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    PC Peripherals Ricoh SP210SU - Getting completely dark prints.

    So both me and my friend have this printer but it's my friend who's been facing the issue. Basically, this is how his prints are coming out. One print is of a blank page while the other is of a text doc. The cartridge was refilled from a local printer guy for a third time after which...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest large wired mouse for a 1K budget

    Are there any large mices out there at a sub-1K price level. I'd like to get a large gaming mouse a friend has, found it very comfortable for the time I used it especially since I get wrist pains with current mouse, but don't wanna spend that much (2K+) on a mouse.
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    Xiaomi Reveals MIUI 7

    Source Being a Redmi 1S user, the last two sentences are very important. While I was initially surprised that the 1S will get MIUI 7/Lollipop at all, it is clear from above that only a KK based version of MIUI 7 will be available for the 1S. A stable version of MIUI 6 itself is not anywhere in...
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    PC Peripherals Which among these electric powered cleaning solutions is better?

    Euroline Handheld Portable Car Home 1000W vs. AIR BLOWER PC Tool ELECTRIC AIR GUN 450WATT So am looking for a electrically operated PC cleaning device that has both suction and blower functions. Note that I will also be using this device for cleaning other electronic items and sundry...
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    Monitors 17/19" Square Monitor vs. 22/23" Rectangular Monitor

    The comparison was arrived at between the two kinds of monitors simply because of a couple of factors. 1) Price - they are almost priced the same give or take a few hundred bucks. 2) Availability - the monitor needs to be sourced today or tomorrow which rules out buying online. Local...
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    WTB Working DDR RAM

    Hi, Am looking for DDR RAM in working condition for desktop PC. 256 and 512, both will do.
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    FS: Mobile Amzer Galaxy Nexus Anti-Glare Screen Protector

    Expected price - Rs. 100 Shipping charges - Nada Manufacturer page URL: Amzer Galaxy Nexus Anti-Glare Screen Protector Reason for Sale: Not using Product condition: Unused. Package opened to check product. Purchase Date: 01-08-2013 Remaining Warranty period: NA Invoice Available: No Shipping...
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    WTB ZTE Blade/Dell XCD 35 Battery

    I'm looking for a battery for my ZTE Blade/Dell XCD 35. Hoping to find one on the forums since this was such a popular phone here. I'd prefer new/sparingly used batteries!
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    WTB Amazon Kindle

    Looking for a Kindle. Would prefer the non-keyboard one; can't recollect which gen was that (3G or 4G). Also need a Wi-Fi only model. Ad-supported will also do. As for the condition, it needs to be good, especially the battery life. If you have a case, it'd be even better. Please quote a price...
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    FS: Mobile Sony Xperia U

    Product Name: Sony Xperia U Expected Price: Rs 8300 Shipping charges: At actuals Manufacturer page URL: Sony Xperia U Description if any: The phone is in good condition. Refer the pictures of the phone for a look at its condition. Scratch guard has been applied on the phone since day one. It was...
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    WTB Amd hd6850

    Looking for a HD6850. Will need the card to be in warranty (the more, the better). :)
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    PC Peripherals Help Needed with Random Restarting Problem

    Intel Core i3 2100 Processor Intel DH61WW Mainboard Corsair XMS3 1x4GB RAM FSP Saga II 350W PSU Sapphire HD5670 1GB DDR5 Gfx Card 1x500GB and 2x1TB (of which only one runs any given time, other is powered on occasionally for taking backups) Hard Disk Drives CM 1x120mm Rear Exhaust Fan Gigabyte...
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    FS: Processor AMD Athlon X2 5000+

    Product Name: AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Expected Price: Rs 1000 Shipping charges: Extra Manufacturer page URL: AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Description if any: Not using this processor any longer. Original HSF not available. Will ship the original HSF of a Phenom II 550BE instead. Reason for Sale: Not...
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    FS: Motherboard Biostar A785GE

    Product Name: Biostar A785GE Expected Price: Rs 1000 Shipping charges: Extra Manufacturer page URL: Biostar A785GE Description if any: Not using this board any longer. No accessories apart from the backplate and the Driver DVD. Reason for Sale: Not needed Product condition: 7/10 Purchase...
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    Photo Compression Query

    Wanted to reduce the size occupied by photos in my PC and came across this app named FS Resizer. Most of the re-sized pictures are just about 1/10th of the original size and i could not perceive any change in IQ (reduced size res is 1600x900). My query is would i be loosing out on anything by...
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    AverMedia AVER TV BOX GENIE 1 (M075) + Original Dell DVI Cable

    AverMedia AVER TV BOX GENIE 1 (M075) Product Name: AverMedia AVER TV BOX GENIE 1 (M075) Expected Price: Rs. 800 Shipping charges: Extra Manufacturer page URL: AverMedia AVER TV BOX GENIE 1 (M075) Description if any: Not using this anymore. Initially used it for only a couple of months and...
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    PC Peripherals PC doesn't move past the start-up screen!!

    Guys, been facing this issue for a few days now so any inputs would be really appreciated. First of all, the system config, Athlon X2 5000+ Biostar A785GE Sapphire HD5670 1GB Transcend 2GB DDR2 FSP Saga II 350W 2 Seagate HDDs Peripherals - DVD ROM, KB and Mouse. The problem showed up...
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    Can HDFC VCC be used for EMI purchases?

    A friend asked me about this and i had no idea. Can someone please clarify if a HDFC VCC will be an acceptable EMI payment option for purchases from sites like eBay/Letsbuy/Flipkart? He doesn't wanna make a FD for an actual CC as he already has one with SBI for a credit card which unfortunately...
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    G-skill F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL for 1350 bucks

    PrimeABGB's todays deal of the day seems mouthwatering. GSkills F3 CL9 4GB kit at an amazing Rs. 1350 :O. That is dirt2 cheap.
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    Good burning software that supports multi-session burning

    So i burned some DVDs backing up some important family photos. Now wanted to add more to the DVD as its only about 3 GB full and i have new pics that are about 1.5 GB in size. Searched for such an option in ImgBurn but it doesnt seem to support multi-session DVDs. Can any one tell me if it does...