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    Acer Aspire 5740 g battery

    hello friends need a the battery for Acer Aspire 5740 G as the stock battery has died on me :( regards khushal
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    A Good mobile with great features without Camera ..

    Hi as the title says .. want to buy a good mobile without camera up to 5000 any offers / suggestions ??
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    Sony PSP Audio Video Cable

    want to buy PSP cable to connect it to TV, anybody got .. one ?? cheers
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    Multiple items Closet Clearence ..... Sale ... + Freebieeeees

    (New Additions )Multiple items Closet Clearence ..... Sale ... + Freebieeeees More Additons 11th Jun 11 @ Bottom More Additions 6th Jun 11 New Additions at the bottom of this text Dear Friends ... Time to clear space .... Few now more to be added later Cheers First the freebiees You need...
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    UPS to support minimum two desktop computers

    Hello there, wanting to buy a UPS which can minimum support two desktop PCs, preferably in warranty. APC preferred waiting for your offers .. regards
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    ARCTIC COOLING MX 2 (Just imported)

    ARCTIC COOLING MX 2 (Just imported : Only 4 left) Wanted Arctic cooling mx2, couldnt get it including SMC, Nehru place so went ahead and bought this lot of 10 eBay India: GEB - 190389067931 - Lot=10 ARCTIC COOLING MX-2 CPU The (item 380339597523 end time 13-May-2011 22:40:22 IST) want to keep...
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    NVIDIA 8800 GT 512 Mb DDR 3 GALAXY

    SOLD .... Thread closed Dear friends for sale ... Galaxy Nvidia 8800 GT 512 mb ddr 3 card running great Thermal Mx applied picked up from a TE member 3 months back was looking for a sli card for my video mixing .. couldnt get .. a suitable so buying a new card ... This is up for sale card...
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    8800 gt

    wish to buy 8800 GT for SLI for my system .. about 2500 -2800 regards --- Updated Post - Automerged --- bump to the top --- Updated Post - Automerged --- bumping for the day
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    hi want to buy a athlon 64 with compatible mobo and ram for children desktop

    hi as requested need a good board and mobo with ram preferaably in warranty I have a spare video card so .. that would not be required and have HDD as well thanx send in offers ...
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    canon 550 D

    hello all as it says .. looking for a quick purchase under 40 k with lense so .. anybody .. who has it and looks to upgrade or sale .. please approach ..
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    WTB Hauppauge Win TV HVR 900 Input AV Cable

    Dear Friends , I have purchased a used Win TV HVR 900, this came without an input AV Cable and DVB antenna, anybody who has it, not using it, willing to sell it .. please contacct... thanks --- Updated Post - Automerged --- BUMP ...bbbbbb
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    Hercules DJ Controller MK II + Virtual DJ Edition

    Hello friends .. Up for sale is my Hercules DJC MK II & Legal VDJ edition ..... was imported ... from Germany .. used it over two years .. sparingly in parties .. hobbist DJ ....... Works like a Charm .. condition 9/10 functionality .. 10/10 with original packing cables and CDs ...... Only of...
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    Creative External SB Extigy 24Bit/96khz/100db snr / EAX HD/Dobly digital with optical

    Creative Ext SB Extigy 24Bit/96khz/100db/EAX HD/Doblydigital with optical & Dlink ADS Hi friends this is a piece i bought for my laptop when i was using a DJ rig for its awsome sound quality .... its a pleasure to hear it .. have the full imported set with software ... bought it for 150 USD...
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    HP Pavilion XF 125 lappy fully functional broken screen

    Dear Friends, Up for sale is my HP Pavilion XF 125, Duron 1 GHz, Upgraded 40 GB(original 20g), 384 mb ram, Upgraded DVD ROM(origional CD), Built in modem, Lan, Dead battery, Replacement adapter for sale. The screen broke after the laptop took a nasty fall three years back...
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    PC Peripherals Which Cabinet for SCSI swappable hdds

    Hello friends, I have two old server class hot swappable SCSI HDD with casing and UW SCSI controller card. I am using it with my present rig, M2N32 SLI Athlon 64 x2+ 6000, these are used in redundancy mode. Problem is I am unable to fit this contraption in a reguyal 5" bay...
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    Need Help Techies....

    Hello friends, I have a pavilion xf 125 Laptop with broken screen, it works with external, it has 512 mb ram 80 gb hdd 1.0 ghz amd procy. I need to install a os which will provide download capabilities, will be able to be administered by my home pc via wifi and access net via wifi with minimal...
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    New LG KF900 Prada II Unlocked Quadband 3G WiFi 3.0LCD Qwerty 5MP Camera TV-Out

    New LG KF900 Prada II Unlocked Quadband 3G WiFi 3.0LCD Qwerty 5MP TV-Out LG Prada II KF900- Simplicity and Elegant Design Purchased it from Dubai in Feb 2010 as a gift, broke up with the person so its gonna be with me ..... willing to sell at cost price 24,000 with all accessories and bill, no...
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    hello all

    hello frnds, i am relatively new here .. i joined te couple of days back .. and everything seemed to be fine. There were some changes and then i was unable to log on to market forum. Left a request for the mods but to no avail. any help greatly appreciated thanx...