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    Nokia E90 Communicator - INR 15000.00

    Hello TE Members !! Planning to sell off the Nokia E90 Communicator which was bought from grey market. I do not have any bill and this mobile does not have any warranty but i will give 1 week testing whatsoever. Also the condition of this phone is excellent. This phone is scratchless and does...
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    Raid Store 80 GB External Drive

    Raid Store 80 GB External Drive - Rs. 1400.00 + shipping @ actuals Got this as a gift from Ebay !!! So Dont ask about warranty for this product. It is Brand New and up for sale !!! No Crapping and No Low Balling !!!
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    FS: Spice D-90 Dual Sim Phone (GSM+GSM)

    Dear All .. I want to sell my 4 months old Spice D-90 Dual Sim phone. It is in mint condition and the reason for sale is im going back to single service provider. So dont need the dual sim phone. Its a GSM + GSM dual sim phone with dual standby feature. Date of Purchase - 15th Jan 2009 Price...
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    FS: Philips MMS 430 Speakers

    Philips MMS 430 Speakers - Rs 1100 (local pickup only) Out of Warranty (Will provide 1 week testing warranty) Have lost the original Box for the speakers - Just FYI Thanks Abhee24
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    HDD/ DVDRW / PCI USB Card / HDD Casing / 300 Watts PSU

    Samsung Sata DVD Writer 22x - SOLD Purchased on 1st Aug 2008. Got the Samsung DVD Writer RMA'd last week. 8 months warranty is remaining on the drive. It comes with Original box and original bill. :hap2: :hap2:
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    FS: Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Hello Friends .. My friend wants to sell Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (10 nos):hap2: . Its a brand new memory stick which will come in a small plastic case. It does not come in original packing as it was bought in huge quantity by him. This is a genuine MSPD and can be used in lot of Sony...
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    FS: Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Hello Everyone .. I want to sell Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. Its a brand new memory stick and its not used even once. I bought this for 1100 bucks. :) This does not have any warranty but i can give testing warranty for 1 week with a full money back option. :hap2: This memory stick is...
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    FS: Motherboard + Processor + RAM

    Hello everyone .. Selling my VIA P4M266 Motherboard and Intel P4 1.8 Ghz Processor. The product is in working condition and testing warranty would be provided for the same. There is no warranty left on any of the product. The product will be sold as a combo and will not sell it...
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    FS: Epson Inkjet Printer Cartridges

    Hello Everyone !! I want to sell 2 brand new opened but unused Epson T038 Black Cartridge & Epson T039 colour cartridge. I bought the new cartridges but the printer went kaput. So want to sell the cartridges. Offer - Will give away the Epson C45 printer for free. Printer is not working but...
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    FS:LG 700E 17 Inch CRT Monitor

    Hello Everyone, I want to sell my LG 700E 17 Inch CRT Monitor. Reason for Selling - Bought 22" LG LCD Monitor. This monitor is dual tone - Black Silver combination. Its in very good condition. It is 3 yrs old and Out of Warranty !! Low Ballers - Please keep away from this thread. There will...
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    WTB: DDR 333 Mhz RAM

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for DDR1 400 Mhz RAM for my computer. If anyone interested in selling the same can reply to this thread. I am looking for 1 GB stick. Sorry for the mistake on the thread heading .. DDR1 400 is the requirement. PM Me your offers !!!! Thanks Abhee24
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    FS: Sony Ericsson K750i USB cable and W810i Original Headphones

    Selling the stuff as lost both the phones. Sony Ericsson K750i USB cable - 100 Rs Sony Ericsson W810i Headphones - 150 Rs Shipping would be Extra