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  1. jinvidia

    FS: Others Hard drives for sale

    Why r u selling the sealed packs ?
  2. jinvidia

    Is my linksys router dying ?

    Even I was using linksys wag120n adsl router some 4 years back. I can say it's the worst router I have ever used. Even I faced the same issue as you are facing now. Their customer support is also the worst. Thereafter I ditched that and switched to tplink. I will not say it's the best but...
  3. jinvidia

    FS: Others Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 Sound Card

    This sound card is in excellent physical and working condition and is lying unused since my purchase. Just checked its working condition and never used since then. Unofficial drivers are available and they do work fine. Let the pictures do the talking. No low-balling please. Any negotiations -...
  4. jinvidia


    Not using, hence selling these. Both are ADSL 2+ Modem Wifi Routers with 150 Mbps wireless speed. One is BINATONE and the other is from TPLINK Rs.750/- each. Good working condition. 1565701068 Here goes the pics...
  5. jinvidia

    Storage Solutions 2nd hard disk causing slow boot

    How is the performance of the hdd ?. Did you try with any benchmark app and did the results come out normal ?
  6. jinvidia

    FS: Processor Intel i5 4440 3.1 Ghz + Asus H97 Pro Gamer Motherboard + (2 x 4) 8 GB DDR 3 Ram Combo - Rs. 7800 Local

    Can you please tell me which cabinet you used with this motherboard ?.
  7. jinvidia

    Graphic Cards Someone got duped with old gpu

    Ripped off man. Sorry
  8. jinvidia

    Graphic Cards Someone got duped with old gpu

    Even if a brand new rx480 is available, as of today it will be much cheaper, and that too its a card used for mining. He should have got atleast Rs.12,000 as refund. But the best idea is to get a refund or atleast the gtx 1060 6gb.
  9. jinvidia

    Weirdest issue I’ve ever seen.

    Brother, Is the issue resolved?. I am very curious to know the result.
  10. jinvidia

    Weirdest issue I’ve ever seen.

    Have you checked it with a wired mouse ? BTW what is your motherboard make and model number mate ?. I can see you have failed to give this information in your post.
  11. jinvidia

    Poor write speeds on Sandisk Extreme Go 64GB

    You failed to notice the words "upto" mate. IMO the figures advertised in the packing are the theoretical speeds. I don't think your unit deserves rma. Btw what motherboard do you have ?. Is usb 3.1 fully supported ?. The transfer speeds depend upon the quality of the front panel ports in your...
  12. jinvidia

    Budget 0-20k Advice on graphics card to buy and maybe monitor

    As for the brand, has anyone used inno3d ?. This brand has stepped the Indian market. IMO the coolers look like sub standard quality. Any ideas? Thank you..
  13. jinvidia

    Budget 0-20k Need Advice on buying PSU

    Ok. But who is handling warranty in chennai. And is it available in richie Street chennai ?
  14. jinvidia

    Budget 0-20k Need Advice on buying PSU

    Thanks m8 but which series and price ? Warranty and availability in chennai...
  15. jinvidia

    Budget 0-20k Need Advice on buying PSU

    Hello guys, i need to purchase a good PSU from 3k - 5k range. My existing config is as follows: I5 4460 H97 PRO 3 X 4GB memory 1TB x 2 HD 6770 1GB Corsair VS 550 PSU I may upgrade my GPU in future to a mid end GPU so i need a future proof PSU. Please advise. Thanx
  16. jinvidia

    Upgrading RAM

    I think you can use in dual channel as the ram capacity and the bus speed alone will matter. I don't think timings will prevent dual channelling but you have to Google and find out..
  17. jinvidia

    Airtel BB - Chennai plans upgraded to combat ACT

    They will never auto upgrade and sometimes they pretend as if they are not aware of the latest plans. We have to be alert about the changes brought by them. Are the other players atleast do the upgrade without customer request ?