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  1. geek0killer

    FS: Headphone Koss Porta Pro KTC and Soundmagic ES 18s

    N.B I am returning the ES18s to Amazon but since I bought it on discount for RS.440 I am passing the benefit to the buyer. So hurry or if they turn up for pickup soon I will return it. Bought on 8th Nov. Porta Pros are bought in Oct 2016 and used about 20 hours. Excellent sound, impulse buy and...
  2. geek0killer

    FS: RAM Transcend 4GB Ram modules

    Bought in Qatar, so warranty wouldn't apply here. The modules are box packed(except one which is still not taken out). I have three modules and the price quoted is for one module only.
  3. geek0killer

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD 598SE in Warranty

    Impulse buy. Used less than 50 hours. Includes every accessory and the original box. Bought in Nov 2015 with 2 years warranty. You will get the bill for claiming warranty.
  4. geek0killer

    Audio Xduoo X2 DAP Impression

    After reading many good reviews about Xduoo X2, I took the plunge. Sold my Sansa clip+ to raise money and bought the X2. Anyway I have another Sansa Zip to compare so no problem there. It's been two months now so I can write my impression after fair usage. Built: The built is sturdy secured in...
  5. geek0killer

    WTB Need GV

    Need GV worth $130 urgently.
  6. geek0killer

    FS: MP3 Player [SOLD]Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ 4GB

    Works perfect. Only normal usage signs. Rockboxed.
  7. geek0killer

    WTB Lenovo G580 screen

    I have a Lenovo G580, it has a 15.6" screen and yesterday it died(only the screen). The whole screen is bleeding colours just after two years. Ofcourse no more ‘Chinese mall’ from Lenovo from now on. If anyone is having a dead laptop with a compatible screen please PM me. I want to buy. And, by...
  8. geek0killer

    Brainwavz S5 at $49.50 Only

    Mp4 mation is selling Brainwavz S5 for $49.50 +2 day Fedex Shipping free.
  9. geek0killer

    Need ZTE MF190 Dashboard

    Hi, I urgently need Zte Mf190 dashboard from Idea or Beetle with Calling function. I searched all over the net but all links are dead. So, If anyone has it please upload and share the link here. Thank you.
  10. geek0killer

    FS: Home Audio Video Fiio E11 Amplifier

    Has some minor scratches(As visible in the pics).
  11. geek0killer

    FS: Networking Sierra Wireless USB 598U

    Lying unused. Works with BSNL EVDO. But I can't help you configure it. Cost is Rs.1500 for each modem. Please note, shipping is extra.
  12. geek0killer

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HDR 220

    Bought these online in India itself so you will get warranty for the remaining period. Didn't opened the box so they come fresh factory sealed. Authenticity has been verified or I will give the money back.
  13. geek0killer

    WTB Docking station for Sennheiser RS 220

    If anyone want to sell his/her docking/charging station for RS 220?
  14. geek0killer

    WTB Want Lenovo G5 series laptop keyboard

    Hi, spilled water on my lenovo g580. The keyboard isn't working properly. Any one having any 'G-series' laptop (died/not working) can pm me. Also, want 4gb ddr3 800mhz laptop ram.
  15. geek0killer

    FS: Headphone ***DIWALI SALE*** SENN IE80 lowest ever *Brand new*

  16. geek0killer

    Free AVG Internet Security 2015 (1 year license)

    The key is same for everyone: IBY9X-ESYXT-W4BZQ-QI4WX-A9LI7-INRS3 Download the antivirus and use this key. Or go here...
  17. geek0killer

    FS: Headphone Creative Aurvana Live! within warranty

    Hi, Bought this from Amazon india but soon got M50. Lying unused since then. Kept very nicely, not a single scratch/wear and tear. Best for portable use. Very light and good sound. Inducted in wall of fame... Price...
  18. geek0killer

    Free VPN for next 48hours

    Acevpn free giveaway...
  19. geek0killer

    Video Will chromecast be good for streaming HD movies from my laptop to the TV

    I have a 2 years old Samsung LCD TV Model: LA40D550RLXL. I had never used the HDMI ports on the TV. But, when I decided to watch HD movies on the TV from my laptop via the HDMI cables I have, it detects the signal then says "No signal". After googling I found that it's a common problem with...
  20. geek0killer

    WTB EVDO Prithivi Modem

    Yes, you read it right. :sigh: