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    Android Oneplus One Invite collation thread.

    Have an invite to give away, expires today. preference will be given to older members. Let me know if interested
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    Guidance for learning web development

    Web development needs skills two distinct parts(client side(broswer) & server side(runs on sever)). any entry level web developer should know atleast the following: 1. Web technologies(Client Side): HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery. 2. Server-Side: Language...
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    2* Win 8 keys for 900 bucks from Dreamspark

    no. I think this means you can install only on 2devices using the 2keys provided.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Gigabit LAN port means 10times more speed that standard 100mbps lan, now just image the possibilities that 1Gbps speeds can give you but you can't image with 100mbps. that's what special about Gigabit Lan ports :)
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    haven't done setup yet, so can't comment. About price, its 12.5k
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Here comes, the big daddy of routers :yahoo: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    New iPad/ iPad 3 comes with better screen which has the side-effect that battery backup is reduced to increased power needed to drive retina display & also, iPad 3 has has a faster cpu which means it would run hotter compared to iPad 2. IMO, iPad 2 is more balanced in terms of features...
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    Whats worng with the c++ program I have written ???

    This system will ruin any creativity that student has #fact
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    Hows Python as a programming language ?

    How is python as programming language? well, watch this video & decide yourself :p if you like it, others videos can be found here Have fun learning :head2:
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    Airtel Broadband Fibrenet FTTH Plans for Delhi NCR! 100 Mbps Plans for Rs 5299 ! :O

    This reminds of BSNL's FTTH plans. 1mbps unlimited plan is 3k/month & they charge 10%(%) extra for providing normal adsl plans over FTTH. I mean why should I pay more for same plan, also why the unlimited plans so expensive....WTF are these bsnl babu smoking these days? :P though the Optic...
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    FS: Processor Intel E7400 & Transcend DDR2 800MHZ Ram

    If you up for shipping, Interested in CPU+Ram. CPU: Does it support VT? RAM: is testing warranty available?
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    Any good deals on iPad 2?
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    FS: Laptop Used Dell XPS M1530

    No, not available. Sorry. /closing thread
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    Surge Protection For Home

    As per wikipedia article you quoted.: ;)
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    Remote Control Software Alternatives to Teamviewer

    Try GotoAssist from Citrix. They have a free 30day trial, so see if this suite your needs: Link: Remote Support and IT Monitoring | GoToAssist
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    Surge Protection For Home

    you should install RCCB --> Residual Current Circuit Breaker:, we have the same in our home from havells. Further, ensure you have proper earthing in your home. by proper I mean digging a deep pit & buring copper into that. these two thing alone would save you from 99% of the accidents. Hope...
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    Need to get a website for small startup.

    Self-promotion or advertising ones services against the rules. However, answering people question is perfectly fine, just do not give a sales pitch here :) For more, please have a look at TE Rules
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    FS: Others 4 MBPS BROADBAND PLAN Effective price Rs 300 PM(FREE)

    @OP, Be Careful while selling. since this is internet connection is under your ID #Just Saying
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    Cloud Computing Training / Course / Internship in Pune

    Cloud computing is more marketing term which doesn't mean much, because is can be different things to different people. The perspective are very different depending upon whom you are talking to: for example: to laymen: Cloud == simply services like Dropbox,Gmails are cloud computing to them...
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    Domino's Pizza - Coupons

    Yeah, its quite handy btw, I like your avatar :P