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  1. mahesh_bharti

    Motherboard for Intel Core I7 4770k

    Actually not booting at all after pressing power button noting happens only motherboard power led glow when i connect it to power may be some other problem i don't know exactly
  2. mahesh_bharti

    Motherboard for Intel Core I7 4770k

    Hi wanted to motherboard for my Intel Core i7 4770k As my motherboard MSI Z87 GD65 GAMING Motherboard bios fail let me know if you have spare one. else i will sell Intel Core i7 4770k Corsair Vengence 8Gb x2 1600Mhz RAM liquid cooler Thanks
  3. mahesh_bharti

    New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

    TRAI's New Guidelines For Cable & DTH Now Suggest Network Capacity Fee Not Mandatory For Multiple Connections Source
  4. mahesh_bharti

    Want to buy I pad 2 cable

    i pad 2 charging /sync cable.
  5. mahesh_bharti

    Want to buy I pad 2 cable

    Hi if any one have spare i pad 2 cable. kindly let me know Thanks.
  6. mahesh_bharti

    Amazon India lightning deals

    I want to buy a monitor around 24 inch is this a good deal Please suggest or guide me for value for money
  7. mahesh_bharti

    PC Peripherals Need suggestion for Good PSU

    No, system boot for 1 or 2 sec second.
  8. mahesh_bharti

    PC Peripherals Need suggestion for Good PSU

    My corsair CX stop working after 8 Yr. My current configuration is as under :- Processor - Intel Core i7 4770k Motherboard - MSI Z87 GD65 GAMING Motherboard RAM - Corsair Vengence 8Gb x2...
  9. mahesh_bharti

    OnePlus smart TV

    OnePlus has never ventured outside of the smartphone market, though it came close to releasing a smartwatch. This is now changing, as OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has announced that a TV product is now in development. "We want to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent...
  10. mahesh_bharti

    FS: Desktops Desktop PC for Sale - Good for Office Use

    individual price for ram processor & mb might interested in combo
  11. mahesh_bharti

    [IC] ARM-based NAS - Helios4

    Now i am in Begusarai Bihar i can pay both ways NEFT / Paytm
  12. mahesh_bharti

    [IC] ARM-based NAS - Helios4

    i am ready give me detail for transferring money.
  13. mahesh_bharti

    [IC] ARM-based NAS - Helios4

    I am interested may we guess what will be the approx total cost in INR (including custom)
  14. mahesh_bharti

    Who bear Tech enclave running Cost

    Hi, Today i disable adblock for opening one site as it require. Out curiosity i checked Tech enclave I was surprised, No Ad at all My next thought was who bear running/operational expense of this site. if any one know let me know Thanks
  15. mahesh_bharti

    FS: Mobile SOLD OnePlus 3 64gb

    Received in great condition Mobile box little damage but mobile was in excellent condition. it can be avoided by putting additional box with bubble. Overall i am very happy with this deal. one thing more shipping through professional courier using their premier services.
  16. mahesh_bharti - Feedback Thread

    Thanks you save me i was about to order 17.5K product shipping through DHL . Thanks for saving me.
  17. mahesh_bharti

    Budget 10-15K Mi A1 worth it?

    i am using it updated to oreo i am quite satisfied. +1
  18. mahesh_bharti

    Aliexpress Order - no updates

    wait for total 30 days