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    Laptops Dell XPS m1330 battery - Economical alternative?

    is there any economical alternative - cheaper batteries available for dell xps m1330 lappy? i am sure there are? can anyone suggest or share their earlier experience? original dell costs 5250 for 6 cell n 7250 for 9 cell..
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    Laptops dell m1330 xps card slot type help

    i need a firewire and usb extension for my m1330 xps.. my bro is in uk.. at i can get this card which is otherwise not available in india just like that.. i am confused which card config shall exactly fit in to my laptop.. i guess it should be expresscard 54.. anyone who has...
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    Laptops notepal X1 or infinite?

    infinite has - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 rpm speed options.. i have one already.. very happy with it, except the finish of the product could be better.. X1 has 750 - 1500 rpm speed options.. i can hear a lil noise in winters in delhi.. on 1000 rpm speed on my infinite... i guess 750 rpm should take...
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    Monitors want to turn LCD into TV without PC

    if i put an external tv tunner card and hook it to the lcd display.. cos i have got one spare display.. can i turn it into a TV without a PC hooked?? i guess there are TV tuner cards which can support this kind of functionality..?? please suggest which tv tuner external card shall support this...
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    PC Peripherals Viewsonic VX2433wm 24" - Your Opinion plz

    need to get 24" LCD monitor. Should i go for Dell or viewsonic. Well the question above is a bit vague.. I need it for graphic designing.. so hoz viewsonic's vx2433wm?? i heard it has font and color shift issues?? but its 13K... thanks
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    Laptops HP tx2 tablet: clean vista does not install

    its hp tablet tx2 1010ea version.. 4 gb ram, 2.1 dual core amd turion, 250 gb hdd, 12.1" screen apart from the hp recovery dvd, if i run independent vista home premium dvd for clean vista install, after the entire installation, it gets struck at the final stage which is "completing...
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    Laptops m1330 heat stroke

    waiting eagerly for delhi chilling winters as then i can use my dell xps m1130 as a room heater.. now this is called multi tasking.. after getting my mobo and heat sink changed once last year, my lappy gets sooo hot at almost all places.. it just does not discriminate when it comes to heating...
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    Laptops dell inspiron 14 or studio 14?

    new launch by dell india - inspiron 14 has great configuration options for cheaper price.. but it does not have HDMI and the studio finish and looks.. where as studio 14 does not have (as compared to inspiron) - 1. better proccy options 2. extra bucks for LED screen upgrade.. what would you...
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    Monitors Near Surface Computing: LCD TV vs Monitor

    for near surface computing - i need a bigger monitor. I have got 20.1" Viewsonic 2025wm. want to upgrade to 24" or higher. my query is - 1. can i or should i get a LCD TV, 32" may be, and use it as a monitor? how successful is this? wat r the pros & cons of a LCD TV as near PC monitor. 2...
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    PDA advice

    Bro in UK.. coming back soon.. gonna get from options - HP iPAQ 214 Pocket PC - Rs. 18,980/- Blackberry storm - shall get from india, vodafone.. - Rs. 27k HP iPAQ 914c Business Messenger - Rs. 19,710/- please suggest.. purpose - 1. accessing emails on move - through 3g...
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    Laptops laptop cooling pad

    i have got m1330.. need a cooling pad.. hoz belkin? if anyone has used? how much noise does its fan make? I know its usb powered.. may be i can use it with charging on.. or is there other good alternatives? thanks
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    Wireless~NCR~Plans~Coverage~Speed~DataTransfer~Pri ce

    Looking for a wireless substitute for my heavy internet requirements in Delhi. But nothing seems to come even close to what should be even a bare minimum ideal net speed provided by wireless internet providers in NCR n for that matter india wide.. opened this thread to address to this issue and...
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    PayPal Integration! How Safe?

    after not being able to know where exactly i should post this.. i choose to put this thread here.. mods please relocate this if you find more appropriate place for this query.. via paypal we can withdraw funds to our local indian banks.. 11 indian banks are listed at paypal for transfer.. i...
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    Laptops HP tx1301au or dell inspiron 1420, for bro(Bgt 50k)

    both the laptops are very different but please advice.. the laptop is for my bro, the choices in question are his.. Budget - 50k MAX.. good if its less than 45k.. hoz HP tablet tx1301au with turion 64X2 1.8ghz (2X512kb L2)??? i mean heat and screen quality/angles etc?? Hoz Dell inspiron...
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    PC Peripherals APC UPS or Inverter?

    apc guy says that their inverter shall also suffice my needs to run a complete rig i.e. amd x2 5000, 2 sata hdd 7200 rpm, 20" view sonic also another P4 - that is the server but without monitor.. also, it shall run a fan n tube light and can give a backup for around 1 hour the apc guy said...
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    PC Peripherals optical drive

    my sony dvd writer gave me immense problems since the day i bought it.. i got it even repaired under warranty.. but the same problems persisted even after repairs.. the tray does not open, it does not close, write fails.. i am fed up.. i want to buy a optical drive.. my mobo - asus M2NPV VM...
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    Laptops macbook - good choice?

    just while researching for a suitable small screen laptop, i saw macbook in a mall.. specs are - macbook specs i was originally thinking of Dell XPS M1330 which is going to cost me approximately same for the specs i would get in a Macbook (basic model) am somewhat planning to purchase. Specs...
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    CPU/Mobo suggest CPU for 18k

    [I]reason y am asking u guys for something which i should figure out my self first - my bro has agreed to pay for the rig(cos i am broke) and lest he changes his mind i want to give him the estimate asap :hap5: budget 20k max..(sorry it says 18k in the thread title) location - new delhi...
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    whois data info privacy

    ooops: mods please shift this thread to networking & internet... i accidentally managed to post it here.. sorry for the same.. i have couple of domain names registered.. but i did not opt for private registration.. now i got an email from my registrar that ICANN has given notice that every...
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    novice:which web programming language to learn?

    no background in programming.. want to invest my time in learning a web programming language.. need advices to choose one... languages on my list.. (order doesn't depict my preference of the language, just stating them randomly) 1. PHP 2. .NET family (ASP,ASP.NET later may be C#) 3. Java 4...