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    FS: Tablet New iPad 2 16GB

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: ipad2 16GB, wifi Expected Price: 20999 with cover, PM to negotiate Time of Purchase: Gifted, unused Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Warranty till April2014 Reason for Sale: Not used Purchase Invoice Available:No...
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    FS: MP3 Player ipod Touch 8GB 4th Gen

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: ipod 4Gen 8GB Expected Price: 7000, PM to negotiate Time of Purchase: Gifted, unused Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Warranty till Nov 22,2013 Reason for Sale: Not used Purchase Invoice Available:No Product...
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    Help! Apple service being very unhelpful

    I have a mbp under warranty (almost over) It has been getting unusabley slow and laggy after a few weeks of use so was given to applecare All they do is format it and give it back (4 times the last few months alone) but the problem returns in a few weeks A ticket was opened with apple service...
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    Listen to me...

    New IEMs after a long time without music Who can identify it first?
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    WTB IEMs Preferably something analytical like RE0, SM3 Not bassy like TF10, RE252
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    Repairing a mac charger?

    Does anyone know where can I get a mac charger repaired...maybe somewhere on lamington? The end is frayed and needs some soldering and jacketing to fix
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    Sealed pack - RE262, open RE262

    I have 2 RE262's They retail for 150$+shipping One is brand new, never used, all accessories in the box 1 year warranty Selling for 7000+shipping Other is over a year old, no warranty, no accessories Selling for 5000+shipping PM me to negotiate pics:
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    Sealed pack - RE262

    Seems my first thread vanished... For sale, sealed pack RE262 Offer open for only a few days else Ill send it back to headdirect Retails for 150$ Selling for 7k+shipping with a year's warranty Pic of the box and print that came with it: imgur: the simple image sharer PM me
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    Sealed pack - RE262

    Brand new RE262 for sale Have not opened the pack yet Offer only open for the next few days else I will send it back Retails for 150$+shipping Im selling for 7k+shipping Pic: imgur: the simple image sharer
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    Does anyone have any IEM's for sale? Ive been using the RE0 for a long time and like its signature Did not like TF10s
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    Blocking SMSpam?

    Ive been getting lots of sms spam lately They come from senders like LMLIC, LMGlobus,TDsomehting, TAsomething..... When i try to blacklist them in handcent, other senders I want messages from also gets blacklisted Any way to can filter then out by name rather than number or actually get myself...
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    Hd 4870 - 512 mb

    My trusty 4870 for sale Purchased from newegg with no warranty remaining Worked perfectly till date Selling for 3.5k+shipping or 3.4 pickup Location: Mumbai/Powai Will include stuff that came with it like a crossfire cable, vga-dvi port PM to negotiate Can trade for a USB wifi dongle...
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    Iphone 4

    My roomie is selling an iphone 4 unlocked/jailbroken on 4.3.2 8H7 Condition like new About 3 months old from the US Buyer will need a turbosim or similar thingamajiggy No box or included accessories Scratchguard applied and heavyduty cover included Price : 27k Pics : ImageShack Album - 5 images...
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    PC Peripherals Mechanical keyboards

    My keyboard is falling apart so its time for a new keyboard It will mostly be used for gaming so I think black or brown switches will fit the requirements Any choices other than black widow available locally? Prefer clean keyboard rather than a dozen programmable keys and shenanigans...back...
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    Storage Solutions Suggest a 16/32gb pendrive

    As the title says, suggest a 16 or 32gb pendrive under 2k Good to excellent speed is last verbatim drive had a 30 read/15 write mbps rate
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    Connection freezes then floods

    I have a problem with my net connection ever since i switched to mtnl The connection may freeze anytime, the only way I get to know this is if the application stop updating (sudden stop in between chats, game clients freeze) then after a minute, all the pending data floods in as if it were stuck...
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    HTC Desire

    Looking to buy a Desire Thane/Mumbai sellers preferred PM me offers
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    Giveaway: Discount coupon for

    Bought a coupon for 70 bucks for this site and dont need it now, it sells electric blankets Coupon gives 700 off 2000 PM me if you want it
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    HTC Cruise/P3650

    HTC Cruise for sale About 2.5 years old Front and back protectors always applied, recently changed Pickup from bangalore or shipping paid by buyer Price 7k PM to negotiate Pics cruise pictures by nukeu666 - Photobucket
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    Touring Rajasthan...

    Sheru and I are touring Rajasthan from 21-30 Jan `11 Wondering if anyone else wants to join in... Bbay people can come with us and other's can meet up in rajasthan We will leave bbay on 21st afternoon, reach either Mt Abu or Udaipur on 22nd morning, travel to Jaisalmer/Khuri, Jaipur and return...