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    Android Samsung s8 plus screen replacement?

    Anyone has idea on screen replacement for Samsung s8 plus? Cost?
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    Budget 71-90K 8th Gen i7 touch screen laptop?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a laptop with the following configuration... I7 8th generation, 16gb RAM, 13-15 inch touch screen. Budget around 1L. I see only dell india listed inspiron 13 7373 and xps 13. But xps price is way out of my budget. How is the inspiron model? Is the xps model...
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    Ethernet printer to Wifi printer?

    Hi guys, I've old HP printer(LaserJet 2420) which has ethernet support (RJ45) and USB port as well. Is there a way to connect this to my wifi router? Since router is located in different room and printer will be in different room, i cannot run ethernet cable. So physical connection is not...
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    Porter service in Chennai airport?

    Anyone used porter service in Chennai airport? Need help in carrying luggage from international arrival to domestic departure. I couldn't find any information on porter service in net... Are they easily accessible in baggage claim/belt area?
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    IT/form 16 returns acknowledgement for people residing out of country?

    Our office consultant usually do the IT returns online and give me the hardcopy which I need to sign and send to the IT office via normal post. This year I'm in out of country, So sending the hard copy is too much from here. Is it really required? Why this is needed? I know lots of TE'ens are...
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    EPF is 12% of basic or 12% of 6500?

    Guys i need help here... I know EPF is deducted on 12% of actual basic and some companies deduct 12% of restricted basic, which is Rs.6500. Apart from these, employer also has similar contribution which includes EPS and other stuffs. Now my question is, Is there rule/law says, In a...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 4 months old in Excellent condition

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, Pepple Blue color Expected Price: Rs 27000 Shipping charges - No shipping... only to BLR or MDU(TN) buyers Manufacturer page/GSM ARENA URL: Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III - Full phone specifications Description if any: In excellent condition, always used...
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    Two laptops required (60K and 35K limit)

    Please answer the following questions for others to help you out better. What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) Two laptops required,one for 60K max and another one for 35K max What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (e.g. web surfing/office...
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    HP TouchPad 16GB Sealed Pack

    Finally i've decided to sell one of my HP touchpad 16GB which i got during recent fire sale. It is brand new sealed pack, has not removed the seal yet. Reason for selling: Need cash :P Price: Rs 12,500 /- Payment term: Cash or online bank transfer Item location : Bangalore Shipping...
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    Help required from fellow mumbaians :)

    Hi guys, My nephew is studying in TS Rahman training institute, nhava village, panvel (campus). Now he wants a laptop and im planning to buy it from, but im not sure whether they will deliver over there. On top that we want to spend around 15K for the laptop, since for him its...
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    T.S.Rahman, Nhava route help?

    Hi guys, My brother visiting to T.S. Rahaman campus, Nhava for our nephew admission. He is starting from chennai on monday morning through flight and need the route guide from airport to that campus. What is the mode of transport from airport to that place? He prefers train, is it available...
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    Lasik/zyoptix surgery?

    I'm planning to do lasik, but doing google gives lot of negative results :( So i'm confused now... whether to do or not? Any one here have done in past or your friends, please give your feedbacks/ideas/advices, thanks!
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    Laptops MSI CR620 @ 31900 net

    Just to share information here, so it might be helpful for who ever interested in this specs. My friend bought MSI CR620(as per my recommendation:hap2:) in SP road@ blue chip corporation for 31900 /net. I hope this is a good deal:ohyeah:
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    Laptops Studio 15 with i7???

    Y'day i've placed the order for studio 15(customized with P8700) through Dell online. Today the dell rep called and informed studio 15 is not available now and studio 15 with i7 available right now. Is it wise to go studio 15 with i7? there wont be any issues like heating, BSOD...? Or is there...
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    Laptops Best of these deals

    Guys im planning to buy new laptop and looking for some EMI offers and found the following 3 deals from futurebazaar... Please tell me which is best of these? Liberation Zone,HP Pavilion dv6-1256TX Laptop - Liberation Zone,Dell Studio 14 Laptop - Liberation Zone,Dell Studio 15 Laptop - Thanks:)