choosing the right board for it.I will get an i3 2100 so for it which board to go with from the following? Gigabyte GA-H67-M-D2 B3 Asus P8H67M LE B3 MSI H67MA E35 B3 Please Help!
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    CPU/Mobo Which motherboard to choose?

    Hey guys please suggest me which motherboard to choose from the following.I will pair it with either a phenom x4 840 or a phenom x4 955? OR TheITWares - One Stop for all Gizmos!MSI 880GMA-E45 AM3 AMD 880G HDMI...
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    Budget PC for allround performance

    Q: What is your budget? 19k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Dual Core Motherboard - Asus XXX GPU - Asus EN210 RAM - 2X1GB PC6400 Monitor - Dell IN2020M SMPS - Intex 450 watts Q: Which hardware will you be keeping...
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    PC Peripherals Cabinet Confusion

    Hello friends, I'm getting a new system and i had bought almost all the components except cabinet and PSU.I'm confused between 1.CM Elite 310, 2.CM Elite 430 and 3.NZXT Gamma. So please suggest which cabinet and PSU will be good for the system. System Spec is: CPU - Intel Core i3 2100 MOBO -...