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    FS: Laptop Apple Mac Book Pro

    Pics Updated
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    FS: Laptop Apple Mac Book Pro

    price reduced to 30k. Offers welcomed.
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    FS: Mobile IPhone 6 64GB in Warranty (2 Months Remaining) (Space Grey)

    Product Condition: There are few marks near the headphone jack which are highlighted in the picture album below. No scratches on the display itself, as screen protector was applied from day 1. The device is jailbroken, stock firmware can be flashed as per buyers request, so no issues on...
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    Budget Above 25K IPhone 6 64GB for 40k, Good Deal?

    I am getting iPhone 6 for 40k. It has 1 month of warranty left. Seller will replace the iPhone from apple store so I will get a brand new piece. Should I go for it?