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    Budget 5-10K Phone for senior citizen

    Hi Need a phone for a senior citizen who is 100% computer illiterate but loves a good screen and a comfortable interface. She was using my hand-me-down N85 till it stopped charging and the back cover broke. Though we are getting the phone fixed, it may not be possible to fully revive it. After...
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    Unpatchable USB malware, 1.0

    Wonder why nobody picked on the biggest topic over the last few days? Seriously hope this is the beginning of the end of the slow, buggy, virus-prone and unreliable USB interface. Wait, there's worse.... Moving firmware...
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    Audio DIY Active Monitors

    Here are a few pictures of my new active monitors. These are using a 6" Kevlar midbass unit coupled to a low resonance soft dome tweeter. Both drive units are sourced from Peerless India and The project was started because I want to start recording again, having no job and...
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    FS: Others Cranky's Curiosities

    Cranky's curious sale, Calcutta only, no shipping. Never. No PMs asking for shipping, please. I don't want to be rude. Up for sale is a bunch of junk extremely useful stuff that I've collected over the years. I don't need all of these things anymore and am clearing out the attic. As you can...
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    Electronic Retards
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    Mobile computing options: Opinions?

    Warning: long post! This is a question on opinions about mobile computing and touches upon and concerns laptops, tablets and mobile phones in some way. Till about the first few months of 2012 I was content to use just a desktop computer or three for all my needs - a gaming PC, a Browsing PC...
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    WTB Watercooling tubing

    In case you have excess stock, need about 15ft (ideally single length, in any case no lengths below 2') of tygon/PVC tubing, ID 1/2" OD not critical. Need products to be shipped to Calcutta/located in Calcutta. PM with details :)
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    OC & Modding Lo-Ki build log

    This is a project build log for my watercooled PC. I left this in draft mode for a while and have added stuff over a few weeks while this thing traded blows with my daytime responsibilities. Here it is. I started planning a new rig in November last year. I have suffered from an overdose of PCs...
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    Review : Asus Xonar Essence ST

    The Asus Essence ST is the best stereo PCI card that Asus sells. Frankly the name is a bit odd, given what else is called ST. However, we shall not judge them for the unfortunate choice. Let's hope that is the only bad one they made. So, how does it perform? As far as all reviews seem to say...
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    PC overhaul

    I am simplifying my desktop operations, having recently moved to an ATOM-based rig for my 24x7 needs. My earlier desktop had two systems, one relatively light on power (integrated graphics) for 24x7 use but quick enough for browsing and the occasional heavier desktop task (say - recording music...
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    Server OS

    So I need a small home server. It needs to absolutely support NTFS read write, so not every flavor of Linux will work well or at all. It should be able to act as a router. There will be two network adapters in use, one wired (from ISP) and one wireless (for two computers to share when needed)...
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    LCD Monitor in Bangalore

    Hi Looking for 20" or larger LCD monitor in Bangalore, must be in excellent condition and offer a DVI input minimum (no VGA-only models pls). I will be picking it up personally at the beginning of next month. PM or post your offers here. Thanks --- Updated Post - Automerged --- Still...
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    Transcend DDR2 667 MHz 2x1GB + 2x512MB, Kolkata/Bangalore only

    As title says. Upgraded one of my rigs to DDR3 so this 3GB of memory is currently without a home. Was used in HTPC, always run at default with slowest possible timings in dual-channel mode. Excellent condition, lifetime warranty on the 1GB sticks (not sure about 512 sticks). The RAM is between...
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    Sharing as http or https over LAN.

    As it says in the title, I could really use some help. I have some local drives on one of my machines that I would like to browse from another room while the PC is on. I would like to access it using the remote drives application on my Nokia N85, which can connect to drives as http and not FTP...
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    The Amendments to the IT Act, 2000

    Opening discussion for the new Amendments passed by the two Houses to the IT Act, 2000. Some fundamental questions: 1. The State's ability and resources to monitor correspondence and content, 2. The definitions of inappropriate and malicious content, and 3. Potential for abuse and loopholes...
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    CPU/Mobo M3N78-EM owners, look here

    Please post if you see an option to disable to onboard GPU/mGPU in BIOS, and which BIOS version you have, thanks. I recently got the board as a standby gaming system (don't ask!) and find that the onboard GPU is always enabled, sucking up memory from Windows and affecting my framerates. I cannot...
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    Relocation: Packers and Movers

    All right, time for a real OT thread from me. As some of you know I'm relocating to Calcutta. I've had some last-minute snags with my packers, so would welcome suggestions from people who have recently relocated. Of course transport of electronics, computers and musical instruments is on the...
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    Asus Xonar DX review

    "If music be the food of love, play on!" We're going to take a very quick look at the Asus Xonar DX sound card today. I say today, but this review was a long time coming. For one, I never did get the card the way I was supposed to, but she fell into my grubby little hands during Christmas...
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    New ISP?

    I'm a little fed up of TI nowadays. What's a good ISP/service nowadays for Mahim (W), Mumbai? I have three ISPs in my office and I basically live a minute away, so I can use any of them: 1. Hathway: Capped upload (which becomes inconvenient - I maintain ratio of >1.5), very expensive, not...
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    Christmas/New Year clearance

    All righty folks, here is my excess inventory for Christmas 2008. As before, Mumbai sales only, or those who can arrange pickup in Mumbai. Shipping ain't gonna work, So pls don't PM me to request shipping. I will delete and not reply to PMs asking for shipping. Thanks for your interest...