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    Audio Mobile 4g signal booster in the basement

    Hi I want to boost signal in my basement for mobile network as I miss a lot of calls Is there some gadget or device which can help do that? Any links and personal experience would be greatly appreciated
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    FS: Others Denon AVR X-500

    Price drop to 15000 now - It is as good as new and there is no problem. - I will provide the original remote. Remote is something which is not working properly for a few keys and I have switched to a Universal remote. You can buy a replacement from amazon or buy the universal remote (400-500)...
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    FS: Others Dell Inspiron 3521 with touchscreen for sale

    Price drop to 22000 For sale is my touchscreen Dell inspiron 3521 laptop with touch screen. - Touch Screen has been protected with screenguard from day 1 - It is in perfect working condition - Keyboard, body, touchpad, screen everything is without scratches - I have the original charger and...
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    Video 65 inch VU Android Premium TV for PS4 PRO HDR 10 4k

    Hi I am planning to buy (65-OA) VU TV to play my ps4 pro games. I know it is an 8 bit panel and not true 10 bit. However, in my budget of around 70k I am prioritizing size. My fear is if this TV would support HDR 4k on my ps4 pro or not. I have seen the specs and it does show HDCP 2.2...
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    Innovative and interesting products from aliexpress

    Hi I have recently started shopping at aliexpress, Gearbest etc. One of the things I really liked was the array of creative innovative items that are available there from a plethora of sellers. I am sure many of you are using similar sites to buy these super interesting products. Opening...
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    FS: Headphone Sony MDR V6 for sale [Need repair]

    Hi I have my trustworthy Sony mdr v6 up for sale. It is 3 to 4 years old bought from I had replaced the ear pads with the beyer dynamic earpads Those who have used these or know about these know how sturdy and easily repairable these headphones are. One side had stopped working...
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    Need less than 10 inch hdmi input display

    Hi I need a display monitor or tablet less than 10 inch for viewing my cctv... The only requirement is an hdmi input. I am not sure where to get it and what to buy. Any ideas would be helpful Thanks in advance
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    FS: Others Amazon USA gift cards - Email Only

    Expected Price: Min $25 Denomination - Any other denomination possible No Extra charges (Standard USD to INR Rates of the day) 5% Discount for $100+ Orders (No Max) I'll send you the Gift Card to your email. Payment Options: UPI, IMPS The trade will be straightforward... you will give me...
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    Advice on buying good laptop backpack

    Hi I am looking to buy a good backpack from paytm sale for my 17 in laptop.. However I am not able to find lot of good backpack brands… Can you please suggest some good brands which I can look at I am looking to buy something around 1k to 1.5k after the 50 percent discount which is generally...
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    FS: Others Dbrand Moto X Style Front & Back Skins

    Hi I am selling Brand New Dbrand skins for Moto X Style/Pure which i had purchased for my mobile. However since i have sold my mobile I dont need it now. Item is brand new and sealed never used. Looking for local deals in Bangalore only. For more details see...
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    Budget 51-70k PC for AutoCAD

    Hi I need to help put together a PC for my relative in the 50-70k budget. Budget is slightly flexible The specific requirements are to run AutoCAD Solidworks Sketchup Adobe Illustrator and that the PC should be 'very speedy'. Want to buy a monitor as well. As I have pretty much no idea about...
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    Budget 5-10K Biggest screen android phone

    Hi Not able to get the form so copy pasting and putting the relevant info: Questions:- 1. Budget? A: INR 9k-12k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: As big as possible , any type 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc). A: Android Only...
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    Audio What headphones are these? Which is better?

    I have only one pic each and am a noob in audio...idea is i can get one of these as a gift...which one to take... any ideas which is the better? which one is the first headphone (company/model)?? Mostly both of them are wireless..that is 1 clue i have Headphone 1: Headphone 2:
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    FS: Mobile [Sold]Brand New Sealed Redmi Note 3 (Gold, 16GB)

    I am putting up for sale a sealed Redmi Note 3 (Gold, 16 GB) delivered today. Pics Attached. Bought from Amazon. Full 1 Year Warranty Left. Location: Bangalore Mahadevpura No Lowballing. I and everyone else already know about the sales etc. so if you are getting a cheaper one please go for...
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    Audio Independent sound and video output from tata sky hd box

    Hi I have a spare Dell U2311H lying around which i wanted to set up as a tv monitor in my parents' room ( Unfortunately it only has a DVI port and no HDMI. Based on my knowledge and experience it can carry only video and no audio. I have a HDMI...
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    Laptops <Urgent>Suggestion for chromebook under $200

    Hi I am planning to get a chromebook for my father. He needs it mostly for browsing websites etc so chromebook would be ideal. Not looking for anything in particular just overall well performing and hopefully with tested reviews from some of you. I will get it from a friend in US who comes back...
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    FS: Headphone [SOLD]Brand new waterproof Altec Lansing Bluetooth earphones for 1200

    Hi Looking to sell these bluetooth earphones bought from Amazon on 28 Jul'16. Bought it to use for gym. Works with both android and ios devices. Price 1200 now Altec Lansing MZW100 Bluetooth Headphones (Blue) Features Altec MZW100 stereo earphone is IP67 Waterproof / everything...
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    Android Flashing CM on Redmi Note Prime

    Hi I want to flash Cyanogenmod or vanilla android to my Redmi note prime bought from amazon. I have flashed Roms and am generally familiar with it as i did it a lot on my N7000. However the problem is i am not able to locate the resources required for my particular model to get CWM/TWRP or the...
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    Audio Running earphone around 1.5k

    Hi I am looking to buy a earphone (not headphone) with controls for play/pause. I use Android only. Could you please suggest some tried and tested options. Things would like to keep in mind: 1. Service centers in Bangalore 2. Sound is okay..i am not an audiophile and mostly will use it while...
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    WTB Android Phone under 5k

    Open to any good android phones .... Preferable 1. In Bangalore 2. No rooting etc 3. Running Android 5.0 + 4. Under INR 5,000 Please let me know if you require any other details... Planning to look for this for 2-3 weeks else will buy a new Redmi 2 Prime...