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    Budget 41-50k laptop to run a 4k monitor

    Hi, My old windows laptop is dying. Screen tear , super slow, etc Which is the laptop. My only requirement is it shoud run on 4k all day at 4k resolution doing lot of multitasking. Thanks
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    Laptops Macbook pro touchbar model dead

    Hi, Yesterday al of a sudden my macbook pro 2016 model did'nt swich on. It was completely dead. Service centre is saying the motherboard has to be replaced after running some basic tests. They are saying it will cost 60k inr. wow. Is there any other way to get it to work again for a cheaper...
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    Monitors Shiny new macbook pro to samsung 4k display screen flickering issue.. Help !!

    Hi, I have bought the macbook pro 15-inch with 4gb graphic card and have samsung UE590 series 4k monitor ( has HDMI & display port). I bought a usb-c to display port cable ( ppl have used it to connect macbooks with their 4k monitors and are getting 60hz in the reviews). When I connect , the...
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    40 degree room temperature & want a cold water bath

    Hi, I'm staying in tamilnadu and the temperature here is 40 degrees. As a result even the cold water tap in the bathroom is hot. I would like nothing more than to take a cold water bath in the afternoon. How do I turn warm water into icy cold water as fast as possible? I can only think of adding...
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    Monitors Want to run external 4k display at 60hz

    Hi, I have a samsung 27-inch 4k monitor which has a HDMI (1.2) and display port (1.3) I think. I use a HDMI cable and get 4k @ 30hz . I want to use the display port. But very little laptops have this port. I'm going to buy the new xps 15 or the latest macbook pro 15 . XPS still has HDMI 1.2...
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    Laptops 2016 Apple Macbook pro accessories

    Hi guys, I'm creating this thread for people who are looking to buy the 2016 Macbook pro 13-inch or 15-inch model. The goal of this thread is for us to discuss various accessories and anything else regarding the new Macbook. I have decided to buy the 15-inch Macbook pro...
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    Mac OS Hackintosh . Help for 1st time user

    Hi, Using a Lenovo laptop and am thinking about buying the latest 15-inch macbook pro. Before I make the switch , I want to use mac OS Sierra and see if I really like it and is suitable and compatible with every application I want to use. Lenovo Z50 laptop specs : CPU Intel Core i5 @...
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    Monitors Want to know if my Asus laptop is compatible with samsung 4k monitor

    Hi, I'm going to buy the Samsung LU28E590DS/XL 28-inch 4k monitor . I'm using a Asus ROG Series G751JL-T3024P . It has a HDMI and thunderbolt port. I'm not able to find the HDMI port version. Not sure if the thunderbolt port can support 4k resolution. Monitor does'nt have thunderbolt port...
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    Budget 90k+ Buying a XPS 15 laptop from

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a Dell XPS 15 9550 from for 2000$ approx. This 15-inch XPS is not available in India. It says " free shipping" and ships to India. I want to know if there will be any customs or any other taxes / charges. Thanks. PS : From which country can I get...
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    Budget 90k+ Laptop to support 4K external display

    Hi, What's your Budget? <1L hopefully . Can stretch it if I find it to be worth it. What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? decent work ( not too heavy , not too light) What size and weight considerations do you have? 14-inch + , lighter the better Any brand that you prefer, or...
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    Storage Solutions SSD not getting detected. Lenovo Z50 laptop

    Hi, Using 128gb SSD Vertex 4 which I bought in 2013. Used it in my desktop and replaced my laptop's HDD late 2014. Was working fine and now I'm getting error when it starts " media cable not detected" In the BIOS it says HDD not detected. Tried removing and putting back the SSD (incase loose...
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    Laptops Need help : Laptop dead slow suddenly after connecting monitor

    Hi, I have been using Lenovo Z50 laptop for 6 months now and replaced it with 126gb SSD as soon as I bought it. Everything was working super fast and smooth. I have also connected a 24-inch Dell U2412 and have used it for 2-3 months now , fast and smooth. Today I connected my new Samsung 27-inch...
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    Laptop wifi getting disconnected often

    Hi, I'm using a lenovo Z50 running windows 7 . I have an airtel broad band , tata photon and an airtel 4g wifi hotspot and the internet get disconnected often for all 3 . It works fine for other users in my home . What do i do? I get no internet access when connected to the network and it start...
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    FS: Headphone Shure SE215

    [/url] [/IMG] Hi, Sealed earphones. Have original bill with packing colour : clear
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    FS: Laptop Sealed 2015 Apple Macbook Air 11-inch with original bill

    [/url] [/IMG Hi The item is in 100% same condition as you would get it in any apple store. Packing with the laminated seal untouched. Have the original bill with apple warranty mentioned in the bill dated 23rd Nov 2015 Config : i-5 (5th gen) 11-inch ( can support upto 4k in exernal...
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    Budget 51-70k Is Macbook Air good enough to run 10-15hrs/day with 4k display?

    Hi, I'm going to buy a 4k display from Samsung and noticed the macbook air can support it . The 13-inch also has 13 hr battery life . My question is if I connect a 4k display and use the air as my normal PC for office work (multitasking) , for 10-15hrs a day , will it perform smoothly or will...
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    Audio Shure SE215 (7k) and Soundmagic ES18 (700 bucks) sounds similar ??

    Hi, I was using SM ES18 till now and bought SHURE SE215 today . I used it with my OnePllus mobile and google music app . Listened to the same songs and it sounds exactly the same ?? Is there anything I should tune or know about? I usually download songs and save it my mp3 format. Is there any...
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    Audio What earphone to buy in the 5k range?

    Hi , Looking to buy an earphones that can be used with my OneplusOne and ipad mini2 and ipod shuffle Budget : 5k range Want it to be comfortable to use for long hours and also good fit that won't come out or fall easily I will be using it at work , while riding bike and at the gym. Want it to...
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    FS: Mobile Nexus 5 (needs motherboard replacement)+ original accessories

    Hi guys, This phone needs motherboard replacement to make it work again ( as per the service center guys). New one will cost 8.5k to be replaced and will come with warranty. If you can find an old one from other nexus5 phones , you can make it work at a much cheaper price. I have all the...
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    Budget 0-20k laptop for basic use

    Hi, What's your Budget? <20k cheaper , the better What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Browsing / Mail ( 2-3 times/week) What size and weight considerations do you have? 14-inch or more and lightweight Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? none Any...