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    Graphic Cards Please Suggest a good AGP card arnd 5-6k !

    Hi buddies, i've been here after a long time..still it feels like home!! The culprit : My new job..:@ Well, it seems like i cud do with ur expert suggestions as i need to upgrade my graphic card...i cannot afford to go all out and get a new pci express system at the moment as performance wise...
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    Need information about good affordable ISPs in Mumbai

    Guys, my current dial up connection is causing me alot of trouble..:( I want to move up to broadband connection.. Can you pls name a few good service providers in mumbai and their initial installation charges and monthly charges etc.. I'll be requiring minimum 128 kbps speed(more is welcome)...
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    Kya aap CLOSE UP karte haainnnn ??

    So what do you think is the secret of my shiny white teeths.. Colgate dant manjan, Bandar chhaap dant manjan,Orbit white ya TIDE..safedi ki chamkaar?? :bleh::rofl::rofl::rofl: And what about you?? Kya aap Close up karte haainnn?? :bleh:
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    My creationz..your comments :P

    Hey guys, i made a few images in photoshop...thought i cud take a few comments from u all on these...:ohyeah: First one's Ash...'m currently doing 3Dsmax and maya from MAAC Andheri..damn my job leaves me only weekends for the classes..:( This one's done completely in photoshop from...
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    Your Favorite Cartoon Character Avatar Week!!

    Lol..even if you are all grown up kids, remember those ol' days with your favorite cartoons.. Me going in for Wile. E. Coyote from the Road Runner Show...Beep Beep! :ohyeah: :bleh:
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    Do you justify protests against Bush's visit to India?

    Do you justify the nationwide protests against Bush's (Dubya :P ) visit to india by the Muslim community, CPM/CPI etc. ? The Muslim community is coupling this visit along with the overblown rage against Dannish cartoons and the US led war against IRAQ, afghanistan... The Communists (CPM/CPI)...
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    Your favorite team for FIFA World Cup 2006 ?

    So which team are you going to stand by and cheer for in this year's Football World Cup? :ohyeah: My first preference wud be England..lots of my favorite players in the team..:) Second wud be The Netherlands..Solely because of Ruud Van Nistelrooy..also Roy Makaay and Van der saar.. Third...
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    Something mysterious is orbiting earth : Nasa !!

    Mystery Object Orbits Earth Something odd is circling our planet. It's small, perhaps only 60-ft long, and rotates once every minute or so. Amateur astronomer Bill Yeung first spotted the 16th magnitude speck of light on Sept. 3rd in the constellation Pisces. He named it J002E3. Automated...
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    Do you believe that Apollo moon mission was a hoax ?

    Guys, i have seen an interesting documentary aired on Fox News some time ago which proclaimed that the Apollo Moon mission was a hoax created by Nasa to fool the world. There have been ample evidences which suggest that it cud really be the biggest hoax in the world. Some evidences : 1. the...
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    The most distant man made object in space

    Its official, the Voyager 1 launched on September 5,1977 is the most distant man made object in space...its travelling away from the solar system at a speed of 17.2 km/s relative to the sun ie. 38,400 miles per hour!! It is more than 9 billion miles away from the sun as of January 2006. It was...
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    If not yourself, send your ashes to space!!

    Wonder how much junk we will have in space by the end of this century !! :P
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    Asteroid Apophis may impact earth in 2036 - Nasa

    During its close passage by the Earth on April 13 2029, it is possible (but improbable) that asteroid Apophis will pass through a keyhole leading to a collision in 2036. Recent concern has centered on how to evaluate the possibility of a collision in 2036 and take action, if necessary, to...
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    Google gets chat incorporated into email!

    Well, it seems google is riding high with innovative ideas...:ohyeah: after all no one thought of incorporating chat into their email service..I didnt use it as of yet though..did you guys use it?:)
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    Sites on never show up in search..

    I found it very annoying tht my sites hosted on never ever showed up on any of the search engines even after registering it on many of the search engines manually..i even tried to write the whole name of the site on google search but still the search engine said tht no such site...
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    Help me choose..MPx200 or E398?

    Guys, i'm in dilemma...i'd been to a Mobile shop here in Andheri yesterday to find out about the Moto E398 as it has been in my shopping list for quiet some time..simply because i am a music freak and the E398 has got one of the best features for the price of 9k...the speakers are awesome and...
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    What are you reading now?

    Well, time to brush up ur reading habits...So what are you reading nowadays? Me reading Stephen king's The shining and 3Dsmax Advanced lighting and shading tutorials pdf..:)
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    Anyone know of good guitar tutors in mumbai?

    Guys,among my new year's wretched resolutions was a real desire to do it right this time...yes, i wanna learn to play guitar like a pro..:ohyeah: So do you know of any good tutors here in mumbai who have been professional guitar players(like, for rock bands etc... though not exactly a must..)...
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    CPU/Mobo Any idea about the Asus A8n-VM CSM??

    Guys, my cousin wanna buy stuff for his new rig for CG work...we already had a discussion about this b4 in this section but now he has found this new mobo from Asus, A8n-vm Csm.. more info here.. Its an NVIDIA GeForce...
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    Hot Debate : Unicorn or Pulsar?

    Guys, for a change, lets get to our second most favourite topic after computers..gals?? naah..:hap5: bikes... So which is a better bike according to you, The Honda Unicorn or the Pulsar 150 DTSI ?? And why.. Edit: Mods, can u pls enter a poll wid the following choices: Honda Unicorn Bajaj...
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    Brand new Asus WiFi-b wireless LAN card for sale

    Guys, i got a WiFi-b wireless LAN card along wid my Asus P4p800 Deluxe mobo a year back...the lan card is lying there in its box untouched and unused... i cannot setup a wifi lan in my home as the other pc tht belongs to my sis is from the paleolithic age and thus the card is of no use to me...