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  1. tech.addict

    FS: MP3 Player Shanling M0; Hi-Res Bluetooth Touch Screen Portable Music player

    For sale is a Shangling M0 portable audio player with touch screen. This is an extremely small, lightweight and super pocketable device. That’s not it though. The Shanling M0 also has great features for its tiny size: It plays DSD (even native for 64!) and all type of files you put into it. You...
  2. tech.addict

    FS: Headphone Tin Audio T2 IEM/earphone

    I'm willing to sell a Tin Audio T2 IEM. It's in like new condition with box and all accessories. it's used hardly for 5-6 hours. Although I like the sound signature I'm selling it because I have small ears and find it uncomfortable to wear. Reviews...
  3. tech.addict

    FS: Headphone Bluedio TM bluetooth headset, almost new

    I'm willing to sell my Bluedio TM over the ear bluetooth headset which is about one month old. It was purchased for my wife who is not liking it. Used it for hardly 5-6 hours. In like new condition with box and the charging cable. It has excellent battery life. See the product link for full...
  4. tech.addict

    FS: Tablet [SEALED] iPad 32GB 6th gen, wifi, golden

    The following item is for sale: iPad 6th generation wifi, 32 gb, golden. It is still sealed. Received as gift and lying unused as I already have one. Invoice not available.
  5. tech.addict

    FS: Networking JioFi3 - one month old

    I want to sell my one month old JioFi3. Comes with bill, box and all accessories. Purchase price Rs 2400/- Working perfectly. As you know speed varies with location. Selling as not using anymore. SIM is not included.
  6. tech.addict

    Budget 31-40k laptop for browsing and movie watching

    I'm looking for a budget laptop for browsing and movie watching. How are these two laptops...
  7. tech.addict

    WTB PS3 slim

    WTB a PS3 in good condition. Shipping to Delhi or Kolkata. Post your offers.
  8. tech.addict

    Any trick to add Redmi Note 3 during flash sell?

    My mobile phone died a few days ago. Using my ZTE Blade 2 for now. So I'm in need to buy a phone very badly. Redmi Note 3 launched today meets my budget and need. But I'm very unlucky in the flash sales. Is there any trick to add the phone during the sell on 9th march? PS: I was considering...
  9. tech.addict

    FS: Mobile Moto X Pure 16GB single SIM-like NEW

    For sale is a almost new Moto X Pure 16 GB, black, single SIM. Purchased from USA through ebay. Ebay invoice available. Like new. No scratches or usage marks anywhere on the phone. A tempered glass screen protector is already applied. Bootloader unlocked and running a MM Custom ROM. Comes...
  10. tech.addict

    FS: Mobile LG G3 32 GB

    This a golden colour Verizon LG G3 32GB. Single SIM version. Basically a CDMA phone but GSM is unlocked. Both CDMA and GSM can be used in India without any unlocking. Phone is 4 out of 5 condition. There is a small crack near the bottom microphone hole. Other than that the phone is in mint...
  11. tech.addict

    FS: Mobile New Lumia 640XL LTE

    For sell is a new Lumia 640 XL LTE. Bought as a gift for someone on 10th Nov 2015 but at the last moment he decided that the phone is too big. The package was opened at the store to check the phone and install the tempered glass screen protector. Invoice is available. Comes with i) Headset...
  12. tech.addict

    Storage Solutions Does Samsung honours International warranty?

    Hi, I purchased a Samsung SSD from ebay. The seller mentioned 5 year warranty. Foolish of me at the time of purchase I did not read carefully. After delivery I got to know that the warranty is to be provided by seller. The defective item will have to be shipped to the seller who in turn will...
  13. tech.addict

    Low power headless torrentbox.

    My dockstar is dead after serving faithfully for 4 years. I need a low cost solution for 24x7 torrentbox. Options are i) pogoplug 4 ii) R-pi iii) Odroid C1 iv) Android TV stick I really like the Odroid C1 for the specs and price. I also have a Android TV stick but I don't know how it will...
  14. tech.addict

    FS: Home Audio Video Leoxsys LB10 Bluetooth transmitter with battery

    For sell is Leoxsys LB10 Bluetooth transmitter . Comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery. Around 4.5 hours of playback in one charge. I purchased it for using bluetooth headset with my TV for watching movies. Later bought an android TV stick. So it is lying unused. Used for one week max. Box is...
  15. tech.addict

    FS: Home Audio Video Leoxsys LB1 Bluetooth receiver for speaker etc

    A bluetooth audio receiver is for sale. I was looking for a BT transmitter and bought this item erroneously. Comes with one year warranty. Just opened to realize that it is not the item I was looking for. You can connect it to your speaker system and stream music from your phone etc making it...
  16. tech.addict

    How to shape career in IT?

    I'm not from IT field. I'm interested to know how a boy should plan his studies after 10+2 if he wants to progress his career in IT? Shall he take computer science straightaway or study computer after completing his degree in other engineering field like Electrical, electronics, mechanical etc...
  17. tech.addict

    Monitors Monitor with inbuilt speakers

    I'm looking for a 20-22inch monitor with inbuilt speaker which can be used with a external TV tuner card for watching TV occasionally. Budget is 8K max. Please suggest.
  18. tech.addict

    What happens if auction is won but before payment seller delivers

    I won an auction on I was having some problem with my Paypal account so I specifically told the seller not to ship the item and relist it. The seller is a new one and without reading my messages he shipped the item and the item is delivered to my US P.O box address. The seller has...
  19. tech.addict

    Budget 20-25K Is one plus one a good buy

    Around 25K is OPO is a good buy? Requirements: Screen: 5.5 inch, atleast HD (exactly 5.5 inch - not smaller or larger) RAM:2gb SOC: the best in this price range. Cam: 13 mp with some OIS. Even if there is no OIS image quality should be good. Battery: good ( should last one full day with...
  20. tech.addict

    FS: Networking Dlink DWR 730 3G portable wireless router

    For sell is my Dlink DWR 730 3G portable wireless router. In mint condition. Comes with bill and everything that is included in retail package. The protective films on the device is not yet removed. Bough from Flipkart for approx 2300/- Local buyers preferred but can also ship at actual cost...