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  1. blackbird

    FS: RAM 1000 mhz ddr2 2gb + Led ddr2 2gb + Laptop 1gb

    CRUCIAL BALLISTIX TRACER 2 GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 LEDS Product Name: Crucial Ballistix Tracers 2gb [ 1+1] , 4-4-4-12 ,DDR2 800, with LED Expected Price: Rs: 1500 Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Good condition...
  2. blackbird

    FS: RAM Corsair 2Gb ddr3 1333mhz ram

    Product Name: Intel G620 {1155}+ Gigabyte H61 D2 B3 + Corsair 2 gb 1333 ddr3 Expected Price =5000rs for combo Intel G620 =2000rs + shipping. SOLD Gigabyte H61 D2 =2000rs +shipping. SOLD Corsair 2gb 1333mhz=1000 + shipping Manufacturer page URL...
  3. blackbird

    FS: Mobile BB 9800 Torch [box+bill]

    BB TOURCH 9800 Expected Price : Rs 9,000 Shipping charges : Local Buyers preferred Manufacturer page: BlackBerry Torch 9800 - Full phone specifications Description if any: Good condition phone, scratch gaurd, with bill+box and all acces . Reason for Sale: New phone Product condition...
  4. blackbird

    FS: Mobile Nokia Lumia 800

    Nokia Lumina 800 Expected Price : Rs 12,000 Shipping charges : Local Buyers preferred Manufacturer page: Nokia Lumia 800 - Full phone specifications Description if any: Good condition phone with bill+box and all acces . Reason for Sale: Product condition: 8 out of 10 Purchase Date...
  5. blackbird

    FS: Storage Hardware Wd 750gb + sg 500 gb

    Product Name: WD 750 GB BLUE ON HOLD FOR BIKEY Expected Price: Rs 3500 Time of Purchase: - Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes , april 2014 Indian Warranty Reason for Sale: Selling my desktop Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product...
  6. blackbird

    FS: Tablet Motorola Xoom 3G+WIFI 32 GB

    Product Name: Motorola Xoom 3G 32GB GSM ,Motorola XOOM MZ601 - Full phone specifications Expected Price: Rs 20,000/- Time of Purchase: Jan 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 6 Months Indian Warranty Reason for Sale: Not using it much...
  7. blackbird

    Wd 640 aasks (blue)

    Hi, want to buy a Wd 640gb aasks ( blue), Mumbai sellers preferred , in warranty
  8. blackbird

    PS3 Games : Heavy rain+ GOW 1&2+GOW 3+SF 4 +UNC 2+MSG 4

    Hi, Some PS3 games for sale . Disc are in Excellent condition .Mumbai buyers preferred.Shipping extra Heavy Rain=sold+GOW 1&2=1000rs+GOW 3=sold,SF 4=1000rs+UNC 2=sold MGS 4 =900rs COMBO PRICE FOR ALL=5.5k 1 Heavy rain = 1000rs SOLD 2 God War Collection 1&2= 1000rs...
  9. blackbird

    Shocking Thread of a TE member on T BHP, being drugged

    First of all my sympathy to the member and his friend mentioned in da thread, second of all any idea who it is ?? Please use caution and common sense when meeting people via forums/social networking! - Team-BHP
  10. blackbird

    MSI 4890 oc + Car OBD 2 scanner

    MSI 4890 1 Gb oc + Car Diag OBD2 scanner 1 MSI 4890 1 Gb OC edition for sale , with all acces & bill & box. 2 yrs local warranty remaining price =8000rs + shipping , reason upgrading performance compared to nvidia gtx 460 768 mb , 2 OBD2...
  11. blackbird

    Ipad clone

    Was looking around Deal extreme and this Ipad clone caught my eye, check it out , not bad for 100 $. DealExtreme: $107.70 7" Touch Screen TFT LCD Google Android 1.6 Tablet PC w/ WiFi/Camera (VIA WM8505 ARM926)
  12. blackbird

    Sony Xperia X1 @ 11.5k

    Hi, sony xperia x1 + 4 gb card for sale , is in good condition , was in indian warranty till december 09, comes with orginal box and accesories . Local buyers preferred . Reason for sale is upgrading Ebay listing :eBay India: Sony Xperia X1 (item 270560838419 end time 16-Apr-2010 13:02:48 IST)
  13. blackbird

    Psp 6.20 Save Data Exploit Released

    Good news guys , all psp's 2000 +3000 + go having ofw 6.20 can run this hack .So a hen or cfw maybe round the corner. :hap2: :hap2: PSP 6.20 Save Data Exploit Released. Hello World 6.20 Download, PSP Hacks - PSP Slim Hacks
  14. blackbird

    vip{fsp} 500w psu @ 1.2k

    1] Seagate 160 gb sata 7200.10 with warranty upto 2012 for=1200 rs 2] Vip 500w silver { fsp blue storm ax 500} with dual 15 + 16 amps 12v rails , blue led fan , and fan controller , was powering 8800gt , without warranty =1200 rs Reason for sale = upgraded Preference to Local buyers
  15. blackbird

    Psp 3000

    For sale is a 15 day old PSP 3000 with Indian Warranty with a free game Pursuit Force. Buyers can check it out before buying it. Comes with all orginal accessories and box. Reason for sale : didnt use it much , as not much time for gaming
  16. blackbird

    Asus P5 sli + CM 600w

    1 Asus p5ne sli for sale with warranty till 05/10 , was using it till recently. Reason for sale : bought new mobo,not using sli Price : 3000rs 2 Cooler Master 600w for sale , bought 2 months ago from Te member , has 1 yr balance warranty , was using it...
  17. blackbird

    Iphone repair

    Hi, i wanted to change my iphone 2g battery here in mumbai and was wondering if someone could suggest some place, also any idea how much will a new battery change cost, thnks
  18. blackbird

    Fs : C2d E6300 + Gta 4 Pc

    C2D E 6300 - 3000 RS for sale is my e6300 which i am currently using in my rig.It has about 8+ months warranty left . Reason for sale is planning to upgrade to quadcore GTA 4 PC - 300 RS want to sell the game of cause not enough time for gaming LOCAL BUYERS PREFERRED
  19. blackbird

    plasma power

    Hi , for a couple of months was on a look out for a good hdtv for my parents room.Had decided to get a plasma after some extensive research , so zeroed it down to the panasonic pv80 and the lg pg61.After some more researching learnt lg handled standard definition better also it was better...
  20. blackbird

    Graphic Cards 9800 GX2 quad sli reveiw

    came across this reveiw of 9800 gx2 sli on overclock3d website. Finally we can play crysis at its full glory.:hap2: Overclock3D.Net :: Review :: XFX 9800GX2 Quad SLI :: Introduction