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    Gearbox Announces Borderlands 3 Its borderlands 3 and not halflife 3. ;)
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    Budget 90k+ booo's 2018 build

    Okay... Although I would like to think that I am know it all; I know I am not. which is the reason I am starting this thread. Its been a while and I havnt updated my pc just because I didnt need to. even today, I can play all the games that I have at ultra settings on my pc. but then, I always...
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    Apple maps is getting a major overhaul

    Apple Maps is getting a major overhaul, and the Bay Area will get to test it out first next week Personal opinion is that google maps has become a cancer. Waze is pretty much getting there too.
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    PSN account country BS

    This is just a rant. Last night I took out my PS4 and PS Vita out of boxes and turned them on. seems I forgot about them for a couple of years now. downloaded a bunch of updates etc... and then the controller's battery was dead and not recharging so bought a new controller. After all this, I...
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    9 Popular Password Manager Apps Found Leaking Your Secrets
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    Sennheiser GSX 1000 and 1200Pro 7.1 surround amplifiers

    Seems no one posted about this yet. Looks neat :)
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    Linux Project: Home entertainment on a single board computer

    Hi Guys! I wanted to do this for a long time but its is finally becoming a possibility now. So to begin with, I am planning to setup a home entertainment system using ODROID XU4. For those who dont know it, its a octa core exynos soc based single board computer. and here is the plan: The...
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    [Press Release] Sony’s RX100 IV and RX10 II Cameras

    New Compact RX100 IV and High-Zoom RX10 II Models Boast World’s First Stacked 1.0 type CMOS sensor with a DRAM memory chip, 40x Super Slow Motion Capture, 4K Video Shooting, High-speed Anti-Distortion Shutter and more NEW YORK, Jun. 10, 2015 – Sony – a worldwide leader in digital imaging...
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    Sony’s New α7R II Camera Delivers Innovative Imaging Experience

    Sony’s New α7R II Camera Delivers Innovative Imaging Experience with World’s First Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-Frame Sensor Sony’s Flagship Mirrorless Camera Features 42.4 MP Back-illuminated CMOS sensor, In-camera 5-axis Image Stabilization, Internal 4K Video Recording, Silent Shooting, Fast...
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    Intercontinental transport advice

    Okay, I put a really fancy thread name for courier advice I guess... Basically I need to transport/relocate my stuff. 1. Want it to be secure and undamaged since I want to transport my computer which would be around 60kg in few boxes. plus few more boxes if possible. 2. Should be slow. no...
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    Sharp not even joking, announces 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display with mind-blowing 806ppi pixel density

    Like it or not, 4K smartphone displays are heading towards us, and there's nobody left to stop them! After Samsung casually hinted at 4K AMOLED displays for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, Japanese purveyor of IGZO screens and border-less smartphones Sharp climbed on the stage to announce the...
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    Aiwa returns with the Exos-9 Bluetooth speaker

    Aiwa returns with the Exos-9 Bluetooth speaker After nine years in the wilderness, Aiwa is making a comeback with a new Bluetooth speaker, the Exos-9. The Exos-9 features NFC pairing and there's also USB charging for your smartphone or tablet. Aiwa claims a range of up to 50ft for Bluetooth...
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    Microsoft partners with Xiaomi to test upcoming Windows 10 OS on Mi 4 smartphones

    New Delhi: Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 is all set for the summer release and the software giant has partnered with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to help test the OS on its flagship smartphones. Microsoft announced that through a new Windows Insider program with Xiaomi, it is...
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    Samsung Publishes Galaxy S4 Lollipop Source Code

    Samsung Publishes Galaxy S4 Lollipop Source Code Samsung has published the Galaxy S4 i9505 Lollipop source code on its OpenSource website, opening up avenues for kernel developers to build custom kernels for the device. The code is available in the form of a 1.1GB zip file, and carries the...
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    Xiaomi takes on GoPro’s rugged cameras with $64 YiCamera

    Chinese technology startup Xiaomi today launched YiCamera, its rugged, sports GoPro-like video camera. Much like any other product by Xiaomi, the YiCamera also comes at an enticing price point, costing just RMB 399 (approximately $64, or Rs 4,000) compared to its alternative on GoPro Hero4...
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    HTC's One M9 is official

    It's time for another One — HTC has unveiled its latest flagship handset. And, as reports and leaks had suggested, the 2015 One M9 looks a lot like last year's M8. The design has barely changed beyond a relocated power button here and some refined lines there, and the screen is still a 5-inch...
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    Valve's VR headset is called the Vive and it's made by HTC

    HTC has just announced the Vive, a virtual reality headset developed in collaboration with Valve. It will be available to consumers later this year, with a developer edition coming out this spring. The company has promised to have a significant presence at the Game Developers Conference next...
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    DuckTales Is Coming Back—Yes, DuckTales!

    Everything old is new again, including DuckTales! Disney is bringing back the beloved cartoon starring Scoorge McDuck and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, and Donald Duck with a new series as part of Disney XD. "DuckTales has a special place in Disney's TV animation history, it drew its...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6 - Discussion thread

    The next galaxy will be launched at MWC this year and Samsung have released a teaser few days ago. Anyone liked it?
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    Camera [DIY] Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 50mm F2 - disassembly, lens clean, aperture clean

    Been doing some DIY lately since I got quite a few lenses which are very old and some of them have fungus. This particular lens was aquired from ebay and the owner mentioned that the lens is in prestine condition. but when I started learning and inspecting the lens, it had 3 problems. 1. sand in...