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  1. rdst_1

    What mobile audio solution would work best for me

    Just buy a cheap USB DAC from Aliexpress. The Meizu HiFi DAC and DAC Pro are great options. They will connect through the USB C port on your phone and you can use your normal wired earphones with them. These draw power from the phone so a fully charged phone should easily drive these for 8hrs...
  2. rdst_1

    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    Hi, I had bought a HM Digital PH meter from Amazon a few months ago. I haven't opened it since then as my experimental hydroponic setup is still not in place. Would the liquid that was in the sponge inserted in the cap kept the electrode safe till now? Or is my pH meter pretty much gone and I...
  3. rdst_1

    Water purifier (non ro) with cheap maintenance?

    Get a covered stainless steel container/bucket and put it in the bathroom as you have proposed. Sure it will take a few minutes of your time daily, but this method is the least complicated and that is important too. You can also use a float switch in that bucket so that the purifier unit...
  4. rdst_1

    Water purifier (non ro) with cheap maintenance?

    The borewell pump oil is what makes most sense to me, but it is a new pump, barely 4 years old and not used a lot either. @bigbyte - I am in himachal, not agra, so yeah, the water is actually that pure. The only issue we had was very fine dirt/sand which used to clog up pipes over time and that...
  5. rdst_1

    Water purifier (non ro) with cheap maintenance?

    Guys, I have big 20 inch filter housings, housing my 2 sediment filters for my borewell. First a bag filter followed by a blown filter. The TDS of the water after this process is less than 100. I also got the water checked and it came out to be perfectly drinkable. However, I am seeing that when...
  6. rdst_1

    Bye India

    India, just like every other place in the world, have their own share of bad people. Most of us live our life in a bubble, far away from the bitter realities, which, for some, are actually part and parcel of their daily grind. Hence when we come across something like that, it shocks us, even...
  7. rdst_1

    Is Mega banned in India?

    Don't have a solution for a PC yet. The app has 2 modes, one is VPN mode known as Warp and other just the DNS mode. Am able to open on both modes on my broadband who use Airtel as service provider. Just checked and with Jio 4g, is not blocked for me.
  8. rdst_1

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    The ultraportable DAC+AMP that I had been waiting for finally arrived. This little piece of magic is the work of a single russian guy based out of China who was kinda disgusted about the looting in the name of audiophile gear. This little device can provide 500mW at 16 ohm and since it has only...
  9. rdst_1

    Is Mega banned in India?

    Using app on phone to visit such links which ssem to be blocked by Airtel and Jio. For me it works much faster than Opera VPN. You can even buy a plan for just 70/month if you find speeds to be slow but I haven't seen any speed slowdown with my 12Mbps connection.
  10. rdst_1

    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    13350, without exchange. 5 yr warranty. I got the quote from one of the largest dealers in Chandigarh through the help of a friend who knows the shopkeeper for decades. Okay. So prismatic cells make more sense for energy storage use even though we can make some really cheap battery banks out...
  11. rdst_1

    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    Yeah. Price is for 150L as the seller confirmed it in front of me from Exide distributor by asking him price for the 60 months warranty one. 150 has 36 months warranty I guess. Whenever you go ahead with building your LiFePo4 batteries, do ping me. I might go in with you as it might help us...
  12. rdst_1

    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    Got a quote of 13350 for Exide 6LMS150L. Edit - @adder - How far away are you from building your own LiFePo4 battery packs.
  13. rdst_1

    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    Yeah. I have the same values in my excel sheet. I do want to buy the solar batteries as they are definitely constructed way better as you pointed out above but have heard contradictory reports that companies refuse warranty if those batteries aren't charged by solar panels. I don't see the logic...
  14. rdst_1

    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    So I went and compiled some data regarding different models of batteries being sold by Exide and Luminous viz their weight and warranties. In my case, Exide doesn't even show a dealer for my state but I think their website is flawed as they only show dealers for just 12 states. On the other...
  15. rdst_1

    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    I have decided to go with a normal Luminous Cruze for now as I don't see myself able to afford a complete solar setup any time soon and it would be a waste to spend a lakh on an inverter for now. Plus, Flin are still selling the Voltronics Infini V1 which has low PV voltage of 145VDC while V2...
  16. rdst_1

    Looking to replace R7000 for a wifi router with better range

    Get either the TP Link 941HP or 841HP. Don't know if it will be good enough for your bandwidth requirements but it will most definitely provide you a great signal everywhere. In my house it is placed on the groundfloor of a 950 sq ft house and I can srill get decent signal on the second floor...
  17. rdst_1

    PPObox/ ShopNship kind of Courier within India

    Happens with me too. So, I do what Sunnyboi suggested above, get it delivered to one of my friends or relatives. Then either they ship it to me or I pick it up when I visit them if it is not too urgent. I also get most of my Aliexpress shipments delivered this way as well, although nearly all of...
  18. rdst_1 - Feedback Thread

    Mine too. Landed on 6th Jan after supposedly shipped out on 4th Dec. Hopefully it gets delivered in the next 7-10 days like the last one was after it landed in India.
  19. rdst_1

    Android USB playback volume low

    Do let us know which DAC you are using. I have HD650 which are 300ohm as well and have been contemplating what to get for it this past week or so. I have been intrigued by the newly launched LG G8X because of the affordable dual screen. However the GSMArena review mentions that the volume output...
  20. rdst_1

    Advice on a good heater

    Buy an Usha FH812T. Have been using a few of them for nearly a decade. Has 2 heat settings corresponding to 1000 W and 2000 W and a basic thermostat as well which keeps switching the heater on and off automatically all night.