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  1. chiragsthakur

    FS: Video Card ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

    Where do you stay in Mumbai? and from where did you purchase it?
  2. chiragsthakur

    FS: Video Card MSI GTX 750Ti 2GB

    Hi, is 750ti available?
  3. chiragsthakur

    [IC] Kaspersky Internet Security - 5 users - 2 years - Rs.576/- each

    I am looking to buy an internet security suite. I did search for Norton, but it is costly this time around. The best i could find is as written in title: Kaspersky Internet Security - 5 users - 2 years - Rs.576/- each Let me know if anyone is interested. Need 4 more users.
  4. chiragsthakur

    Norton Security Deluxe/Premium

    I will start one
  5. chiragsthakur


    @Kevin Lane Replied bro. Sorry. :) And thanks to Anderson for contacting me for this.
  6. chiragsthakur

    FS: Video Card ASUS STRIX-GTX960-DC2OC-2GD5

    Bought from Gujrat. Shipping for Kolkata? Any specific reason? Also pm me for final offer.
  7. chiragsthakur

    FS: Video Card MSi GTX760 2GB Gaming OC Edition

    @ALPHA17 pm me your final offer for the card and availability. One of my friend in Delhi needs a card and seems delhi to delhi transaction shouldnt be a problem
  8. chiragsthakur

    Black Friday 2016 deals in the USA

    Got a fx 6300 for 75$ from newegg using Amex card, which translates to approx Rs.5000/- . Here its about Rs.8000/- . A friend a carrying it to India, so a sweet deal indeed :)
  9. chiragsthakur

    FS: RAM 4 GB DDR3 RAM (corsair and kingston hyperx)

    Marking on RAM says 4gb one stick. @OP kindly mention the frequency of operation. Its 1333 mhz for Corsair and 1600 mhz for HyperX
  10. chiragsthakur


    All except Bhaskar have activated NSP. If you have any issues in those 1096 days do let me know.
  11. chiragsthakur

    Battlefield 1 (2016) - Discussion Thread

    90-130ms..not bad
  12. chiragsthakur

    Battlefield 1 (2016) - Discussion Thread

    2.2k from origin
  13. chiragsthakur

    Battlefield 1 (2016) - Discussion Thread

    Got BF1 yesterday, sweet black friday deal Origin ID : xXwinizwinXx and xXJustfkkillXx