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    FS: Others Nikon MH-61 Charger + EN-EL5 Battery

    Expected Price: Rs 1,000 (Open for reasonable negotiation) Time of Purchase: Somewhere in 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No. Lost. Reason for Sale: Lost the camera soon after I bought these. Been biting dust until last two years. Also, I am kind of broke now...
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    Solmate Fusion 4Gb Solar Charger (20 Days Old)

    Solmate Fusion 4GB Solar Charger 1. Model number and details: Solmate Fusion 4GB 2. Date of purchase: December 21, 2011 3. Reason for sale: Fundraiser for my phone 4. Warranty details: lost the invoice. Seriously searching for it. If found.. warranty will be until May, 2012 5. Expected...
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    New Guitar game from UBISoft

    - Gamespot
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    Dexter : The game

    Dexter: The game which follows the adventures/misadventures of serial killer Dexter Morgan, was out for Iphone couple of years ago. It came out for PC last week. Any one tried this game?
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    Activison kills Heroes, True Crime

    Source: gamespot This is bad. I played and loved Guitar Heroes 3, World Tour. Another game, Development house... fallen to the evil marketing strategies of Corporates. Summoning a title or two each year.. will only make the quality of the series come down. Lets hope activison learns a lesson...
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    Test Drive Unlimited 2 discussion

    Chase glory from behind the wheel of the most exclusive performance cars and take the race online to challenge rivals around the world. Customise your life as you tear through the streets and kick up dust off-road on the sun-kissed islands of Ibiza and Hawaii. System Requirements Minimum...
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    Graphic Cards DVI- HDMI help, DVI-VGA issues.

    I have HD 4890, which came with a DVI-HDMI adapter, but sadly, it is not working. Can some one please forward me to a store which sells this adapter? And I have another query. I am now using DVI-VGA converter connecting rig to my HDTV. But the problem is, the maximum resolution I am able to get...
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    3G Data card Issues

    Few days ago, i updated my Huawei E1752 Firmware and Mobile Partner dashboad. From that day I've been facing these problems. 1. If i disconnect the device when the computer is turned on and Connect it again, Datacard isn't getting detected. Windows will be searching for installed drivers for...
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    BSNL 3G Low Speeds

    Hi, I just took bsnl 3g connection. And am using Nokia 6120c. When I connect it to PC with PC suite and with APN 'bsnlnet', i'm getting a speed of 200KBps max. I live in Tirupathi. Is there any thing that I can do from my sides to improve the speeds? And another question, is it safe to...
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    Help in formatting Nokia 5610..

    Hello, Can any one tell me the way to full format N 5610. Similar to *,3,dial way to s60. Or other. thaks in advance.