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    Need help with display drivers

    Hi guys, I installed win 10 x64 (super light, slipstreamed version for best performance) on old toshiba laptop having intel 2nd gen CPU and corresponding inbuilt GPU. And having issues finding right drivers for GPU. With default windows 10 (lite) drivers, laptop isnt taking display's optimum...
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    Need WD 640AAKS drive or its working pcb

    Hi guys, I need working drive or its pcb to recover data from my old dead drive. I suspect its pcb is the culprit which went kaput due to corrosion over time. I am from Pune, Mumbai (thane). If anyone dont mind letting me borrow their drive or pcb or wish to sell, please let me know. stamping...
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    Android Need help with getting Mhl cable and feedback on using it

    I have few decent spec'ed mobiles lying with me. I want to use them as streaming and gaming device by connecting it to Samsung TV having lan port, connected to home network (not WiFi support or mira cast or wifi display support). So instead of getting firestick or Android TV box, I am planning...
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    WTB Need 2 x 8GB DDR3L 1.35 V laptop ram

    Guys, if anyone has leftover ram of specs mentioned, let me know. I need to upgrade ram for my laptop. Ram should have warranty left preferably. And to prove date of purchase invoice as well.
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    Anyone from arunachal pradesh, itanagar?

    Hi guys, I need help from arunachal pradesh member(s). I found a guy who deals with alienware laptops (open box) from olx with very good specs. I just need help in finding the right specs of the laptop. Even though it seems like another scam, guy said, one can visit his shop and check laptops...
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    FS: Mobile Motorola x play 32gb black sealed piece

    Had bought 2 for family members but iPhone 6s has come up too unexpectedly as gift so not keeping this one. It's sealed box brand new piece. Keep communication through pm only. Price: 19k. Location: right now its in Pune but can be given to fellow from thane/ Mumbai too as my brother lives...
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    Video Anyone using Sai Vision Cable network?

    Hi guys, Is anyone using sai vision cable network with hd STB? Our local cable operator has switched services from hathway to sai vision and i have a gut feeling that he is playing mischief. The plan we are getting is different that what we are paying for IMO. Unfortunately there is no way to...
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    Android Fixing Nexus 7 2012 cracked digitizer

    Anybody got nexus 7 digitizer alone replaced in Pune or mumbai/ thane? I have one n7 lying around having display intact but digitizer cracked. Most of the times people or repair shops recommend or do complete replacement of lcd display along with digitizer but its costing around 4k. Where as...
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    Other Places to get electronics spares

    Guys, i am having nexus 7 wifi 2012 model for an yr now and have started facing problem with its power button operating on its own too frequently, making it unusable. I tried flashing lots of different roms, even factory images but it isnt helping. So as far as i understand its power button...
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    WTB Samsung 7.0" calling tablet

    Guys, in case anyone wants to upgrade from samsung 7 inch tablet having calling facility, let me know. I need one. Would prefer with decent warranty and or priced well, from pune, thane or mumbai folks. Tks.
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    Need help in running telnet scripts in Win 8

    Hi guys, I am using MT 841 adsl modem/ router for dataone. In windows xp i used to run following scripts for starting new session for night 2 am to 8 am downloads. But after shifting to windows 8 not able to run those and ending up with higher / incorrect billing by bsnl as reconnection...
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    Need help with customs for mini pc

    Hi guys, I bought imito qx1 from geekbuying for 80USD on 4th June by paypal. Was expecting its delivery in couple of weeks but as time went faced troubles in the way. Item was shipped on 14th June and since 20th to 26th it was stuck in customs. Reason given in courier tracking was, 'Need...
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    Suggest software like screen filter (android) for Windows

    Hi guys, Please suggest alternative for windows to reduce/ toggle screen brightness for late night reading/ computing just like screen filter app for android. Normally when error msg is shown in windows, portion other than error dialog box reduces its brightness. I need same or customisable...
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    CPU/Mobo Need help with Gigabyte G31 ES2L drivers

    hi guys, I have installed Win 8 on my old pc with core 2 duo E8200 and gigabyte motherboard G31-ES2L. And only problem for making it final setup OS is missing display drivers. I tried searching on web but didnt get worthy results. So i am stuck at 12XX resolution on FHD monitor. If anyone...
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    Need help with dispute for crazeal deal

    Hi guys, I had bought pizza coupons from crazeal for 2k on 18th Nov for a party which we friends had to cancel. Coupons were valid till 23rd Nov. As i could not use the coupons in the mean time, i sent a mail to crazeal for order cancellation and refund. As i was out of station for work i sent...
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    WTB Hathway cable STB

    Need working STB for hathway cable to be used in Thane for my brother. Preferably in Pune, as i am from Pune or from Mumbai/ Thane will do. Anyone having one extra or switching to DTH can pm me. Need it before this month end.
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    Need help in dual booting windows 8 and win 7

    Hi guys, i am having toshiba i5 laptop with following configuration, First drive for windows 8 x64 Last drive (i.e. 4th drive) for windows 7 x64 Inbetween there are two data drives. I want to install disk image of windows 7 x64 compiled in virtual machine created by acronis true image echo...
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    SBI IRCTC cobranded credit card

    Hi guys, I use irctc site for railway ticket booking quite a lot. So came across this promotion. As many of the members were looking for CC including me, this seems to be good option as many other banks need income proof and lots of documents to before they decide to give that person their...
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    Deals in UK

    Guys, as we have a thread for deals in USA, thought of creating separate one for UK. Mods obviously can decide whether its okay to keep this thread or not. And other reason for creating this thread is my bro has gone to Uk for a week. So need suggestions for shopping ASAP. I am already...
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    10.1 LCD panel for samsung netbook N128

    Hi guys, My netbook's lcd panel is damaged because of accidental pressure put on it. Screen's plastic bazel and matt finish membrane on front is intact so need only lcd panel. If some one has replaced netbook screen for touch input, or has lcd panel of died netbook for sale, pm me or post in...