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    FS: Games Collection of PS3 Games (KZ3, UC 1&2, LA Noire, GT5, GOW 3, GOW C2)

    Hey, I sold my PS3 and am looking to unload the games that I had left over in my collection. They're in mint condition, with a few scratches on the box. The disks are as good as new. The games are as follows: 1. UC:1 - 449 (Sold on another forum) 2. UC:2 - 499 (Sold on another forum) 3. GOW...
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    FS: Networking TP-Link MR3420 - 3G Wireless Router with Warranty & Huwei UMG 1831 3G Data Card

    Hey guys, got a couple of items for sale. Have a look and let me know if it tickles your fancy! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Huawei UMG 1831 3G Data Card (21.1MBPS) Brand New Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Modem 21.6Mbps (HSPA+) | eBay Expected Price: Rs 1,499/- SHIPPED! Time of Purchase...
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    FS: Mobile Blackberry Bold 4 (9900) - 14 Months Warranty - RMA'D 45 Days Ago - Near Mint

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:BOLD 4 Expected Price: 20,999/- Time of Purchase: 24th Feb 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes - 14 Months Reason for Sale: Upgrading to 4S Purchase Invoice Available:YES Product Condition...
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    FS: Laptop Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" Unibody - MB470LL/A - AppleCare Warranty - Near MINT!

    Hey, Up for sale is a 2 year old Macbook Pro 15.4" Unibody (MB470LL/A), served me really well. It's got Apple Care warranty up until 14th October 2012 on it. I'm selling it because I want to buy the new 13.3" MBP. This laptop cost me 1,04,000 when I picked it up. AN MBP with a dedicated GFX in...
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    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Black - 9,999 INR

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB (Black) - Software Unlocked iOS 4.1 Expected Price: Rs 9,999/- Time of Purchase: Around Nov or Dec 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No (Will Provide 7 days of testing warranty to...
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    1.5T Split Unit A/C - 5 Star Rating - Which one?

    Hey guys, I'm on the verge of purchasing a Plasma TV and was planning on picking up an air conditioner for my bedroom at the same time, figured I could cash in on the extra discount. My room dimensions are 16'6" (L) x 9' (W) x 9'3" (H) According to my calculations, I need a 1.5T Split Unit...
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    Zagg InvisibleShield (Full Body) for iPhone 3GS & Playstation EYE (NEW)

    As the title states, I want to sell the following items: 1. Playstation Eye (Brand New) Got it bundled with the PS3 Console - have 2 of them, so I'm selling off the one I'm not using. It's just the PS Eye, the move controller is not included. It's Brand New. Expected Price: SOLD to Mithun...
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    PS3 Slim 320GB - Brand New - FW 3.50

    Hey guys, Selling my Brand New PS3 Slim 320GB with FW 3.50 (Yup, you know what that means!). In a state of haste and confusion, my brother and I ended up buying 1 system each. I ordered it online, and the bill date is 14th June, I received it 5 days later, plugged it in, tested out a game on...
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    Huwaei UMG1831 - 2,899/- SHIPPED!

    Hey guys, Found this deal for the UMG1831 for 2,899/- SHIPPED! Considering the scarcity of the piece and it's inflated price in the Market, I figured I'd share this link with y'all. I ordered it yesterday evening and the seller shipped it out yesterday itself through DTDC. Without further...
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    PS3 Games

    Hey, looking for the following PS3 games: 1. Batman: AA 2. GoW 3 3. Infamous 1/2 4. Ridge Racer Looking for a good, fast deal. Local sellers preferred. Thanks!
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    USB WiFi-G Adapter

    Looking for a USB WiFi-G Adapter. HAS to be of a well known brand (Belkin, Asus, Netgear, etc.), preferably under warranty. Require one urgently 'cause the WiFi on my MBP died - can't get it fixed for another month. Budget: 300-350 IRS (Shipped) Thanks!
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    March Madnes - Apple, BenQ, Liteon, Sony, Zagg

    Got a few items up for sale / giveaways. None of the items carry any warranty - DOA Warranty applicable. 1. Original Sony W Series Charger, Manual & Installation CD My camera was stolen - figured someone can pay a small price and get themselves a second/travel charger. Condition: 9/10 Price...
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    Cisco Flip UltraHD - 8GB - Black - Brand NEW

    Selling off a Flip UltraHD that I got as a gift. The details are as follows: Product: Cisco Flip UltraHD (8GB - 2 Hour Recording) Condition: Brand NEW (Without box) Place of Purchase: U.S.A Reason for Sale: Unwanted gift Warranty: As applicable with products purchased from the States. Location...
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    Laptops Laptop Repair in Mumbai

    Well, my white Macbook has some issues with the mobo. Apple wants a LOT of money to try and fix it, not really worth investing that much. Was wondering if anyone has a "repair guy" in Mumbai who might be able to give it a look. Someone trustworthy and reliable would be better than cheap and...
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    ALL existing Apple iOS Devices PERMA-Jailbreakable!

    Source - How cool is that? Not only is there a jailbreak coming out for 4.1, but all existing devices are now perma-hackable 'cause the "loop hole" is hardware related, and can't be patched.
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    Zagg InvisiShield (Front Cover) & Headset for iPhone 3GS / BenQ DVD-RW & Liteon CD-RW

    The following items are up for sale: • Product Name: Zagg InvisibleShield for iPhone 3GS – Front Cover • Expected Price: Rs 750/- (Shipped) • Reason for Sale: Ordered an extra for a friend, he went with a BB. Now I’m stuck with this. • Product Condition: Brand new, never been...
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    Uncommon Capsule - iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch Back Covers!

    Hey guys, there are some FANTASTIC cases up on the website, beautiful prints, pristine quality. The best thing is, we can use one of our own images to customize the case, and they print it and deliver it to us. Check it out @: Uncommon Each case is priced at a mere $39.95 Now, the reason...
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    AC Charger/Adapter for PHAT Sony PSP!

    I've misplaced my PSP Charger at home, somewhere. I'm looking for an AC Adapter/Charger (Some people tend to have extras). My conditions are as follows: 1. HAS to be SONY Original - If I wanted a fake, I'd get it from the market. 2. Can be new or used, but shouldn't have been repaired at any...
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    Digicam Query

    After having misplaced 2x Camera's on set, I've decided to finally take the plunge and purchase a new one. I've lost an el-cheapo BenQ & and Sony W-80 (Relatively new considering I JUST started using it 6 months back). Anyway, the issue at hand isn't what model to opt for, but how to find the...
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    PC Peripherals Need help customizing a 15K Rig!

    Hey, I want to start casual PC gaming and thus am looking for some help customizing the following components: Proc & Mobo (Wouldn't mind something that can be overclocked a bit) RAM - 4GB DDR2 GFX - HDD - WD640AKS PSU & Casing - I've already got a Logitech KB & Mouse, APC UPS, NuForce NE-7's...