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    After lots of research what i found is : The only replacement for my Logitech G110 is G110 itself or G510. No keyborad now a days has 3.5 mm audio port, a mic port and USB 2.0 port with so many macro keys , dedicated multimedia keys, window keylock and many more at a go. My keyboard is running...
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    How is the after sales service of Mitsubishi in Kolkata?

    how is the after sales service of MITSUBISHI in kolkata? are the spare parts easily available if soething happens to it?
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    Graphic Cards Is my GPU dying?

    I have 6670 1GB DDR5 For the last two days while watching movies or browsing www for half an hour or 1 hr the monitor is flickering sometimes and then suddenly the display goes off and wont come back until i reboot. I have kept the desktop idle but then nothing happens. After two incidents i...
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    Which 2 Ton Inverter AC ?

    How is HITACHI Kashikoi 400i ?
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    Thinking about buying AC, need some suggestions and help

    Take into consideration the following: 1) Cooling Capacity in Watts 2) Power Consumption in Watts 3) Divide 1 by 2 to get COP (Coefficient Of Performance). More the number, more is the efficiency. 4) Airflow in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 5) Warranty 6) Price 7) Extra features with latest...
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    Which 2 Ton Inverter AC ?

    Thanks for the info. So, Samsung remains the only choice. Any other option for 2 Ton Inverter from a well known Brand with GOOD ASS?
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    Which 2 Ton Inverter AC ?

    @ skoka123 Thanks for the awesome info. I will also buy a 2 ton spcies for my 20 by 16 ft=320 ft bed room. Though the Roof is canopied by permanent structure still some sunlight after 3 p.m. hugs the roof.Thus the walls become slightly hot. Now after reading reviews, opinions i will...
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    Storage Solutions Wd element 2 tb malfunction

    My friend has a WD ELEMENT 2tb which did not show up in his laptop a few days ago. So he asked me to check that. i have 1 Changed the cable 2 plugged it 3 driver installed and showing ready to use. 4 In My computer it is showing : 5 Device Manager shows 6 Disk management shows...
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    CPU/Mobo What is the warranty policy on Gigabyte motherboards?

    date on the bill. Beware fo Accel frontline worthless guys. The know nothing of TECHNOLOGY and is always eager to push u out from warranty service FOR NO REASON. If u face any problem PM me , i will give u the mail id of the gigabyte representatives.
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    eBay India - Coupons & Deals

    The code is working also in my case, bought a burglar alarm.
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    Gigabyte RMA Woes

    write mail to prathamesh patil of gigabyte with a CC mark to
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    FS: Others price dropped...PSU..SEASONIC S12 II 620 W...1 YR OLD

    do not know why NO separate section for PSU. Can be shipped on Saturday ONLY.
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    FS: Storage Hardware SOLD...WD BLACK 1 TB...UNUSED....ALMOST 5 YRS WRNTY

    I think it is not negotiable at this stage of warranty
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    FS: Desktops Corsair XMS 1333MHZ RAM KIT 2x2GB [SOLD] & AMD PHENOM II x2 550 BE[SOLD]

    received PSU in excellent condition. Good packing .
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