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    Beware: Avast and AVG are officially snoopware!

    Even after disabling quite a lot of telemetry settings Windows 10 sends out a ton of stuff. I didn't even know about all of those until I started using piHole. This is the stats for a single day only. Xiaomi in my experience is no worse than Samsung going by pihole logs and comparing the...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Part and parcel of life when dealing with PC hardware. :(
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    A perk from Google ...

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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Whats the deal with these renewed products? Are these the exchanged models in case of mobiles or RMA'ed stuff?
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    Budget 0-20k Cabinet alternative to cooler master td500 mesh black or white.

    I check CPU temps mostly by Ryzen Master for Cinebench runs to check the high threshold for bursty high CPU loads. During gaming I use the overlay provided by MSI Afterburner+RTSS to display stats like GPU frequency,GPU temp, FPS, CPU temp etc.
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    What mobile audio solution would work best for me

    AFAIK most blueooth transmitters for mobile connect to the 3.5 mm jack which is a sore point in OP's case. I looked into those a while back for my AKG earphones and found a couple of Sony models with ANC to boot. I would suggest fixing the 3.5 mm jack for the Honor 8X or else you can go for the...
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    Budget 0-20k Buying Windows 10 for office PC

    You can get Windows 10 Pro keys for even cheaper from Ebay US. I have been running 3 PCs that way since Win 10 came out without any hassles. But keep in mind though I am using these PCs in a home setting and not as a office system.
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    Advice for buying a tablet- Surface Go or iPad Mini/Air

    Since you already own a laptop and the tablet will be used for content consumption mostly go for the iPad Air eyes closed. Surface Go is in its own twilight zone where its neither a good laptop nor a good tablet. The 46k model comes with a Pentium Gold CPU which is very anaemic for Windows...
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    Home Wifi solution

    I checked it and unfortunately R6350 is not on DD-WRT supported devices list .:( If you are hell bent on getting this router to work you can get a Raspberry Pi Zero W and set it up to handle your DNS requests via PiHole. Added...
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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Do you see a massive price difference between the RAM kits here and US? What kind of RAM are you looking to buy i.e. the size,frequency and latency you are looking for?
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    Home Wifi solution

    Theres a problem with recent Netgear firmwares I have seen where the router tries to act as a DNS server instead of forwarding it to the configured DNS server e.g. or ISP DNS server. Try to see if this issue occurs by checking as follows- 1) While connected to Netgear SSID/LAN with a...
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    Home Wifi solution

    Had a Netgear R7000 which died. Went for a Asus RT-AC68U with Merlin firmware and all is more or less good on my end. Will cost you around 10.5k.
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    Wireless Earphones under 5K (BassHead)

    The CX 6.0BT is my daily driver and I got a free Bullets 2 kit with the OnePlus 7T Pro I purchased last Monday after Samsung service center crapped out my Galaxy S9 while doing a battery replacement. I prefer the CX over the Bullets as I am a sucker for Sennheiser clarity. The Bullets trump the...
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    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut TIM is great!

    A bit off topic but I remembered OP has a 2700X. What the hell is AMD going to do in mobile? This might be even worse than what they did to Intel with Zen 2.
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    You see two or three rats in your house. As implied by an esteemed rando you deduce that by the factor of velocity the real number of rats in your house is at least 100. Then instead of calling a pest exterminator like a sane person you proceed to burn down your house to kill the rats and move...
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    Don't give in to trolling mate.... :cool:
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    Ideas for using GPUs originally bought for mining but not used.

    Let the Hunger Games Begin.......... :watching:
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    So we are going with random assertions withouty any study or semblance of any hard proof as to the number of 10 lakh crores ? LOL I would trust RBI data quite a bit more than the pie in the sky guesstimate by a cop who is not affiliated with RBI whose job is to track these metrics...
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    CPU/Mobo BIOS update query

    This is a problem with AMD kinda like Android back in the day. It is more powerful than Intel at the same price but not hassle free like Intel at all. I had a lot of issues running 3200 CL14 on 1.25V on a 3900X.
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    Delete Chrome entire history/cache/cookies etc. with simple clicks.

    @Futureized we know what you did last summer. :p