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  1. anubhav2345

    WTB Dell 130W AC Adaptor

    Hi people, I am looking for a Dell 130W AC Adaptor for my Dell Inspiron 7720 laptop. If anyone has one in spare and willing to sell, please inbox me with price, condition and pics. Regards
  2. anubhav2345

    WTB V-Moda Crossfade Wireless and UE TF10

    Hello all, Looking to buy a few stuff in audio. 1. V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones 2. Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 If someone has them in mint condition and willing to sell, then kindly contact me through PM.
  3. anubhav2345

    WTB Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 or IE8 oe IE80

    Looking for a pair of UE TF10 or Sennheiser IE80 or IE8. Any other High End IEM also welcome. Regards Anubhav
  4. anubhav2345

    FS: Mobile Brand New Sealed Blackberry Q5 *Red*

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: BlackBerry Q5 Expected Price: Rs 18000 /- Source and Time of Purchase: Is gifted to me. Will arrange the Bill from current date. So Buyer will have full 18 months warranty Reason for Sale: Not Using Blackberry. Happy with my Androids...
  5. anubhav2345

    WTB Ultimate ears Triplle fi 10 / TF10

    Hello everyone, I need to buy a pair of TF10 IEM's. Year back I had two pairs of TF10's, sold both on the forum itself as that time I had moved to headphones. Now need one pair again as currently need IEM's for mobile usage. Condition should be pristine and all accessories along with the box...
  6. anubhav2345

    WTB Want To Buy Note 2 / N 7100 / Note2

    Want to buy Note 2 Only looking for genuine phones from genuine sellers. Bill is a must. Condition should be scratch-less, new like. All box, bill and accessories should be available. Color - Titanium Grey preferred. White can still be considered. Contact Soon.
  7. anubhav2345

    WTB Audio Technica ATH-M50

    I am looking for a pair of ATH-M50. I have owned one earlier, sold off mine's in a haste. Now wish to have one again. Someone willing to sell do PM me your offers. -Thanks for looking.
  8. anubhav2345

    WTB 2GB DDR2 Laptop RAM

    Looking for RAM upgrade for my extra laptop. The CPU-Z figures show that it has two sticks of 1GB installed in each Slot 1 and Slot 2. I am willing to upgrade one of the 1GB stick to 2GB, as I am using Windows XP on it , so i guess a max of 3GB will be supported cause of OS. The CPU-Z...
  9. anubhav2345

    FS: Headphone JBL Tempo On Ear Headphone

    For sale is a pair of brand new unused JBL TEMPO On Ear Headphones. Item : JBL Tempo On Ear Headphone Product URL :- JBL Tempo On Ear Headphone | Headphone | Item Condition : 9.9/10 Reason For Sale : Knowing my audio hobby , A distant cousin brought these as a gift today. But...
  10. anubhav2345

    WTB Sennheiser HD650 / HD600 , Audio Technica ATH-M50 , Beyerdynamic DT 770/880 pro CANS

    Hello everyone. Posting this on behalf of a close friend. He is looking for a few cans , preferably open cans. Closed cans will be the second option. Can consider the following :- 1. Sennheiser HD650 / HD600 2. Beyerdynamic DT770 / DT 880 3. Audio technica ATH-M50 Can also consider other...
  11. anubhav2345

    FS: Home Audio Video Norge Concentro Gold 1000 *Almost New*

    For Sale is my Norge Amplifier which was purchased just few days back. Please find the details underneath :- Product Name : Norge Amplifier Concentro Gold Product URL : Date of Purchase : 24 August 2012 Date of starting using product : I got it delivered on 29th august. so...
  12. anubhav2345

    FS: Tablet Samsung Galaxy TAB P1000 *Quick Sale Preferred*

    For sale is my very less used SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P-1000. Please find the details underneath and take a chance to grab this TAB. Product Name: Samsung Galaxy TAB P-1000 Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges: Free . Shipping will be done via DTDC PLUS ( Next day...
  13. anubhav2345

    Graphic Cards Suggest Me a Graphics Card For HD video viewing

    Hello everyone, Today my long used Nvidia 8400GS has gone kaput. Its giving yellow lines all over the display, for now I have switched back to on-board graphics and the display is fine. ( Thanks god, the LCD is working absolutely fine ) Tried updating to newest drivers, removed the card, the...
  14. anubhav2345

    WTB Wharfedale Bookshelves and Yamaha/Marantz/Denon Amplifier OR similar options

    Friends I am looking out for nice bookshelves speakers and one powerful integrated amplifier to drive those. Anybody owing a 2.0 stereo setup and willing to upgrade, shall PM me. I am also ok with Floor standing speakers. Would prefer sales from DELHI/NCR area, as speakers and amp being heavy...
  15. anubhav2345

    FS: Headphone HiFi-MAN Headphone HE-300 *Audiophile Stuff *

    For sale are my beloved pair of headphones, which din't even get to see light of the day for long times. Please find the details underneath and take a chance to grab these amazing cans. Product Name: HiFi-MAN HE-300 Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL...
  16. anubhav2345

    Amkette Black Diamond Wireless Desktop * Rarely Used *

    For sale is the following product . Product name :- Amkette Black Diamond Wireless Desktop Product URL :- Black Diamond Wireless Desktop Buy Black Diamond Wireless Desktop - Wireless Desktop Combo - Amkette Product Condition :- 9 / 10 ( Very Rarely Used ) Bought on :- 11/05/2011 Warranty...
  17. anubhav2345

    Samsung Galaxy S2 * Mint Condition * + Extras

    Up for sale is few months old Samsung galaxy S2 . Product Name :- Samsung Galaxy S2 Bill Date :- 28 / 07 / 2011 ( Lets-buy purchased ) Warranty :- Valid till 27 / 08 / 2012 Reason for sale :- Bought iPhone 4S Bill / Purchase Invoice :- Yes , Available Product Condition :- 9.2/10 ( Almost...
  18. anubhav2345

    Core 2 Duo Processor

    Hi everyone , I am looking for a C2D processor for my Asus P5-KMPL AM/PS Mother board . Would like to prefer E8400 / E8200 model , but other Core 2 Duo's are also accepted . Kindly update me with your offers .
  19. anubhav2345

    A Few Top-Tier IEM's

    Hi everyone , I am willing to buy a few Top-Tier Iem's for my collection . Would prefer the following :- 1. Head-Direct RE-252 2. Head-Direct RE-262 3. Sennheiser - IE-8 / IE-7 4. JVC victor FX 700 5. Westone 3 6. Panasonic RP-HJE900 7. Ortofon e-Q7 8. EarSonics SM3 Kindly quote me prices...
  20. anubhav2345

    Micro SD Card 16GB , Class 4 / 6 / 10

    Looking for a microsd card size :- 16gb Brands preferred - kingston / transcend / Samsung / sandisk Class 4 / 6 / 10 PM me offers