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  1. uziel

    Router with daily data limit

    Hello I am looking to buy a home broadband router for my Airtel connection where I can be the administrator and put daily data limit of se 500 MB usage in the same ssid or a guest ssid. because in my network there are people who come and use whole data 20GB so I want to Limit total data to say...
  2. uziel

    FS: Others CRDC USB Charger & Aukey USB Cable

    Just received today, (a) CRDC dual Port USB smart charger QC2 PA-T12 = 1100/- (b) Aukey 28 Gauge fast charging USB Cable = 250/- each,(3) Shipping as per actual
  3. uziel

    Turbo Charger replacement for Moto

    Hello, I am looking for a good Moto Turbo Charger 25W that came with Moto G4+, at max it gives 12V x 2.8A but most chargers I am getting in market is 2.1A or 18W, can some one suggest reliable model with link. Thanx in advance. Best if it has a cable supporting such charge burst. Budget below 1K.
  4. uziel

    FS: Networking D-LINK DES-1008A 8-Port 10/100 Desktop Switch

    Its still sealed packed
  5. uziel

    FS: RAM 3 x 4GB Laptop RAM 950/- per piece

    New Unused memory module Specifications: (a) 1xSamsung 1Rx8 PC3L-12800s-11-13-B4 M471B5173DB0-YK0 950/- (B) 2xSKHYNIX 1Rx8 PC3L-12800S-11-13-B4 HMT451S6BFR8A-PB N0 AA 1800/- NOW SOLD
  6. uziel

    FS: Others Rossmax MJ701F Blood Pressure Monitor

    This ad is for almost unused Rossmax MJ701F Blood Pressure Monitor , shipping will be charged extra at actuals. Absolutely no issues , my testing warranty for a weeks time.
  7. uziel

    FS: Others Multiple Items

    (a) Item Name: Watt Meter || Charge Doctor || 80GB Maxtor HDD portable USB || Oven Thermometer (b) Price: 700Rs || 210Rs || sold || 150Rs (c) Purchase time: Maxtor 5 years back, rest all last month (d) Reason for sale: Extra no use (e) Source purchase: Maxtor Nehru Place, rest all Aliexpress...
  8. uziel

    FS: Networking D-Link Shareport Go Router with inbuilt powerbank

    This is sale ad for Dlink shareport go router with inbuilt power bank as it has battery, can be used as mobile portable router/3G router/Mifi device, bought it from ebay in sept 2016 but was used just 15 days,back in box as I shifted, now selling it coz of no use to me. Everything fine, with box...
  9. uziel

    FS: Others Multiple items

    (a) Item> Redmi 2 Price 3200/- Condition Minor Spec below back button(U can see color removed) other wise excellent Purchase date 1/10/2015 Snapdeal (b) Item> Maxtor 1TB Portable USB3 HDD Price 3000/- Condition Brand New Purchase date This month from uk (c) Item> Maxtor 80GB Portable HDD...
  10. uziel

    FS: Mobile Lenovo K3 note

    Lenovo K3 Note 16GB marshmallow Updated, minor usage marks in back and buttons, rest all great no issues in phone, original lenovo charger, box n bill.
  11. uziel

    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi4i 16GB Black

  12. uziel

    Budget 15-20K Stylish phone advice required

    Hello members, I am looking for some stylish phones, configuration is not an issue at all, just for a change, all androids are almost identical copy of each other I think, had 4 androids of different brand and got bored of its looks, by the way can someone identify any brand/model regards the...
  13. uziel

    FS: Others 50US$ Gift card SOLD

    Its SOLD Thanx
  14. uziel

    FS: Mobile Redmi Note 3 Grey 16GB

  15. uziel

    Budget 10-15K Extra feature phone advice

    I am looking for an Android with IR Blaster, NFC and FingerPrint Scanner and could not find with all three, one is missing in most model. Can someone suggest any model here or abroad and a good phone finder link with advance feature options Thanx
  16. uziel

    Android Charger Ampere info needed

    Hello Techies, I need information regards mobile chargers. Does the charging output depends only on the rating of the charger or the cable also? I use Ampere software and I have seen with one charger and different cables, the current is varying from 200mA to 800mA. I have a 2.1A charger but the...
  17. uziel

    FS: Mobile Panasonic T31 Dual Sim Android Mobile

    Sorry for the pathetic pics, just have a vga camera. The mobile is in very good condition with all original boxed accessories. No issues with phone, has behaved very well. Any questions please PM me. Thanx
  18. uziel

    MTNL Delhi upgrading Broadband speeds to Minimum 2Mbps

    Following the BSNL path, PSU MTNL Delhi has also decided to upgrade the minimum broadband speed to 2Mbps wef 01 Oct 2015. Now its needs to be seen if they have the necessary infrastructure in place and what will be the last mile speed for all the consumers in Delhi keeping intact the QoS...