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  1. challapradyumna

    Laptops USB Ports not working

    The ports are shown as working in device manager but when i connect , mouse or a pendrive nothing works .Not even power is coming out of the ports .
  2. challapradyumna

    Audio Ultra Portable Over the ear headphones

    I have been using the ATH Sj11 since last 8 months and a few days back there was a loose connection near the pin . Looking to buy something similar . The only other headphone that can be folded that i found is Sony MDR ZX110 . Are there any other options ? Any other inputs would be helpful ...
  3. challapradyumna

    Programming USB Devices

    There are cheap infrared and light sensors on the market . I got interested in using them but do not know where to start . If any one has worked in this line could show me some pointers where to start . Thanks .
  4. challapradyumna

    WTB IEM around 1k

    Location preference : Bangalore . IEM around 1k
  5. challapradyumna

    Mac OS Mac Keyboard shortcuts Help

    In windows when we press tab we go to the next selectable thing on in the window . How to do that in MAC ? . How to snap windows to left and right ? . I have read some migration to mac guides . Feel free to post any useful things when migrating to MAC .
  6. challapradyumna

    Windows 7 BSOD - 0x0000007F

    I was installing a game yesterday and suddenly all the GUI stopped responding to any mouse clicks . The mouse was working . After a few seconds it BSODed . It does not boot up now . Every time i start the laptop it says the 0x0000007F error . The Repair thing also gave up and said it cannot...
  7. challapradyumna

    X11 in iOS

    Is there a way to use x11 data and draw that in iOS app ? I don't know if that makes sense or not but that is what i have to do . Any pointers/Links to anything related to x11 protocol or any thing related to solve the problem is appreciated . VNC is not an option .
  8. challapradyumna

    How does the economic system work?

    How does the stock market work ? Why is that 1 USD = 60 Rupees . What changes can affect it ?
  9. challapradyumna

    Recording with Dxtory .

    I generally get 25-30 fps in BF:BC2 at 1920x1080 . I recorded 5 minutes of gameplay with default Dxtory codec the recorded file is 18Gb but i did not see any drop in FPS while playing . Then i installed X264 Codec and recorded, it was taking around 10MB for 20 Sec video which is very less but i...
  10. challapradyumna

    Android Updating nexus 4

    I have rooted the phone but did not install any custom ROM . Can I install the automatic system update ? . do I have to root again after the update?Updated the phone anyway . Lost Root . Checked it through root checker app.
  11. challapradyumna

    Android Nexus 4 Wifi Not Detecting

    Just got my Nexus 4 and it is not detecting any wifi networks . My other devices can connect to the network but Nexus cannot even detect the network . Other wifi apps are showing the network but still cannot connecting to the network . Any solutions?
  12. challapradyumna

    WTB Phone Around 15k

    Screen 4+ Inch (Looking for a 4.7 to be exact). Budget -/+ 15k . Any good offers on Nexus 4 also considered :D
  13. challapradyumna

    Open Web Standards?

    What are the standards for developing a web application ? XMPP - Realtime Communications OAuth - Authentication Openid - Authentication Are there other standards?
  14. challapradyumna

    WTB Backlit Keyboard

    Backlit Keyboard Under 2k.
  15. challapradyumna

    RPG Game inside an excel spreadsheet

    Key Features Random enemies: Over 2000 possible enemies with different AI abilities. Random items: 39 item modifiers result in over 1000 possible item combinations and attributes. An interesting story with 4 different endings depending on how the player has played the game. 8 boss encounters...
  16. challapradyumna

    Linux Linux Channels On Youtube

    Are there any channels on youtube that posts videos on linux ?
  17. challapradyumna

    Storage Solutions IDE stopped working

    It was working fine till yesterday but today when i switch on the computer it was not detected. Checked all the connections and re-connected the drive . When i power on the system it gives a single short screeching sound where it seemes to read something . Any help is appreciated .
  18. challapradyumna

    Skype Illegal in india .

    A few days ago BSNL launched video calling services in india at the price of 2.5 rs/min and Unlimited for Rs.2200 . the central government is now re-examining the legality of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) features offered by Microsoft’s Skype and Google. Business Line : Industry &...
  19. challapradyumna

    How to Use 4chan??

    This may be retarded but Can anyone explain me how to use 4chan . Some how i ended up at 4chan but it was very confusing . Clicked a few links but i was lost . Eventually gave up . - - - Updated - - -
  20. challapradyumna

    A New Social Network

    What more features would you like from current social networking sites ?