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    Laptops Laptop Stutters with very slow performance

    Hi, I would have a Dell Inspiron 1420. It has recently started to behave very strangely. It takes long even for simple commands and hangs when the mouse is moved around. Defragmentation was carried out but not much success. Recently formatted it. But issue remains unsolved. Is there a problem...
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    Storage Solutions Seagate External Adaptor Stopped Working

    Hi, I have a Seagate Free Agent External 1TB and a Seagate 3 TB External. One adapter has been misplaced and the other one stopped working. The rating for the adaptors were 2 Amp. I tried two local adaptors with same ratings. The discs startup and work perfectly fine as far as copying data is...
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    Upgrade from P4 1.4 Ghz ~ Within 10k - 15k [ FOR MY DAD ]

    Q: What is your budget? 10-15 K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel P4 1.4 Ghz Motherboard - MSI Intel 845 GPU - TNT Riva 64 MB RAM - 512 + 256 + 64 SDRAM PC 133 HDD - Seagate 160 PATA Monitor - Samsung Syncmaster 19...
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    Need a decent HDMI Cable on Ebay

    Hi, As the title says I want to purchase a decent HDMI cable off Ebay. Can anyone who has bought recently help me choose one. Thanks
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    Looking to buy Internet Download Manager in India

    Hi, As the title says I want to buy IDM. I have long been using the *ahem* version and I thought its high time I paid a tribute to the developers. I tried searching around but could not find much help around. Anyone using a legitimate version can help me to find the dealer/reseller/Price. Any...
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    Airtel EDGE giving 3G speeds in Bangalore Region

    Hi, Since today afternoon the 2GB 98/= Airtel EDGE connection is showing and giving near 3G speeds in Tumkur. On Android Phone speeds touched DL/UL - 500kbps/900kbps Anyone experiencing this. Is this is test signal or a limited offer. Also I am having problems surfing on PC with my T Mobile...
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    Relocate Pulsar 150 cc DTSi from New Delhi to Bangalore

    Hi, Need to shift my bike from Delhi to Bangalore. Need suggestions...Even good local carriers would do. Im sure lot of you must have moved between the two cities. Wished could have rode between the two cities...:ohyeah:
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    A TV Tuner Card for Laptop - ( USB Based )

    Hi, Looking to buy a USB Based Laptop TV Tuner Card. Support for x64 on Win 7 would be preferred but XP 32 bit support is least Im looking at. Will lap it up on ASAP basis * Any Offers ??
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    PC Peripherals Need buying inputs for an External TV Tuner Card for Laptop

    Hi Folks, I am looking to purchase an external TV tuner card for my Laptop ( Blame the WC 2011 for it :bleh: ) I have seen some models from Techcom, Intex and some other models on Ebay. I need to use it with XP and 64 bit Windows 7. Basically looking for clear display and quick channels...
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    Reliance NetConnect ZTE AC2726 drivers corrupted in Windows 7...Need Helpp..

    Hi, Im using Windows 7 64 Bit. All of a sudden The Reliance Netconnect ZTE AC 2726 stopped working. On investigating found that the drivers had got corrupted/not digitally signed message in device manager. Tried Uninstalling/Reinstalling it many times but each time...The driver installation...
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    Has Reliance NetConenct Broadband + moved to Actual 3G speeds ??

    Hi, I was downloading a file today in the morning off fileserve. To my surprise IDM was downloading it at 300-350 kbps. This is the 1st time I hv seen it download at such high speeds. Earlier the speeds used to be like around 100-120 kbps. I hv just relocated to Bangalore; I did not see such...
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    Help wanted form Bangalore Techenclavians regarding best 2G DATA Plans on Prepaid

    Hi, Just relocated to Bangalore from New Delhi. I wanna know whats the best plans for prepaid data usages with good and crisp 2G speeds. Im ideally looking for 100/= plans of 2 GB etc as I just need to be connected for small surfing and social network connectivity. I already have a BSNL 3G...
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    WRT To Axis Bank Credit Card

    Hi, Just received an Axis Bank credit card at home and need to courier it to Delhi. So I want to know if the CVV code in the Axis Bank Credit Card is removable or is it hard inscribed on it. If is is not a removable sticker then I dont think it would be safe to ask my folks to courier it. Also...
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    IDM Getting stuck at 99 %

    Hi, I have been trying to download Bitdefender TIS 2011 and IDM has been consistently getting stuck at 99...99.8...99.99 % :@ Eventually giving out time-out errors. Desperately looking for a work around :( Any Idea ??
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    Need to access Wired Computer through Wireless Router..

    Hi, I have an old desktop with a LAN CARD running XP SP2. I use BSNL ADSL modem wired to My Netgear Router for WiFi access. The Desktop is wired to the WiFi router through one of the RJ-45 ports. Is there any way I can see shares files on My Wired computer through WiFi from another Computer...
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    Want to change default Router Password for BSNL C2110 Siemens/Nokia ADSL Modem

    Hi, Pointing the browser to takes me to the login window of the C2110 Siemens Router. By default the username/password is : admin/admin Any way I can change the password...Cant see any options in the settings. Anyone using BSNL C2110 Siemens/Nokia Modem has a clue ? :S ---...
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    Help required to connect BSNL Siemens ADSL Router to Netgear Wireless Router

    Hi, I have a BSNL Siemens ADSL router working in bridge mode. I want to connect it to my Netgear WG614 v5 Router so that my lappy can have wireless access to internet. I read up a lot of guides and did shuffle a lot of cables for two days.:( End result....I end up posting on The Forum...
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    Considering price of new Nokia BL-5K Battery

    Hi, Looking to buy a genuine BL-5K battery for a N85. Any idea about price and where can I get a good deal. Thanks
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    Concerning Reliance Broadband 1049 Plan

    Hi, Just a small query. The Reliance Net connect 1049 plan enables one to download 3GB (day) and 10 GB (Night). I heard that 10 GB is divided over 30 days like 333 Mbs per day. Else one will be charged @ Rs 2 or Rs 0.50 per Mb of extra use. Though this is not explicitly expressed by Reliance...
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    Concerning Nokia N 85 Body/Casing

    Hi, Need a Nokia N 85 Body/Casing. I would ideally want a new original casing but a good alternate body would serve the purpose :) I am not sure if this would be available in Nokia Stores. Any Help would be much appreciated.